Let us not wait for divine intervention. God will not fight for us. Army will. Now is the time for India to fire the first salvo on Pakistan. 

Let the retribution start with surgical strikes, not once, twice but continuously, many times over.Time is of the essence. 

In the first strike on Sept 29, 2016, several launching pads were destroyed by indian army. But,with what results? 

Now, we have 55 terror camps in POK lined along LOC. Had India continued surgical strikes periodically, situation would have been different.

But, India remains defensively offensive, reactive rather than being pro-active, scared of enhancing the scales of counter- offensive. 

The body language of Abdul Basit while coming out of MEA in South Block , was exasperating. Humiliating as though mocking at our stupidities. 

Let MEA declare him a Persona non grata and order immediate expulsion to Pakistan. Activate Baluchi freedom fighters to declare independence of Baluchistan.

Let India be the first country to accord recognition to the new State of Baluchistan ,as it possibly,did in case of Palestine. One knows,it it is easier said than done. But, we must the Baloochis to settle scores with Pak army for all brutalities

Fight Pak army to take over the entire POK ,a legitimate part of India. Pak cannot sustain a war for long. Keep indian nukes and missiles interceptors ready.

It will involve large scale operations ,lasting several weeks. The US, South Korea and Japan have moved their war ships to North Korea.

China suggests India and Pakistan to settle their issues bilaterally. Most opportune time to attack Pakistan.

Sharing proofs of terror attacks with Pak,is foolhardy. Retribution has to be immediate . Delayed response after several days of useless statements, providing proof and dithering for days is self-defeating .



PM Modi has always been my icon.

Of late,I am getting increasingly disillusioned with his stony silence over killings of our jawans in Sukma or Poonch.

The oft-repeated statement that our Army has been given a free hand to give appropriate response to Pak, is self-defeating., self-deceptive.

No time to visit the funerals of our beheaded brave-hearts.

Strangely, not a word of condolence to the bereaved families.

Saying "Bravehearts' martyrdom won’t go in vain " , repeatedly, raises blood pressure.


Nation salutes martyres Paramjeet Singh and Prem Sagar

Families of beheaded soldiers preparing for funerals with full military honours.

Villagers present in full to empathise with the aggrieved families.

Politicians, District Administrators, conspicuous by their absence.

Congress ,BJP brazenly accusing each other.

AAP facing Mahabharat within, exposed ,on verge of collapse.

Antony,Sibal self- patting themselves.

Amit Shah takes pride in BJP's successive electoral victories.

PM, BJP CMs busy in inaugural ceremonies, visiting temples and making speeches.

Was addressing IFS probationers by PM , more important?

Not a word of condolence for the berieved families.

Public, watching all this tamashaa, is not naive.


India has a part-time Raksha Mantri.

Trust deficit or dearth of talent in union cabinet.


Why could PM not double as RM ?

Decision taking is centralised in PMO, anyway.


Tomorrow will be too late.

Country wants to know.

I feel hurt,

Nation feels outraged

And, we call ourselves Deshbhaktas?

India, a land of paradoxes, must remain united.


The Civil Services Day on 21 st April is an annual ritual celebrated year-after-year. For the past two years, it is a two-day extravaganza, not one as before. I attended the first Civil Services Day on April 21, 2006. Attendance was compulsory. Usual rhetorics, sermons by dignitaries. All very de-motivating, uninspiring. Sheer waste of public time, public money with no value addition to  attitudinal change in “rededicating themselves to the cause of citizens and renew their commitment to public service and excellence in work “. 5-star coffee/ tea and lunches  are the star attractions. Junior bureaucrats rushing to shake hands with the high and mighty, falling over each other to have favourite picks in lunch.

The 2007 event was a repeat of 2006. Come 2017, awards to  500 civil servants  against 100 last year. Considered a “quantum leap “. What were the short listing criteria? Who were members of the Jury? How were selections made? Was it based on pick-and-choose, arbitrary and  discretionary considerations? The anguish expressed by other Services, is justified.  Selection of theme, manipulated to highlight achievements of single Service .

DOP&T ,PG & AR will have much to explain. Let it upload details of total expenditure on mega event including to-and fro travel expenses, officers’ absence from public duty . Time to introspect. Mollycoddling of civil servants should be strictly no- no. Let civil servants celebrate the Day by observing punctuality and work harder.


If BJP-led MCDs continue to functions as it were during the last decade, voting for Modi in MCDs elections was the Hobson's choice, resulting in BJP’s victory.

Audit reports have brought out serious financial irregularities,

It indicts all 3 MCD Commissioners, their officers and staff as incompetent, inefficient and corrupt. Misuse of authority, insensitivity to genuine public issues, are considered as matters of right.

No transparency, no accountability. LG, too weak to rein in officers and wayward staff .

The unethical elements steeped in collusive and coercive corruption, are brazenly staying-put without fear of punishments.

Personal experiences galore. Specific complaints against encroachment on public land remain unattended to by East and South MCDs. DDA continues to top the list of corruption due to vested interests.

Complaints made to PMO, LG, Delhi and Vice Chairman DDA, have had no effect in North, East and South MCDs. It merely invited backlash in the form of threats, further inaction. CVOs are timid.

