Enough is enough. I refrain from according VIP status to PM Modi.Why? He is the most profligate consumer of privileges  in India which even an emperor would covet.

Since a month of  taking over, the new sarkar is still celebrating its glorious victory citing achievements. No time for addressing serious issues. Rhetorical slogans don’t solve the problems.

What about PM's extravaganza. Who is funding the expenditure running into hundreds of crores of rupees? Obviously, it is we, the income tax payers. No importance is given by our VIPs for observing austerity in avoidable expenditure.

The newly inducted ministers picked up arbitrarily on basis of their communities, castes, sub-castes,regional compulsions and other considerations, are morons. Always ready for photo Ops with PM by the ubiquitous TV channes  All for public consumption.

PM Modi  has always enjoyed his speeches being  telecast  on national and regional TV channels 24x7. It seems ,he also enjoys the company of sycophants who are always ready to act as doormats. Why should we encourage VIP racism in a society that is already hierarchy- conscious? Are normal citizens treated at par with politicians?

Visiting  the Maldives and then  Srilanka. No one could  spare time to visit Muzaffarpur due to pre-occupation with political negotiations. Also, scared to face the mob. Bureaucrats being elevated to Cabinet level. Unprecedented.Will this solve country’s problems?

Having confidence is good. But,over-confidence is self-destructive. It leads to arrogance that has started showing up with vengeance. Will a spendthrift economy give a push to GDP ,without fudging Statistics?



PM Modi's histrionic ability has a multiplier effect on his oratorical skill.This triggered Modi Tsunami during  election time.

Now, consider the obverse. BJP is a party  of  morons, doormats chatukaars. Devoid of  self-respecting individuals. A majority of newly inducted central ministers are specimens of Himalayan idiocy.Their selections are based on political weightages given to factors like communities, castes,sub-castes,regional representations etc. Merit is irrelevant.  “ Yes Prime minister”  types get encouraged. Ex-bureaucrats-turned-ministers are not popularly elected. Sab Bhagwaan bharosey chal raha hai, Aagey bhi chalega.

Some have started believing that a quiet transformation is taking place from Parliamentary to Presidential form of government. One hopes, the Public does not get swayed by another promise of rising expectations. If, BJP feels secure under new dispensation, So be it.

I do not subscribe to every domestic initiatives of PM Modi. He is being Ill-advised by his kitchen cabinet and bunch of ambitious bureaucrats. Growing arrogance of power,is worrisome and a matter of deep concern.Modi’s penchant for flamboyant attire irritates. Conferences reduced to fashion/ ramp shows. No respect for simplicity and austerity. As a well-wisher, I wish him all well. But, I do trust, he makes amends. But, let him guard against his detractors within the party.

Conducting  foreign affairs has been PM’s favourite. He has surely carved out a niche for himself in world politics. The frequency of foreign visits remain recklessly excessive. As a control freak, he does not seem to trust his ministers. No delegation of powers.

All things considered , with war clouds hovering over India, Modi  could hopefully prove to  be an effective war-time PM for thwarting foreign attacks and for playing peace-keeping role in international politics. Foreign intelligence agencies are active.

Tough times ahead. Wait and watch.


Actor Akshay Kumar's light-hearted chat show with PM left every one with a heavy heart. Standard of interview touched the nadir. Modi ji should not have settled for it. The show was telecast on all TV channels denigrating the high public office,he holds.

Ill-advised by the Media advisor and morons in the trusted coterie of bureaucracy, party’s publicity wing has gone overboard without assessing the long term implications. Voters are getting bored,frustrated by his public rhetorics. "The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present." (Machiavelli)

Playing the  religion card irritates. Relationship with God is personal, not for public consumption.This is causing alienation in a section of society.

Modi's chatukaars are his worst enemies,particularly a majority of his nincompoop ministers.Public is sensitive enough to notice his increasing arrogance. Watch PM's body language, mannerisms,postures and gestures and above all the choice of words.

My assessment could go wrong. Modi ji could get comfortable majority for other considerations. Following or dismissing my unsolicited advice is his prerogative.

But, I would  continue to stand against his detractors without being counted as a rabid fan.

I wish him good luck


Nehru created the Kashmir issue to let his dynasty perpetually  remain in power . The Congis' manifesto released besides being  pro-Pakistani, pro-separatists,it seems, has been scripted by ISI,China, urban naxals, Khalistanis and their congi sympathisers.

Calling indian Army chief as "Sarak kaa gundaa ",attracts the severest  penalty. Why did the ruling dispensation not invoke provisions of “Gunda Act” against the loose cannon?

All political parties, BJP included, must stop making stupid promises in their manifestos having huge financial implications. How could they commit future generations of taxpayers,without their consent.This is unethical and will never stand the scrutiny of the court. Let a PIL  be filed against it in the Supreme court. The posterity will never forgive them.

It is high time that appropriate Amendments are carried out in the Representation of Peoples' Act.Prior approval of Election Commission  against judicially-approved  guidelines,should be made mandatory in public interest.



DOP&T has invited applications from officers of organised services subject to fulfilment of certain criteria.Those interested may apply to DOP&T with an “ Essay “ (300 words) to justify their suitability for the assignment.

But,who will evaluate the essays?  This remains a riddle inside an enigma wrapped in  mystery. Babus in DOP&T,Cab Sectt or PMO ?Chintan aur Manthan kee zaroorat hai.

