WIC’s Newsline (Politics) dt July 5,2017, is thought provoking. Bureaucracy is perpetually and habitually committed , irrespective of ruling political dispensation. To be compliant to political masters has been a felt necessity of babucracy, though for different reasons.

For instance, under Indira Gandhi’s autocratic regime , fears of transfers to inconsequential postings ,undue harassment, blackmailing , slapping  cooked-up charges etc were common. This had immobilized the then “ Yes, Prime Minister “ bureaucracy. This dynastic  tradition was scrupulously followed by the Congress-led UPA. The then de jure PM was spineless and speechless. UPA ministers reported direct to the de facto PM ( Read as Congress supremo ). Top bureaucracy brazenly fell in line as the questions of their post-retirement bonanzas, were involved.

Now, consider NDA. it is PM Modi’s towering personality that ensures committed bureaucracy. Some Ministers are redundant, retained only to answer Parliament questions without contributing to Policy formulations. It is free-for-all in some ministries.Compulsions of coalition politics. True, merit and honesty are respected by PM Modi. But, not always. Sadly, subjective considerations do creep in, even now . Thanks to present committed bureaucracy. PM Modi’s reliance on a small coterie of elite bureaucrats, is not adviseable. But,who cares?


A lady police officer, Shreshtha Thakur, of Bulandshahr was transferred to Bahraich for chiding a local BJP MLA.

Politics is considered more important than Polity by politicians.

Bureaucrats must never trust rogue politicians.

Why is UP Officers Association, speechless?

Existential Crisis.

" Qaida ye hai ki sarey - bazm rahein honth siley;

Huqm ye hai ki har ek baat  zubaani  kahiye

Are you not embarassed, Mr Chief Minister?



PM Modi's tour to the US has been hugely successful. President Trump regards both countries as “true friends “. Several deals have been inked. First, one-on-one meeting. More security, energy and economics- related benefits will follow,as we go along. An Israel daily has lauded Modi as the most powerful Prime Minister of the world.

India’s image in the comity of nations,has never been so high.All by virtue of Modi’s charismatic persona and uncanny capacity to build personal rapport with world leaders.

China and Pakistan have started showing signs of jealousy, fidgetiness,jitteriness, anger,helplessness. This could trigger monstrous reactions from the desperate countries ready to press the panic button. Syed Salahuddin is the latest to join the UN / US sanctions lists of global terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, Anis Ibrahim, Chhota Shakee, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Aziz Moosa and Shafi Armar et al.

Now is the time to test the camaraderie in joint fight against Pakistan - sponsored terrorism and China’s expansionism in their war of attrition against India.The country is sick of daily killings and stones-peltering in Kashmir. The political Opposition must also behave responsibly, refrain from politicking in the larger interests of the country.

China's audacity in blocking Kailash-Mansarovar yatra, instead, making regular incursions into Sikkim and AP, Non-stop air-space violations, issuing verbal threats, are grave provocations violating India's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Amarnath yatra, has already started under shadow of terror.

Indians looks forward to PM Modi for initiating concrete steps after taking into confidence the Armed Forces chiefs, HM, NSA,MEA ,MOD et al.

Following suggestions are also for considerations of GOI :--

(a)Enhance India's military presence at LC,LOC IB. Our Armed Forces will take care of the rest. Launching surgical strikes regularly,not once or twice , but many times over. We trust them.

(b)Accord diplomatic recognition to Nationalist China,open an office and post a regular diplomat at Taipeh.No more dual-charge consular arrangement.

(c) Indians must stop buying sub-standard Chinese products. GOI must stop procuring chinese products at throw-away prices, by invoking anti- dumping laws.

(d) Expedite operationalisation of India-Afghan Air corridor as antidote to CPEC/OBOR.

(e) Keep Indian Ocean under constant surveillance.

(f) What has happened to India's support for freedom movements in Baluchistan, Sindh,POK and Gilgit-Baltistan ?

(g)Gwadar port in Baluchistan is being developed by Chinese engineers and labour. Unemployment leads to frequent clashes between Baluchi and the chinese labour on the lines of Gilgit-Baltistan.Similar skirmishes will take place between the poor local Baluchis and Chinese labour, in case of CPEC, passing through several countries.


PM Modi  was the only earnest performer Ministers celebrated the day with gusto to attract PM Modi’s attention. More interested in photo ops.

GOI employees participated; a majority in “ Shav Aasan “ pose.

They do not bother till non-compliance becomes a misconduct. They trust gyms more than Yoga posturing. Followed by chai /coffee/ pakoras and other prohibited stuff. And, a restful sleep, thereafter,holiday mood.

Congress,TDP, TMC and the Commies boycotted on political grounds.

DMK refused on religeous grounds. The outraged Lalu chose not to participate due to IT, ED raids on his kins’ homes.

Farmers blocked highways all over the country by performing Vajra and shav aasan.

Terrorists continued with " Gun aasan ".

Hypocrisy galore.


Apropos of WIC’s input dt June 20, 2017, it is surprising that none of the four internal candidates ie CMDs of four Coal subsidiaries, was found suitable for the post of Chairman, Coal India Ltd ( CIL), the Holding company.

Reasons must be analyzed by experts, independent of Min of Coal. I had a long stint as Secretary, PESB. Rejection of candidates could possibly be attributed to following factors :-

(a)Absence of succession planning ;

(b) Lack of Vigilance clearance in respect of 4 candidates ;

(c)Poor track records of all 4 candidates ;

(d) Plan to bring an outside professional , as a wild card entry.

