20 Joint Secretaries in Union Ministry of Home Affairs  have been delegated  substantial financial and administrative powers in matters of executing works , land purchases upto Rs 50 crores, full powers incurring administrative expenses, hiring accommodation, TA, LTC and related cases in the ministry.

A prudent step to responsibilise the army of JSs in MHA.

The decision must be replicated in all union ministries.

An effective mechanism of checks and balances by way of submitting monthly returns to respective Financial Advisors and union Secretaries must be evolved.

Now is the time to abolish posts of Special Secretaries and Addl Secretaries in GOI in a phased manner as these would become redundant.

This will result in huge savings in expenditure from public exchequer.

Let the State governments follow suit.

Give a good buy to top heavy structure of bureaucracy at the Centre and the States.


The US is justifiably miffed by North Korea’s policy of nuclear brinkmanship and for issuing daily threats of nuclear attack. The US is in a bind.The impasse should not be allowed to last long. 

North Korea’s sixth nuclear test is a slap on US’s face besides sending wrong signals to China and Russia. Pakistan’s clandestine transfer of nuclear technology to N Korea went unpunished.The US is now paying the price of its own folly. 

Condemning N Korea’s testing of nuclear fusion device and ICBM by China and Russia , is a charade. Both double crossing the US . The ground reality is just the opposite. No neighbouring country, especially China would be comfortable with a nuclearised Korean peninsula. 

Against the background of all-round misrust, China’s advice to the US for direct talk with a rogue nation , is simply laughable. 

Should the superpower agree to one-on- one talk with a belligerant country like N Korea. Does N Korea deserve the courtesy of appeasement by the US ? 

Economic sanctions against N Korea, have been half-hearted. Military sanctions with conventional weapons, could cause disastrous backlash to South Korea located just 50 Km away from its belligerant neighbour. 

South Korea will be annihilated. It depends on who carries out the pre-emptive strike.

 Direct talks between two un-equals, the US and N Korea, if ever conducted, will continue upto infinity with zero outcome.This will instead embolden N Korea to keep provoking its adversary,the most powerful nation in the world. 

What is President Trump’s “fire and fury” counter- warning  to North Korea ? Does he mean first strike with conventional weapons or a nuclear attack ? 

North Korea’s military dictator Kim Jong, by his incessant threats , is almost begging for a War with the US. He can’t hold the World as hostage. 

Enough is enough.It is now time for the US to take direct action .Let it pull out all full stops. 

This will help the suppressed people of North Korea and restore democracy. 

Kim Jong deserves the same fate as Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi and Osama bin Laden, former Al Qaeda chief. 

The US with its much advanced technology, capability and intelligence inputs, should know better.


Gautam Gambhir promised lifelong support to Zohra d/o a martyr in Kashmir.

A big salute to him.

What about billionnaires like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni and the Bollywood fraternity with honourable exceptions?

Are they born merely to amass wealth by acting as brand ambassadors for endorsing commercial products, collecting awards and privileges ?

And,what about big corporate houses especially, the Ambanis, the richest indian ?

Let them adopt specific families of Martyrs for financial assistance and help them join country's mainstream.

Let them segregate such noble gestures from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of their companies.

Finally, the CBDT would be doing a yeoman’s service if they amend the IT Act to provide suitable rebates to donors in their annual income tax returns to those who undertake to help martyrs’ families under intimation to IT deptt.An effective monitoring system must be evolved.


My honest opinion: No way.

This will remain a pipe dream despite PM Modi’s best intentions.

Let us be realistic, not idealistic. Corruption is a universal malaise. Its complete elimination is a myth. It can, however, be mitigated depending upon the political Will.

First , corruption in local bodies having large public interfaces that impact the common man. Mumbai floods are a classic case of BMC’s insensitivity, inefficiency and political corruption.This is the position in  3255 urban local bodies in India. Police is compromised.

Even, legitimate claims are allowed only after greasing the palms of Inquiry officers, SHOs and their cronies in Police and clerks, engineers, Commissioners of corporations in local bodies. Encroachment on government lands,is a permanent source of income for beat constables, hawaldars, sub-inspectors ,engineers and commissioners. Extortion is considered a matter of right. Due to brazen interference by the political class, responsive mechanism is non-existent and supervision lax.

Public is not the stake holder. No feed back mechanism. No fear of compromised police and corporations officials.