A small suggestion. Personality tests of written-qualified shortlisted candidates must be conducted by a three- member committee headed by the PM, with CJI and LOP ( or  Rahul baba) as members.

Civil Services aspirants should  be available for providing  free coaching  to the applicants in Essay writing.They have a compulsory paper on essay writing in UPSC’s civil services examination.


Watching inane TV debates 24x7 involving second rate politicians, professing third rate ideologies, is making us insane.The media wants us to eat,drink and breath politics and die like morons.To hell with this intellectual terrorism.

No right-thinking indian should support  subtle manipulation of gullible minds of voters. Freedom of speech is a farce.And, so is the sham democracyWe are filled with hatred,anguish and contempt for politics. Media is sold out to media barons remote-controlled by politico- criminal- bureaucratic mafia.

Corruption grows many times over during elections. And,so do communalism,casteism and sub- nationalism  causing permanent damage to country's secular fabric. Some politicians  demand a separate Prime minister for Kashmir.Election Commission is speechless, helpless. Permanent executive has failed, as always,awaiting orders from the political class that is presently pre-occupied with politics.


It was a tight slap to India by China after last month's bloody suicide-bombing in Pulwama by Pakistan,  its dirty ally. The global terrorist Azhar Masood continues to have a free run in Pakistan.

The Security Council is ineffective in thwarting China's nefarious designs and  in enforcing UN sanctions. Manifestation of dragon’s expansionist policy. The US, USSR,UK,France and other like-minded  nations must jointly cripple China economically by boycotting all Chinese goods.

India,on its own, is incapable of taking  on China. Thanks to  its candyfloss foreign policy. Desh-bhakt indians  feeling humiliated, demoralised, outraged. Let the Desh-drohi Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty and their cheerleaders remain ecstatic at our dis-comfiture.

China remains India’s enemy no 1, not the impoverished Pakistan. Hindi-Cheeni bhai-bhai slogan,coined by Pt Nehru  emboldened China to annex Tibet followed by unauthorizedly occupying of one lakh sq miles of Indian territory (Aksai Chin) from India  during  1962 debacle. Nehru’s  magnanimity in relinquishing  permanent membership of UNSC in favour of China, made India the object of international derision.

PM Modi must rise to the occasion, forget vote-bank politics and focus on national security. Representing 130 crores indians,he must deal with China  on one-on-one basis  by rapidly building   its own economic and military prowess.

The Tibetan and Uyeghar  populations of China are ready to join the movements by  the persecuted  Baluchis, Sindhis and Pakhtoons  of Pakistan for independence.

The lobbies supporting  recognition of nationalist China must wake up.China must have the taste of terrorism. Now, the belligerent Pakistan’s latest wish is to  name “ Kartarpur  Sahib “  as “ Capital of Khalistan” and the station as “ Kartarpur Railway station “.

How willingly we fell to Imran’s googly.No time for de-escalation of tension by India. We must  escalate before the situation goes out of spin.

Attack, Mr Prime minister. Don't talk of peace


The Nehru- Gandhi dynasty, its congis, commies lapdogs and rabble-rousers, deserve to be hanged by the neck for insulting India's Armed forces. They cannot be allowed  to go scot free.

Congress’s slugfest with Modi is political. Mutual recriminations by their dirty tricks departments.

Opposition's trust deficit in India's Armed Forces,their unholy nexus with enemies need to be investigated. Clear sedition.These fifth columnists are on ISI's pay rolls. All are anti- Nationals.

PM Modi has also much to explain for his failure to take action against UPA scamsters. The footloose Pradhan Sevak has been perennially on tour throughout his tenure. Either, abroad or visiting temples . Misplaced priorities.  A drain on tax payers' money. The public is expected to be just and fair in applying its mind at the time of voting.


India has been perennially in a state of  undeclared war with Pakistan, facing terror attacks  in succession by Pak- sponsored terrorists. All are citizens of Pakistan though labelled as non-state actors.

Indian jawans , military installations, civilian  properties are being continuously. targeted. How could India restrict its action to demolishing terror structures. Garnering diplomatic support is a good initiative. But,this cannot ensure lasting peace. Far from it. Why not wipe out Pak’s ISI and Army?

With entire world on our side , India must not lose time. This opportunity may not be available again.We have to protect our progeny instead of leaving them to fight a “ thousand year jehaad ” by the rogue neighbor. Scales of operations must increase manifold .China, though  presently non-committal, may suddenly turn belligerent. Still blocking Azhar Masood’s declaration as a global terrorist.Treacherous,untrustworthy.

Against this backdrop, Aar-paar kee ladai chahiye. Pak Army-controlled Imran Khan’s peace offer is a trap. Destroy Rawalpindi Hq of ISI and Army.


Pak PM Imran Khan offers peace talks to India.

He is in total denial mode.Wants actionable, credible evidence of Pak hands in Pulwama attack.

Please recall Madam Indira Gandhi's leadership during 1971 war. While giving free hand to indian army, she led the country throughout, instead of indulging in domestic politicking,She was one of the best war-time Prime minister,India had.

This is not the time to run away from responsibilities.

India reposed confidence in you. Act fast. Do not allow the momentum to die down. Every passing day is important.

Making political jumlas and trumpeting self-achievements at public rallies, is not considered appropriate during these hard times.


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