Services delivery mechanism at cutting-edge levels is non-existent.Work is possible through touts, roaming around DDA and Corporation offices. Anti- corruption agencies are blissfully unaware of the goings on


Personality Tests (Interviews) for Civil Services (Mains)-2016 are underway in UPSC. The interviewees are stripped of pens, wrist watches, mobile phones or some concealed devices, fearing illegal recording. Just and fair. But, why are interview Board members exempted? They allegedly keep searching for questions to be posed to the aspirants? Thanks to the Google search engine. Mobiles are not always switched off but kept on silent mode. Vulnerability to outside pressure is open to question. This adversely and avoidably impacts the credibility of a Constitutional body like the UPSC, that is considered just and fair . Appropriate steps  need be taken by the authorities concerned. Similar remedial measures should  apply to other recruitment bodies including the Staff Selection Commission , an arm of DOP&T, headed PM Modi, himself.


Art of Living (AOL)'s 3-day World Culture Festival on Yamuna's flood plains in Delhi, last year, is in the news again for wrong reasons.News report in a section of media (HT,April 26 : “Art of living hits back at NGT panel over Yamuna report “ ) is disturbing. Interestingly, the musical extravaganza was organized with assistance of Times Group. TOI has not picked up the story. The job involves removal of huge debris, de-compaction of site, restoration of natural topography and contours, removal of temporary roads, re-planting of natural vegetation etc.NGT’s expert committee estimates Rs 42 crores investment for restoration work spanning over 10 years. Let us seek answers to following questions :--

(a) Will the AOL Foundation agree to pay for restoration work?

(b) Is C&AG as chief auditor of govt agencies involved in restoration job, seized with the matter ?

(c) One wonders, whether PM Modi's visit to the mega event is not misused as a licence against recovery of restoration charges.

(d) Unless, the court orders suo motu revovery proceedings as GOI does not seem to be in the loop,it is quite possible that Kejriwal might cite this as a precedent to bolster up his refusal to pay Rs 97 crores of public funds, illegally siphoned off  from Delhi’s budget and misused for advertisements in the Punjab/ Goa assemblies’ elections.

The controversy cannot rest here due to heavy public exchequer. The public has reasons to feel outraged in the face of the constitutionally guaranteed doctrine of  Equality before the Law

My motive is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. If anyone feels hurt due to difference in opinions, I seek apologies in advance


The news item ( IE dt April 20,2017)- “China renames six places in Arunachal, says ‘1st batch “, is disturbing. This is to protest against Dalai Lama’s visit to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Tantamounts to violation of India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. No point trusting China that has blocked India's entry into Nuclear Suppliers’ Group and in becoming a permanent member of UN Security council. It openly supports Pakistan’s refusal to deport Azhar Masood to India besides making frequent incursions into our territory, claiming Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh, as part of south Tibet. We must react against overt and covert threats from China. These are acts of extreme provocations. An open affront to India. MEA mandarins must re-visit India’s foreign policy. An immediate diplomatic reposte to China is imperative. 

Let India confer Bharat Ratna on Dalai Lama.


Sonu Nigam has tweeted singling out " Azaan" from masjids as a noise pollutant. Calls it ' gundagardi , cacophony and forced religionness ". Moronic comments.

Highly intolerant, Unfair, immature, unjust and discriminatory. Must be BOOKED immediately for his naivete and for disturbing communal harmony. He must learn to shut up and put up What about night-long “Bhagwati Jaagran “at every nook and corner by the hindus, kirtan in Gurudwaras and so on. Is God hard of hearing?

No one criticises Persistent vehicular, loud speakers / public address system and other noise- producing instruments during religious and marriage celebrations in conformity with permissible norms.

Provisions in Central Motor Vehicle Rules banning multi-tone/ musical horns, are misused by trucks and buses particularly in residential colonies.

What are the Police, DMs doing to enforce Supreme Court / NGT's Anti- Noise pollution guidelines?


Sushma Swaraj warned Pakistan : "Sabak ke liye tayyar raho " Teaching lessons to Pakistan? What are the available options? Approaching Pak’s Supreme court with an appeal, diplomatic pressure, Entebbe style, Surgical strike or God forbid, the nuclear strike? Kulbhushan Jhadav’s trial was a charade without providing Consular access to him. More serious is Pak’s failure in providing him legal assistance through a defence counsel. India must do whatever is considered holistically appropriate from security angle. But, take swift action-- In hours, days, but, not week. Country is outraged at the gravest provocations.  Approaching ICJ , UNO or showing a cry-baby face to the US, USSR and the world-at-large, will hit country’s dignity in the comity of nations. All soft options. 

Following pro- active steps need be taken :

(i)Revive active support to Baluchistan’s freedom movement. PM Modi has not taken follow-up action after the historic announcements.

(ii) India’s candy floss diplomacy is tertiary in the given circumstances. Dialogue with Pak’s elected govt. would be meaningless. Pak’s civilian govt. is irrelevant;

(iii)  Let the indian army talk to their Pakistani counterparts in the language, they would understand. It is time for retaliation;

(iv) Arrest all hurriyat leaders, the Abdullahs, Junaid Mattu, Mustafa Kamal of National Conference and their supporters. And, of course, the stone –pelters. No kid-glove treatment for them;

(v) Shame to Indian pro-Pak liberals, sympathizers, peaceniks, who chose to sip ‘ chai on April 11, 2017, with Abdul Basit,Pak’s high commissioner, who has been consistently justifying death sentence to Jadhav. No room for Track-II diplomacy;

(vi) Belgium has alerted against more 26/11 type terror attacks in India;

(vii) India must declare Pakistan a terror state, before appealing to other countries  do the same;

(viii)  Issue travel advisory to Indians for taking necessary precautions during business trips to countries neighbouring Pakistan. Getting close to international borders could invite abductions by Pak army.


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