Right to Service Act is in the limbo. Public officers are duty bound to perform their duties within the stipulated time with no other option to avoid penalty. But, no one is penalised in the normal course except. Passage of Lokpal Bill is in cold storage. Concept of Zero tolerance to corruption remains a political rhetoric. Statutary audit and IT raids on local bodies officials are not conducted regularly.

India is a federal democracy, but, not a co-operative federalism. Eliminating corruption is a joint venture that needs joint efforts of the Centre, States and local bodies. State governments ruled by political dispensations different from the one at the Centre, work at loggerheads at different wavelengths and priorities. CMs of states like West Bengal, Kerala and Karnataka, behave like CEOs of “Sovereign, Independent Republics “

Decisions are taken under political pressures rather than on merit.Mediocrity thrives.Pliable bureaucrats consider it safer to prostrate before the political class. Grievance redressal mechanism has failed for the poor .

Big ticket scams of UPA era did not get the attention,they deserve.

PM Modi’s honesty and incorruptibility,is beyond doubt.He has no personal axe to grind. His commitment to India’s development,is unquestioned. Rampant corruption has stunted India’s development. PM Modi’s series of bold initiatives to reduce corruption index like : 

Demonetization, benami assets etc  are notable. But, efforts made to fast-track conviction of the accused involved in Congress-led UPA scams, are not are extremely slow. Loan defaulters and money launderers are having free runs in the country or abroad.

Raids on suspects by IT, ED, CBI and other enforcement agencies must increase.


September 1701

Dera Jhoota Sauda

Conviction of rapist- cum- anarchist Ram Rahim, sentenced for 20 years of isolated confinement with rigorous imprisonment, is a classic example for a case study of politico- bureaucratic – police nexus leading to mayhem, incendiarism, killings in Haryana, Panjab, UP, Rajasthan and Delhi with large concentration of deras.Fine of Rs 30 lakhs to be divided between two aggrieved girls.  He is convicted 15 years after rape complaint filed in 2002. Thanks to covert support by successive governments in Haryana and Centre by way of en bloc voting by Dera followers.

Demand for converting 20 years RI to Life imprisonment is growing. A large cache of  illegal arms, ammunition, hand grades, AK 47, petrol bombs etc was recovered from his “ ashram “ ,an euphemism for a 5-star guest house.

Out of several DGs, Addl DGs, IGs in Haryana police, it is shocking that not a single top officer cared to visit Ground Zero.Not worth their salt. Later, in the day, one IG was seen on TV getting updated by a DySP . SIs and constables galore.

Bureaucracy proved worthless, glued to seats. Chief Secy, Addl Chief Secretaries, Principal  Secretaries, Secretaries- all failed to take pro-active steps to avoid flare-up.A collective failure of appointed Executive  in collusion with the elected Executive. Tackling emergency to diffuse anarchy lay within domain of permanent bureaucracy. Why were they  awaiting orders from CM and his council of loose cannons .

The extent of Executive culpability must be assessed. Haryana &Panjab High court -monitored investigation by the CBI is needed. Based on its findings, FIRs must be filed by CBI against flagrante delicto andcharges approved by high court.

The larger question crying for attention is : Why permit self- styled Godmen have private armies. Let us take the discussion further,

It will be foolhardy to assume that Indian intelligence and security agencies were oblivious to this fact. We refused to learn from history and history repeated  itself with vengeance.

Recall some infamous Babas and Godmen who owned huge private armies..

Bhindrawale? Too well known to need a recall.

Asaram Bapu and his son had battalion of armed sevadars. Both are presently cooling their heals in jails. Asaram’s appeal for bail invited the wrath of Supreme court in its hearing on August 28,2017.

Recall Sant Rampal whose army of 8000 goons had stored sophisticated weapons, acid tankers, hand grenades, petrol bombs etc to wage a war against the State to shield their Guru. Followers were in no mood to let their guru arrested.Police was shocked to discover large cache 

of arms and ammunitions.The guru finally surrendered.

Megalomaniac Ram Rahim, sentenced for 20 years of isolated confinement with  rigorous imprisonement by the CBI court on Aug 28,2017, had an army of commanders, sub-commanders and 15,000 armed commandos .All trained by ex- armymen hired on payment of fat salaries. 

