Vice-President Hamid Ansari’s launchingof a commemorative edition of The National Herald ( NH) on June 12 in Bengaluru in presence of Cong Vice President, is reprehensible particularly as the case is mired in controversy.

The Karnataka assembly session , dominated by the Congress, was even cancelled.

An official launch of the edition and formal print relaunch of the newspaper is fixed in Delhi on June 20.The Delhi meet will be graced by President Pranab Mukherjee.

The President / Vice President belong to the nation. How did they allow themselves to be hijacked by the Congress for earning political brownie points? Their participation was ill-advised. An open affront to people of India.

Is the Congress party intending to legitimize the alleged money-laundering in NH case by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty? The Public is not naïve.


The 7th Central Pay Commission had recommended that all Pre-2016 pensioners must be compensated for number of increments they had earned in the retiring pay scales by giving them 3% of basic pension per increment.

The Cabinet, it is understood, was inclined to  accept the recommendation . But, it was misled by officials who expressed helplessness  in implementing 7th Pay Commission's recommendations on the plea that details of pensioners were not available for computing the increments-based hike in pensions.

DoP&T (Pension & Pensioners Welfare wing ) quietly and promptly issued orders vide OM No.38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated May 12, 2017. This took all pensioners by surprise and shock. All were hoping against hopes for hikes in pensions.

Was the omission clerical, committed without fact-checking ? Insiders reveal, on condition of anonymity that some DOP&T officials not familiar with the accounting procedure, misled the political Executive, citing non-availability of  pensionary records. This was far from truth.

It is clarified that requisite  pensionary details  are lying intact in offices of  four custodians, namely (a)  Pension Payment Order (PPO)  issuing authority ; (b) PAO of office from where pensioners had retired; (c) Central Pension Accounting Office, New Delhi and (d) Central Pension Processing Cells of banks from where  senior citizens  receive pensions.

Officials were rewarded with a pat for saving public exchequer by duping the Cabinet and the pensioners.This led to the anomaly. Post-2016 pensioners are receiving  pensions far higher than their seniors who are pre-2016 pensioners.

PM Modi  is urged to revisit the case, order investigation into the oversight and restore the rightful claim to  pre-2016 pensioners.


Changing  a 50 year old rule, GOI (DOP&T)  sets a deadline of six months to complete probe of govt babus in corruption cases. It  has amended  Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965, by laying down a time-line for intermediate stages of investigation and enquiry proceedings.

But, why is MOS ( Personnel) trumpeting this as part of his three years achievement? Why,  so much media hype? Analyse ground realities. CVC’s perennial concern over delay in expediting corruption by adhering to time- schedule for completion of disciplinary proceedings is ignored by central ministries. Though, a Statutary body, CVC is treated as a tooth-less tiger. Consider judicial pronouncement. Supreme court’s judgement of Dec 16,2015 (  ( Prem Nath Bali V/s Registrar, Delhi High court )directedthat every employer, State and Private, must conclude departmental  proceedings against their delinquent employeeswithin six months. So, what is new? Orders should have been issued in 2015 across the board.

Anomaly. Why create a dichotomy between All-India and Central services? It is not clear why All-India services : IAS, IPS and IFoS—and a “few other categories “ of officers, are not covered under the amendment. Are top babus from elite Services , never involved in big-ticket scams. Orders may not stand scrutiny in Courts of Law on sheer ground of discrimination. All employees, irrespective of Services, must be treated at par. Right to Equality before Law One wonders whether penalties are laid down for defaulters (disciplinary authorities or delinquent officers) for non- adherence of  stage-by stage schedules. Obfuscating proceedings before the Inquiry Officers (IO), CATs and Courts, are common. Lakhs of corruption cases are pending before CATs , courts for years. Adjournments and bails are granted on flimsy grounds. There is a flourishing racket involving lawyers and corrupt judges.  Action may be ordered by the Hon’ble CJI to reduce pendency by fast-tracking CATs and Courts’ proceedings. All adjournment cases must be scrutinized by High court judges and subordinate judges reprimanded, wherever required. Considering the totality of circumstances, DOP&T’s amendment orders are discriminatory, facetious and out-of-sync with GOI’s stated policy.

