The stone pelters in Kashmir are not innocent citizens.

They have to be treated at par with ISI -sponsored terrorists, Khalistanis, maoists and  their sympathisers eliminated. They pose threats to national security.

Indian Armed Forces’ ‘Operation All Out’ against terrorists and stone throwers sympathisers ,is a welcome initiative.

PunIshing  stone pelters in Kashmir can not attract human rights violation as India’s national security is at stake.

The Operation-All-Out must continue but only as a short term measure.

Pakistan cannot afford a war for more than few days.

The ultimate solution lies in  launching serial surgical strikes as deep as possible into Pakistan. And, as early as possible.

It is uneconomical and militarily meaningless  for India to deploy a large army at LOC and IB to fight Pak-sponsored  proxy attacks.

Let us salute the  Indian Army, Navy and the Airforce for protecting india's frontiers.



 Before Assemblies and Parliamentary  elections, it has become a fashion for political parties to promise  pan-India farm loan waiver,if voted to power at the Centre in 2019. So much for the Congress President’s sweeping rhetorics without understanding the damage,his promise would cause to the country. Does he know where the loan money would come from? Certainly,not from the the  Congress’s  kitty of black money stacked abroad.

The loaning spree will have serious implications on country's economy besides promoting "Dependency culture "  by triggering a dangerous sense of   complacency  among  Indian farmers, harming them in the long run. Country will go decades backward economically to the Nehruvian era.

Also. what about the additional  burden on tax payers  and faster rate of inflation that the promise would cause  by sucking out much-needed public investments in agriculture ?

One anomaly. What about the farmers who have already returned loans with honesty and within the stipulated time frame ? Will they receive refunds ?

Such lollypop concessions, after budgetary approval, will merely earn brownie points for the hypocritical political class at the cost of  dwindling public exchequer. Are we paying taxes for political extragavanza, one would like to know ?

Baap ka raj nahi hai, tax payers' money ka sawaal hai.



The media reports of Niti Ayog's recommendation for restricting the maximum age limit for the Civil Services Exam, is welcome. But, the rule  should be applicable across the board by covering all communities like SC,ST,OBC etc.

A level-playing field  for all instead of  allowing concessions like different age limits, and worse still, extra and even unlimited number of chances to appear in the Civil Services exams  held by the UPSC,on political considerations is unethical amounting to electoral fraud on the country.

May it be understood that selecting candidates  with age relaxations  as civil servants at advanced age,leave practically little time for service before superannuation. Some aspirants appear for as many as 7 to 8 times.

One appreciates the concern for giving such age-related and merit-related concessions to CS aspirants due to government's drive in filling vacancies for reserved categories by ignoring merit and promoting mediocrity.

Does it help in providing Good governance? No impact assessment studies have ever been conducted by DOP&T and Deptt of Admn reforms,headed by successive Prime ministers,whether the reservation policy has succeeded in achieving what  was intended by the founding fathers of the Constitution of India?

Even in an advanced democracy like the US,there is nothing called reservation for citizens with colours  vis-a-vis the whites.And lo and behold,the evil of racialism is far less virulent there than the deep roots  of castes and communities prevalent in India.



The root cause of PM Modi's recent electoral reverses was his total inability to be a good listener of people's grievances and a genuine implementor of the same.

Endless rhetorics thro monthly monologues  like Man-ki-baat, was a flop show due to lack of people's participation.

Terribly stereotyped  speeches with heavy dose of statistics,that no one is bothered about.The ground realities are totally at variance with boring statistics.

Being Out- of - sync with the ground realities  resulted in arrogance of power,over-confidence and " I- am- the- custodian-of- all -wisdom - syndrome ". Consultative mechanism wiped out.

All signs of totalitarianism.

Regrettably, PM Modi’s  failure in reining in his loose-cannons, goons and chaatukaars, led to his political  waterloo ?

Public is  angry, frustrated, dis-illusioned, disenchanted and in a retaliatory mood.


November 1829

Disturbing Trends


The number of schemes, memorials, tournaments, projects, trophies, awards, airports, hospitals, universities etc named after Nehru- Gandhi dynasty by successive Congress-led dispensations during the past 70 years ,is mind boggling.

Have a look at the country-wide break-up.

(a) Universities/Educational Institutes-- 98

(b) Roads/Buildings/Places-- 73

(c) Awards-- 51

(d) Schemes in Congress-ruled States- 52

(e) Sports/Tournaments/ Trophies --28

(f) Schemes/Projects-- 13

(g) Scholarships/Fellowships-- 15

(h) Airports/ Ports-- 05

(i) Institutions/Chairs/Festivals-- 37

(j) Hospitals/Medical Institutes-- 39

(k) National Parks/Sanctuaries/Museums --15

(l) Stadia --19

Total   --  445

This is not acceptable in a democracy. Totally  unethical. India is not a dynastic monarchy.

Busy in re- naming spree, the BJP instead of rectifying the anomaly,is taking revenge by erecting tall statues out of public funds. Stoking public indignation. BJP's popularity rating going is down with each passing day.What next ?

Let the union of India issue an omnibus order to cancel names of monuments. These are national assets,not owned by any dynasty.

Promulgate an ordinance ,if so advised by Min of Law, followed by legislative sanction.