Furthermore, arguments in cases of alleged murders of two journalist-whistleblowers,are likely to be finalised in CBI court on Sept 15,2017. Solid evidences. Death penalty is for sure.

Caste-based private militias

There are a large number of  caste-based armed militias,mostly thriving in Bihar and UP, who raise their heads to kill members of the lower or rival castes.Take a look at them..

Ram Varishka Yadav

Swadheen Bharat Subhash Sena led by one late Ram Varishka Yadav. His army of Yadav clan unauthorisedly occupied 220 acres Jawahar Bagh Park in Mathura UP. With massive cache of arms, ammunitions, AK47, the private army of 3,000 gave stiff resistance to para-miltary forces before final eviction. SP govt under pressure of Yadav clan, did not take action Ranvir Sena

An upper-caste landlord militia in Bihar, for protecting the rights of the Bhumihar, against “ domination “of the Rajputs.

Besides above , there are several other Senas, fronts, morchas in Bihar owing allegiance to their castes. All have armed militias. Bihar had about a dozen private militia groups belonging to different castes and sub-groups who used to terrorise people in the name of protecting rights of their particular caste or group.While some have been wiped out, others become active during elections.

Are Private Militias legal? Are these not a threat to national security?

Private armies of self-styled godmen and caste-based organisations have no place in indian democracy. They indulge in mis-adventurism to browbeat courts, State and the public.A serious threat.

If, there are no rules, PM Modi must consider introducing a Bill in Parliament for banning private militias  in private hands.


PM Modi’s decision to haul up top Railway officers for negligence in UP rail accident, is praise-worthy.

Ironically,the Railway services officers have benefited the most from cadre reviews (CR).Accelerated promotions without raising accountability standards, increase the comfort zone of bureaucracy.

Let us take the cadre review debate furthe.

GOI is mulling over 25% job cuts in its strength, screams one prominent daily. Whispersinthecorridors.com regularly monitors progress of cadre review ( CR) proposals of organised Gr A Services.

What about various Gr B services that face the brunt of the cuts. The country needs a slim, trim and bureaucracy, fully committed to work instead of idling away time due to lack of work.  The job cut plan of GOI, If, inspired by the objective of curtailing bludgeoning government office expenditure , it deserves appreciation.

What is the ground reality?

The reality check will uncover the covert plan of top bureaucracy. DOP&T along with cadre controlling authorities increase number of top posts through the charade of Cadre review,which is a a tool to fulfil the expansionist designs . This results in an inverted pyramid of top bureaucracy with bulging middle standing on effete bottom.

Some mathematical formulation and checklist are used by the CR div of DOP&T,to justify creation of top rung posts. A simple clerical check. No application of mind.

The trick employed by smart cadre controlling authorities to make the cadre review proposals “budget-neutral “, is to abolish posts at  lower rungs and show savings matching savings, at times notional.

Career progression of top officers involves creation of additional posts without reference to workload requirement.The role of Staff Inspection Unit (SIU) in MoF was gradually diluted by UPA govt before finally scrapping it. Thanks to the wisdom of the then successive Finance ministers Pranab Mukherjee and P Chidambaram. Worse, in the anxiety for quick promotions at par with the IAS, in cases, where eligible candidates were not available due to non-fulfilment of conditions contained in Rectt Rules, promotions were made on ad hoc basis.

Situation in some ministries has become topsy turvy . Jobs earlier performed by Director-level functionaries are now handled by ADG and DG level officers.This is how bureaucrats create work for each other.

Instead of addressing the public concerns relating to cutting down on bureaucratic obesity , the GOI, as a ritual, announces its decision, year after year, to inject fresh blood by hiring private sector professionals for top management positions in PSUs and government  bureaucracy. 

This is one way to impress business houses. The induction experiment,one may recall, has already failed due to differences in work-cultures in private and government sector. Imprudent decision.

Though, PM Modi has attention for details, but, he cannot be expected to devote time on micro- details.Top bureaucracy,instead of briefing him truthfully, grabs the opportunity to suppress details of negative implications of carrying out cadre reviews in organised services. 

Elevated incumbents in several ministries are searching for work; others are prompt in demanding additional facilities (as per new entitlements) like  fully-furnished bigger rooms, independent chauffeur- driven cars, new furnitures, TV sets, additional back-up manpower supports etc. This adds to office expenses.