The Single Point directive, struck down by Supreme court, was restored by GOI through legislative route. Rules require prior sanctions of GOI and CVC, before initiating enquiry against  officers of the rank of Joint Secretaries and above. What will be the impact of amendment on corrupt top officers who enjoy immunity from CBI preliminary enquiries? Selective application of rules to target specific Services is unjust and unfair unfair.



Former Secretary, Joint Secy and Director in ministry of Coal have been convicted by the court under IPC for criminal conspiracy and cheating in a coal block allocation case in MP. More  coal scam cases are pending. Sentences were awarded to three top bureaucrats: the then Secy, Joint Secy and Director of Coal ministry, by the special court of CBI. It will be inappropriate for any third party, to blame the Court citing “Officers’ honesty, commitment and dedication “ and, worse, warning GOI about the perceived repercussions like "policy paralysis ;  demotivating   bureaucracy  from taking decisions” etc. The aggrieved officers are free to appeal to High court and even Supreme court for relief. The CBI court in the present case, pronounced judgement based on CBI investigation, supporting documents, recorded statements, cross-examination etc.Intercession by IAS officers Association is unwarranted.

The obverse is more baffling. Never trust politicians. Former Prime Minister-cum- Coal minister Manmohan Singh,  his Principal Secy, Secy , JS, Directors in the PMO ,were totally  left out of interrogation by the CBI. How? At whose behest?How were the PMO worthies given clean chits by the then  CBI,the “caged parrot of UPA” . All these infirmities raise suspicions in public mind. No decision could have been taken without PMO’s knowledge. To satisfy readers’ curiosity, let us consider following questions:--

(a)How could the then Cab Secy and officers of  PMO feign ignorance of the flawed coal blocks allocation policy,that took the shape of a scam? Arbitrary, discretionary, pick-and-choose, based on first-come-first-serve doctrine. Though, former Coal Secy (P C Parakh) had informed the Congress-led UPA govt, much ahead of the scam, about the flawed allocation policy, why  no action  was taken by Manmohan Singh & Co to address these concerns ;

(b) Why did the then Finance Minister keep his conspiratorial  silence in the matter?

(c ) Who blocked reappraisal of  coal block  allocation policy despite specific advice of former coal Secretary P C Parakh and report of C&AG ? Was Manmohan Singh  choosen to double as Coal minister for his docility and compliant attitude to the Congress supremo? Let us be upfront.

(d) Refer to Sanjay Baru’s  “The Accidental Prime Minister” and P C Parakh’s “Crusader or Conspirator”  for ringside views. Parakh went to the extent of embarrassing Manmohan Singh by calling him a “ PM with little political authority “.

(e)It was common knowledge during UPA’s decade long mis-rule that all ministers bypassed  the de jure PM and considered themselves lucky to implement  oral orders of  the de facto PM. The gutless, pliant and powerless Manmohan Singh enjoyed formalizing the oral orders of the de facto CEO ,that is,  the Congress supremo. Where was the bureaucracy?

Vinaash Kaaley, Vipreet Budhi


GOI must upload the " Secret Annexure" to Vohra committee report on politico- criminal- bureaucratic nexus, in public domain

Based on inputs from IB, RAW, IT,ED, the report carries explosive details of politicians,criminals and bureaucrats,who indulged in anti-national and unethical practices under Congress protection.

After perusal by the then HM, N N Vohra, the then union Home Secy, detached it from the main report.

This pleased the Congress. Vohra was appointed Governor of J&K by the UPA ,as reward for his loyalty.

Appointed in June 2008, he continues till date,as the longest serving Governor.Total stint of 9 years.

It is time to replace Vohra by a retired Army Chief as Governor J&K.

PM Modi is urged to take the call.


ICJ's interim judgement is finally out. Republic of India wins on all counts.All Pak's arguments bludgeoned. Global humiliation. Congratulations to PM Modi,Sushma Swaraj,  MEA mandarins and,of course, Harish Salve. Such leadership initiatives distinguish the present ruling dispensation from the erstwhile Congress-led UPA govt.

