Whispersinthecorridors.com  has been regularly throwing up names of probables for appointment as union Cabinet Secretary. This would make the job of PM easier in selecting the right person for the job without gender bias.

Women have held key portfolios in the past. Madam Indira Gandhi as de jure PM, President of India, an Italian lady as the de facto PM of India during the UPA era, Speaker (LS), Governors of States etc.

But, all in political domain. None as chief  of  Indian bureaucracy.

Regrettable. Country’s successive CEOs failed to locate a woman officer to fill the position of union Cabinet Secretary ? Whether the omission was inadvertent or a conscious decision, one wonders? But,  this surely, reveals the deeply ingrained  misogynistic mindset of successive Prime ministers. 

Are women officers less competent , less manipulative, less pliable, more difficult to handle than their male counterparts?

Let us go down the memory lane. Recall supersessions of  senior civil servants like Ms Roma Majumdar , Ms Reva Nayyar and Ms Sudha Pillai despite their relative merit and  inter se seniority vis-à-vis male aspirants.Ms Sarla Grewal was , appointed as Principal Secy to the then PM- Rajiv Gandhi,but not as Cabinet Secretary.


One hopes. PM Modi takes the call by allowing merit-based, out-of-turn promotions of  a lady officer when the extended tenure of Mr P K Sinha ,present Cab Sec, expires in June 2019. No UPA trick. Let no one keep the seat of cabinet secretary warm for facilitating the posting of a junior favourite of the male specie.


Recall, how Senior-most IAS officers were even shunted out as Chairpersons of Trade Fair Authority of India with status and pay scale of Cabinet Secretary. Motive : to plant a favourite,otherwise junior, as Cabinet Seretary.


The wind seems to be blowing in favour of Modi returning as PM after 2019 elections.The exercise must begin before EC’s Code of Conduct comes into operation so that the new incumbent could work as under-study to present CS.


If, PM Modi wishes to postpone selection of new Cabinet Secretary on ethical consideration till his re-election,it is his prerogative.


Ahead of polls, the ruling political dispensation,it seems, is hell-bent on adding to chaos by increasing current reservation quota for SC,ST&OBC by 10%.

Worse, the UOI reportedly also plans to create another category of Economically Backward class among the Upper Castes for availing of reservation quota of 10% in public jobs and educational institutions.

Beneficiaries in upper castes would be communities like the Rajputs,Jaats, Gujjars, Bhoomihars, Vaish, Brahmins et al. All filthy rich communities.

The Union cabinet has already approved the proposal.

"If the Constitutional Amendment bill is not passed by Parliament ( 2/3 rd majority ) promulgation of Ordinance will be the inevitable option,seeing the mood of the GOI.

Merit will become the casualty once again by the Electoral fraud.

Will the proposed Constitutional amount not amount to violation of SC's ruling in Indira Sawhney's case?

Will the Supreme court strike down the amendment by taking suo moto cognisance , without waiting for the PIL that may be filed soon?

One more query on behalf of Civil Services aspirants. .If the orders come into force , will this not impact the distribution of vacancies for the final results of UPSC's Civil Services exam-2018, the interviews for which are starting shortly?

Whether the seemingly game-changing initiative motivated by political considerations be regarded as a “ Pro-poor or Anti- national” move,one wonders ?


December 1827

Opinion poll

Kya PM Modi ko:

(a) Bharat Ratna milnaa chahiye?


(b) Teen talaaq ?


December 1827

Kudos to Police

The NIA and Delhi police have jointly performed an excellent job by nabbing ISIS modules of terrorists in Delhi,Amroha and Lucknow. Time for eternal vigilance by all indians to ward of Fidayeen attacks.

The NOIDA police and the DM also deserve kudos for deftly handling and banning the Namaaz by the muslims and Bhagwat katha by the hindus in open space without securing prior permission of competent authorities.


Nitin Gadkari,supposedly close to Bhagwat, it is feared, may pose grave threat to PM Modi's leadership.He sent subtle signals to Modi to own the responsibility for recent electoral setbacks in 3 states.Dissents from other disgruntled elements within BJP/RSS,are gathering momentum. Situation,it is feared, may reach a flash point as we move closer to 2019 elections.

Reasons, loud and clear, are enumerated below :--

(a) PM Modi's autocratic body language has annoyed everyone in the party,except his chaatukaars in politics and bureaucracy;. 
(b)He denies credit to genuine performers to grab political brownie points;
(c) Lack of transparency in decision making; 
(d) No stakeholders' participation;
(e) Making tall promises and then failing to realise these;

(f)Over-visibility in digital media breeds contempt

The RSS may decide to encash PM Modi' popularity during 2019 general elections. 
And, in case,it wins, Gadkari could be the new face of PM. Politics is unpredictable, replete with uncertainties.