Did the GOI in MoF ever think of quantifying the financial implications of such seemingly innocuous cadre review exercises and increase in concomitant expenses ?

The Indian Economic Service, cadre-controlled by MoF,is the biggest beneficiary. Both IES and the ISS,its sister service ,got immense benefits by creating top posts in respective cadres,without assessment of workload justifying creation of new posts by abolishing posts at lower rungs.

Other organised Services particularly the IPS, IRS (IT), IRS ( Custom & Excise), Telecom, Railways etc have grown top heavy by virtue of cadre reviews.

More officers, more corruption.Some elevated officers without adequate workload serve as devils’ advocates.

Disciplinary action is often cited to do away with dead wood,the non-performing human assets

The CVC has hit the roadblock as government deptts are withholding sanctions to prosecute 84 corrupt officers . These 84 officers are reportedly involved in 45 cases of alleged wrongdoing. Some cases have been pending sanction for up to five years despite the political leadership pushing for strict action against corrupt government officers. Horrible state of affairs.

A word about non-performing officers. PM Modi has been persistently stressing upon the importance of finalising disciplinary proceedings against Group A officers.One wonders whether the CVOs in ministries, PSUs, Banks ,are taking their jobs  seriously. Investigations move at snails’ pace. PMO must reprimand the laggards.

Media reports that 138 graft cases attracting Prevention of Corruption Act,  have been pending in Supreme court due to delay in deciding appeals, some as old as 15 years

PM Modi, one trusts,is honest  and incorruptible.But,his blind reliance on bureaucracy ,is a matter of concern.He may guard against it .

PM is urged to take action on the following lines:-

(a) keep all cadre review proposals in abeyance ;

(b) Revive SIU or a similar professional body in MOF for scrutinising manpower demands of ministries and deptts of GOI ;

(c) Subject all cadre review proposals to scrutiny by SIU on workload basis.


Recent Media reports opposing  creation of National Judicial Service (NJC ) by 9 high courts ( AP,Bombay, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, MP, Patna, Punjab &Haryana) make disturbing reading.While, Sikkim,Tripura  Jharkhand ,Rajasthan  are still to firm-up their stands,States like Kerala, Chhatisgarh, Allahabad,Manipur, HP, Meghalay, Orissa oppose Centre’s proposal.

Relying on provisions in the Constitution buttressed by advice/ recommendations of the Law Commission,  the Supreme Court and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on law and justice, the  ruling dispensation wrote to all States for seeking their views. It is not competent to create a new Service unilaterally.

As per proposed scheme of things ,the Centre will have no say in the recruitment and posting process. Top judiciary to have full authority in selection and appointment of  judicial officers. No executive interference. The merit order list to be prepared based on cut-offs and reservation policy as decided by top judiciary.

The States have their own judicial services; administrative control vesting with High courts. Unless the High courts and States agree to creation of NJS , the Centre cannot decide.Recruitments are presently made either by High courts or State PSCs. Attracting best talent becomes the casualty. Roles of some State PSCs have been dubious. Charges of nepotism, favouritism, flying thick and fast.Posts on sale by auction.Chairperson of UP-PSC is facing the heat for selecting candidates belonging to a particular community.All under former ruling dispensation.

Consider loop holes in the existing process of selection . No consistency, no uniformity in the conduct of exams by different States. Different syllabii and different difficulty levels of Question papers set by different examiners. And worse, different norms of valuation. Recruitments are presently made either by High courts or State PSCs. Attracting best talent becomes the casualty. 

It is strange that the unethical practices Take Subordinate Judiciary. Position far from hunky dory. Pathetic Charges of corruption, favouritism and arbitrariness abound. Zero accountability .

Poor qualities of judgements.Frequent adjournments on frivolous grounds cause undue harassments to litigants. Unholy nexus between the prosecution and the defence lawyers with blessings of willing judges. Tareekh pe tareekh; tareekh pe tareekh, a bollywood jumla, is a ground reality.

The judiciary habitually complains of large backlog of vacancies of sub-judges when questioned by higher courts about massive pendency of cases numbering about 3 crores.

Around 5,000 posts of sub-judges are reportedly lying vacant.Intake is low and quality poor.

This is admitted privately by members of the Bar.

The Supreme court is urged to put its foot down and give due consideration to ensure transparency in making  fool-proof selection of meritorious judges to subordinate judiciary.