According to Media reports ,Khawar Qureshi, the lawyer who argued for Pakistan against India in Jadhav’s  case, was earlier appointed by UPA government in 2004 to argue in a power project case. What prompted the Congress to hire the services of a Pakistani lawyer, one  wonders ? Was there a dearth of talented lawyers in India ? The blunder calls for investigation.

Let us await Pak's reactions and appropriate responses by India. Pakistan, out of desperation, could attempt escalating its misadventure. It is reportedly going back to the World court with “ solid evidences “, seeking revision of interim orders of ICJ .


China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) ostensibly meant to connect Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, is manifestation of its expansionist policy. I fully support PM Modi for taking a  firm stand by rejecting China's invite to OBOR summit in Beijing. It will be foolhardy to join China when CPEC ( A part of OBOR) violates India's territorial integrity and sovereignty by criss-crossing POK, a legitimate part of India. Dangerous security implications for India must be addressed. Don’t forget China’s illegal claim on Arunachal Pradesh and its vehement opposition to India’s entry into NSG and as a permanent member of Security council. Considering China’s experiences in Africa and development of Gwadar port in Baluchistan, the ambitious OBOR is headed for a disaster. Clashes between the locals with Chinese supervisors are common.

Consider financial aspects. How will the shortsighted countries benefit from interest-bearing Chinese loans, service their huge debt and high-rated interests-liabilities on massive Chinese investments? Their poor repaying capacities will facilitate China controlling the stakes and ownership. Financial strangling will impinge on territorial integrity and sovereignty. The influx of Chinese economic assistance into Sri Lanka and Cambodia has raised questions about China’s subtle and mischievous intentions behind massive investments on infra-projects in other countries. China has been persistently demanding its money back from Srilanka.


Pakistan’s terror attack of May 1, 2017, beheading indian soldiers, has been the most dastardly act. Retribution has to be immediate. Delayed response, assertions by political leaders, collecting proofs of cross-border terror attacks to share with Pakistan, dithering for days, are self-defeating acts. Why has India gone on backfoot on Baluchistan, Sindh, POK and Gilgit-Baltistan?

Indian Army conducted surgical strikes on Sept 29,2016, destroying several launch pads to pre-empt infiltration by terrorists. But, it gave temporary relief ? Now, 55 terror camps have sprung up in POK lined along LOC. Had India continued regular surgical strikes, situation would not have come to such a pass. Unfortunately, India remains defensively offensive, reactive rather than pro-active, scared of enhancing scales of counter- offensive operations. The United States , South Korea and Japan have moved their war ships to North Korea. China suggests India and Pakistan to settle their issues bilaterally. What could be the most opportune moment than this to teach Pakistan, lesson of life-time. Sharing proofs of terror attacks with Pak,is foolhardy.

Let India bleed Pakistan to a thousand cuts. The policy of “Strategic restraint”, has failed.


Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA ) is a beautiful thing to have happened in the country. But, its successful implementation would depend on continuous and serious monitoring by the States governments. Open malpractices would lead to non-compliance of the Act.

Rest assured, builders would be free to mislead the buyers on quality of construction, non display of load factors, carpet areas etc.Politico – criminal-bureaucratic- police nexus would continue to turn a Nelson's eye to the ongoing unethical practices in collusion with real estate agents. All partners in crime. What about the safety of poor complainants and whistle blowers? Every chance of the Act getting diluted, as we go along.


Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA ) is a beautiful thing to have happened in the country. But, its successful implementation would depend on continuous and serious monitoring by the States governments. Open malpractices would lead to non-compliance of the Act.

Rest assured, builders would be free to mislead the buyers on quality of construction, non display of load factors, carpet areas etc.Politico – criminal-bureaucratic- police nexus would continue to turn a Nelson's eye to the ongoing unethical practices in collusion with real estate agents. All partners in crime. What about the safety of poor complainants and whistle blowers? Every chance of the Act getting diluted, as we go along.


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