Modi has succeeded in creating secret enemies within the party. He gave them sticks to get beaten. Walking like a ' Shehnshah ' reveals his misplaced confidence and know-all mindset.
These symptoms have angered potential voters who could hold their own at the hustings.

Public feels hugely concerned about PM Modi's safety after NIA's terror crackdowns against ISIS modules in India. The Congis, Commies the maoists and other political detractors ,allegedly have links with the ISI. One high court calls it a "deep-rooted conspiracy "


The political Executive is expected to be transparent in Rafale deal ? No one can and should oppose judicial activism or judicial over-reach in the given circumstances for encroaching upon executive's domain?

It would have been appropriate had the Hon'ble Supreme court taken secret briefing from IAF officers on Rafale procurement?Their anonymity could have been maintained.

All civil and defence services officers are bound by Conduct Rules. All report to the Executive. How could they depose independently in an open court on such a sensitive matter involving national security?

The Apex court has reserved its judgement. And, justifiably so. 

It could still take the call by resorting to" in camera proceedings"



Oh,Naseeruddin Shah ! What have you done?

Country thought better of you ; but,you turned out to be a  moron.

Your celebrity status did not match your impulsive outburst.

On the contrary, this emboldened Pak PM Imran Khan spew venom against India's communal harmony,creating more acrimony.

Naseeruddin's retort to Imran Khan to" mind his own business ", came a little too late. The damage was already done.

Salute Mother India. You will be alright.

A celebrity's innocuous statement  could have serious repercussions.

This is the lesson to be learnt by one and  all.

All bollywood celebrities must learn to shut up and put up.

The comfort level of proud indian muslims,is far above those of Pak's muslims.

Recall this statement made by none other than late indian actor Feroze Khan before leaving the Pakistani soil under protest for India. Why is Imran silent about the plight of minorities in Pakistan ?


Infusing equity of Rs 83,000 to re-capitalise PSU banks to ease their liquidity crunch,is like throwing the money down the drain.

What about loan recoveries from Mallyas, Modis,Choksis etc by PSU banks?

How many defaulters from banks’ top management,have been punished?

Position of NPAs going from bad to worse.

Finance minister though high on facts,is low in implementation at ground level

Good debater but bad performer.

He  failed in controlling  unethical practices and frauds in PSU banks in violation of RBI guidelines.

Spare the rod and further spoil the public sector banks.


The stone pelters in Kashmir are not innocent citizens.

They have to be treated at par with ISI -sponsored terrorists, Khalistanis, maoists and  their sympathisers eliminated. They pose threats to national security.

Indian Armed Forces’ ‘Operation All Out’ against terrorists and stone throwers sympathisers ,is a welcome initiative.

PunIshing  stone pelters in Kashmir can not attract human rights violation as India’s national security is at stake.

The Operation-All-Out must continue but only as a short term measure.

Pakistan cannot afford a war for more than few days.

The ultimate solution lies in  launching serial surgical strikes as deep as possible into Pakistan. And, as early as possible.

It is uneconomical and militarily meaningless  for India to deploy a large army at LOC and IB to fight Pak-sponsored  proxy attacks.

Let us salute the  Indian Army, Navy and the Airforce for protecting india's frontiers.



 Before Assemblies and Parliamentary  elections, it has become a fashion for political parties to promise  pan-India farm loan waiver,if voted to power at the Centre in 2019. So much for the Congress President’s sweeping rhetorics without understanding the damage,his promise would cause to the country. Does he know where the loan money would come from? Certainly,not from the the  Congress’s  kitty of black money stacked abroad.

The loaning spree will have serious implications on country's economy besides promoting "Dependency culture "  by triggering a dangerous sense of   complacency  among  Indian farmers, harming them in the long run. Country will go decades backward economically to the Nehruvian era.

Also. what about the additional  burden on tax payers  and faster rate of inflation that the promise would cause  by sucking out much-needed public investments in agriculture ?

One anomaly. What about the farmers who have already returned loans with honesty and within the stipulated time frame ? Will they receive refunds ?

Such lollypop concessions, after budgetary approval, will merely earn brownie points for the hypocritical political class at the cost of  dwindling public exchequer. Are we paying taxes for political extragavanza, one would like to know ?

Baap ka raj nahi hai, tax payers' money ka sawaal hai.


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