(e) Deliberately fixing high bench mark ostensibly to bypass the professionals and misuse this as a ploy to force bureaucratization of the Maharatna by the backdoor. Bringing in Sanskari babus with zero field experience in coal sector has always been disastrous.

During the UPA era, top posts in coal sector (and coal mines,too ) were auctioned. The then de jure PM used to merely formalize the decisions taken by extra-Constitutional authority . The unethical practice has been done away with by PM Modi.


Ram Nath Kovind,present Bihar Governor, a dalit (by accident, not choice ) from UP, to be the next President of India & its Commander-in-chief

Coming from a humble background and relatively unknown, he reportedly maintains a low profile.

Mamata Banerjee said : " I have never heard this name before "

Nomination politically correct.

He will be pro-poor' President like the late A P J Abdul Kalaam,Sir.

Ms Pratibha Patil became President, by virtue of her unbridled sycophancy of Congress supremo.

Pranab Mukherjee became President-by-accident. 

Congress supremo, her foot soldiers and the Commies, need not nominate their own candidate to avoid further humiliation and embarassment .

Exposed of their anti- dalit ideologies,this will be a political harakiri for them



Vicious insinuation by a Congress MP against India’s Army Chief General Bipin Rawat by first calling him “ Sarak kaa Gunda” and thereafter, tendering an apology , fearing country-wide ire, is reprehensible. It jolted the conscience of every right-minded citizen besides reflecting MPs perverted mindset. Could this have been possible without the overt or covert support of the Congress supremo. That, the loose cannon has neither been reprimanded nor sacked so far, confirms the suspicion.

There seems a planned conspiracy to create instability in the country by certain politicians sharing same DNA, internal saboteurs masquerading as deshbhaktas. They allegedly indulge in anti-national activities like supporting  stone-throwers, hobnobbing with Kashmiri separatists, hugging Pak’s envoys  at tea parties, inciting Maoists , provoking communal riots, discrediting Armed forces, providing lip sympathy to farmers, quota reservations movements etc.

Laws of the land, as per common man’s understanding, do not permit such nefarious activities. If the authorities fail to act, can the Judiciary not take suo moto cognizance of such illegalities? Strangely, even the FIR has not been registered by the NIA or local police against the Member of Parliament for indulging in cheap jibe against the Army chief. The country is feeling outraged.Are VVIPs above the Law of the land?



Recent CBI raids at the offices and residence of promoter/owner  of an independent english TV news channel   invited massive criticism of  present political dispensation. Vehemently opposed  to PM Modi  these self-righteous  media persons  assembled at Delhi’s Press club, attributing raids to  “ Political  vendetta,  Attack on  Freedom of Press " etc . Utter nonsense. This is the conduct of captive media that boasts of independence.

Bunch of economic offenders. To get at the bottom of  the truth, why not look at the meteoric rise in the net worth of  certain journalists. ? Compare their IT returns for the FY 2003- 04 with those for FYs  2013-14 synchronizing with UPA era of no-holds-barred corruption.

All aided and abetted by the Congress-led UPA.Their mandate was to file stories that promoted the financial and political interests of the then ruling dispensation. This included brokering for cabinet berths in collusion with corporate lobbyist. Radiagate is not forgotten.It is a part of indian history of  modern journalism  full  of intrigues and machinations


June 1714

Trump Gram

"Trump Gram"

This is the name given to a Mewat village in Haryana. Elsewhere, hawans are being organised. Sycophancy to a super-power.

Will this amuse Donald Trump,who had cited India ( along with China) as an unfair beneficiary of the Paris climate agreement  of 2015 PM Modi visits the US on June 26,2017.

MEA mandarins would be mulling the possibility of whether PM Modi will succeed in building rapport with the unpredictable human molotov cocktail called Trump.

Body language of both leaders will be under constant watch by experts. Trump makes comical grimaces to suggest hatred, indifference or mockery for the other party. Impetuous,undiplomatic and almost uncouth ,at times.

One hopes, the US ambassador to India, briefs his master in advance about India's self-esteem and susceptibilities.

India cannot and should not be taken for granted


We live in an age of total bureaucratization where respect is neither earned nor given. Getting respect from one-time juniors, post retirement, is a rare honour.One should count one’s blessings with gratitude.

Attitudinal change in youth is a natural phenomenon in all departments- government, public, educational institutes etc. Retirees are not mandated to supervise jobs, nor record entries in APRs of the youth who served under them possibly sycophantically. Authority is necessary to “extort” respect.

Merit  ,more often than not,becomes the casualty while Mediocrity laced with pliability, yawning sycophancy thrive in govt offices. Universal law.  Irreverence on part of one-time juniors is to be pitied not hated. The aggrieved retirees can only appreciate the pleasure of being let down.

The retirees have no divine right to demand respect from their one-time juniors. It is too late to inject sanskaars into them. Best policy is to avoid visiting offices where one had served. We count ourselves as a force of 55 lakhs retired civil servants and deserve to be treated with dignity after having spent 35 to 40 years of service.

Let us petition PM Modi  to suggest that “All acts of Irreverance by serving  employees to  retired employees”,  must  be declared  “ Misconducts ”, attracting  minor penalties.

Let us not lose hopes and fight for our self-esteem.


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