It would be just and fair for the ruling political dispensation also to put a total stop to erection of  statues in future by wasting tax payers’ money.


Govt of India goes topsy-turvy. Utterly confused. Two union ministers of India have been directed to visit Pakistan for the ground-breaking for Kartarpur corridor on Nov 28, 2018 . 

The news came as a rude shock today as we were observing the tenth  anniversary of 26/11 in Mumbai that killed and maimed hundreds of Indians. Mental sufferings of those affected continues till date.

Worse still, sharing the dias by the visiting indian delegates with the Khalistanis, ISI- sponsored terrorists besides facing black flags, would be the most reprehensible experience for Indians of all faiths.

Opposition by the silent majority of MEA’s mandarins is over-ruled by the mighty "high command ",it is learnt.

India's Pak policy lacks consistency, vision and fore-sight. Ad hocism reigns supreme in South Block. At least,so it seems.

Is this hypocrisy meant for the religious appeasement of  the Sikh community in India, before elections?

It is considered sinful for the elites of ruling dispensation to look for political brownie points before elections by sacrificing country's honour ?

India has forefeited its right to condemn terror attacks continuing from across the border. Blowing hot and cold in administering foreign policy is amazing , awful,atrocious.We,Indians are feeling utterly humiliated by the zigzag course between the largest democracy and a military dictatorship.



TV news channels in India take pride in claiming access to intelligence information.

God knows from where? IB, RAW, CBI,KGB or CIA ?

Does it not tantamount to security breach , selective leakage or planting bogus information ?

The public is free to question the motive. Is this to deflect public attention from core issues?

The Armed forces need to address their concerns on external security. There is also an urgent need to revamp internal security by Home ministry in the face of threats from insurgents, Khalistanis, terror modules,Kashmiri separatists and other subversive elements secretly aided by certain political parties.

A word about PM’s security . In case of threat perception to PM’s personal security, why is he being permitted to have a free run in the country and mingle with people for electioneering. Country cannot tolerate attack on PM Modi from any quarter.

This will destabilize the security scenario in the Indian subcontinent.

The public is not a moron? Appropriate guidelines must be issued to the Media especially digital media to refrain from news hypes? Rumour mongering is not the safeguard for internal security.It is a threat.

Let GOI spokespersons,if any,replace TV news anchors.

Public cannot trust "Political parties" spokespersons sharing intelligence with it.They cannot become authorized mouth-piece of the Government.


The political Executive is expected to be transparent in Rafale deal ? No one can and should oppose judicial activism or judicial over-reach in the given circumstances for encroaching upon executive's domain?

It would have been appropriate had the Hon'ble Supreme court taken secret briefing from IAF officers on Rafale procurement?Their anonymity could have been maintained.

All civil and defence services officers are bound by Conduct Rules. All report to the Executive. How could they depose independently in an open court on such a sensitive matter involving national security?

The Apex court has reserved its judgement. And, justifiably so. 

It could still take the call by resorting to" in camera proceedings"



For journalists , information is Power.

A majority of them are on pay rolls of political parties, Some masquerade as ‘Corporate lobbysts’ for big business houses. Touts, Conduits for bribery and providing any form of hospitality Some indulge in the game of competitive nationalism to prove their loyalty to the country.

Their modus operandi is simple. Getting dirty secrets from cops belonging to intelligence, investigative and anti-graft agencies. Accessing bureaucrats to seek out explosive information for promoting business of their paymasters by blackmailing their detractors.

Aisey journalists kaa zameer mar gaya hai ; Unhe jeeney ka koi haq nahi hai

Against this backdrop, I can say with all the emphasis at my command Dr Suresh Mehrotra  that you surely stand out different from other journalists of your genre.  Calling a spade a spade, is your strength.Getting over15 crores hits for the website,is mind-blowing,incredible,unprecedented.



With the highest of respect , I beg to disagree with Supreme court’s verdict in Ayodhya case. Adjourning the hearings by two months or even more, at a stretch, is considered arbitrary by both Indian muslims and the hindus, irrespective of the outcome of the final verdict.

Whether,the verdict is for or against any community is immaterial. Every indian is fed up, interested only in early resolution.

Delay is deeply disturbing. It impacts peace of mind of every Indian.

Eight years pendency in Supreme Court alone (2010 to 2018) is a matter of grave concern in the given circumstances including volatility at India’s large borders with hostile neighbours.

Were the negative implications of assigning low or no priority to public demand for early hearings,kept in view,one wonders before giving such a large adjournment to a sensitive matter. Subversives within the country ,are ready to strike. Politicians are waiting to earn political brownie points. This would be sinful.

Hon'ble SC is thus urged to re-visit its decision in larger interest of peace and stability in the country.Just a suggestion for consideration.

I am sure all right-thinking citizens would stand by me. I am apolitical with no axe to grind. Country's interest should be the first priority. No political parties should try to earn political brownie points. This would be sinful.

Apology in advance. While, making the above submission,there is no intention to insult the Judiciary. Not the least.I am not a specialist in law,knowing little about the Law of contempt But, if,in 99% cases, I salute SC's judgements, I trust, I am entitled to disagree in 1% cases as part of my democratic right without casting personal aspersions on any one.



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