Indian army has 39 military farms, housing some 25,000 cattle, occupying 20,000 acres of land across the country. British legacy.Cows milk was utilised by British officers and their orderlies.No longer popular with indian army officers when shelf-stable, higienically manufactured canned milk is readily available.

Employing about 20 officers and 2,000 civilians, the annual cost of maintenance of infrastructure of military farms is reported to be Rs 300 crores.Not economically viable.

It is time to consider proper utilisation of land in public interest.

Let the Army auction the cattle and valuable land to get handsome revenue and divert the money to make India’s Armed forces battle ready.

The Gau rakshak goons must keep their hands off.

Besides military farms , there are large patches of vacant land owned by the Army spread all over the country. One is not sure whether these serve any purpose for the army.

If not in use, these could be meaningfully utilized by the central government for implementing social sector schemes.

Acquisition should, no doubt, be subject to  approval of the Armed forces and without jeopardising  national security.


China is India's permanent enemy. We must talk tough with China and remain battle-ready. India’s candy-floss foreign policy emboldens China to wild gesticulation, over estimating its potential. India must keep enhancing its missile technology, naval quotient. All at fast pace.

China’s mindless pestering through government-controlled daily the “Global Times “ and official  spokespersons deserve forceful reposte from India.

China threatens attacking India,if , it does not first withdraw troops from Doklam and stop “ interference “ in Bhutan.

India must set its own pre-conditions for settling border dispute with China on holistic basis. Aggression is the best form of defence.

Consider the following factors

China must be continuously warned about its continuous infringements of bilateral and multilateral treaties to satisfy its insatiable appetite for land

(a) China must vacate Tibet and restore its autonomy to pre- 7 October 1950 position when it was taken over by China . Guarantee of non- interference in future is a must ; 

(b) Must restore Aksai Chin to India. Forcibly occupied by China in 1958. Nehru’s historic blunder.

(c) Must demolish and stop further construction at Doklam. Recall how Aksai chin road  was constructed , not insidiously. But, missed out by IB. Pt Nehru broke the news to Parliament an year too late. Lot of fireworks was generated in Parliament.

(d) Must stop bullying India;

(e) Must stop poking Bhutan;

(f ) Must stop abetting indian Maoists ;

(g) Must stop incursions into India -- HP, AP, Sikkim, Uttranchal

(h)Chinese intelligence is hyper-active in inciting the north-eastern militant groups. In retaliation, the unrest among the Chinese Uyghur muslim population, must be addressed.

(i ) Declare Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin as a global terrorist  and blocking India’s application  by misusing its Veto power.

China must be warned by World powers for continuous infringements of bilateral and multilateral treaties to satisfy its insatiable appetite for land that is increasing by the day.


The case continues to have political significance as one of the accused was the late Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, who had close family links with the Sonia Gandhi . It was Quattrochhi who introduced Rajiv Gandhi to the Bofors. The corruption scandal was seen as a major factor in Congress's defeat in 1989 Lok Sabha elections. The current re-surfacing of the scam might see all culprits behind the bar.

The scam remained buried for over three decades under successive governments headed by V P Singh, Chandrashekhar, Deve Gowda, I K Gujral and Atal Behari Vajpayi and finally Manmohan Singh ( with Sonia Gandhi at the helm as de facto PM ) under UPA-II.

Even the Judiciary seemed helpless. A bona fide court-monitored investigation was not ordered by the Apex court to get the facts verified on priority so as to bring all those responsible to justice. Delay led to suppression of truth that shook people’s faith in democracy.

With a mass of unimpeachable documentary evidence, this was an Open-and-shut  case despite Rajiv Gandhi's persistent denials. In an interview with the BBC, Rajiv claimed that “to the best of my knowledge, there have been no payoffs to Indians.” He  pre-empted the sensitive investigation by expressing his “view” that “commissions” to neither the “middlemen” nor “Indians” were paid .

Recall some key events and names of bureaucrats, politicians, extra- Constitutional authorities, which were in circulation in those obscure and morally questionable days.

Bofors’ chief jurist had briefed an official team comprising S. K. Bhatnagar, the then Defence Secretary, P. K. Kartha, the then Law Secretary, Gopi Krishan Arora, the then Special Secretary to Rajiv Gandhi, and N. N. Vohra, then Addl Secy in MOD , later, Secy ( Defence Production ) and Ronen Sen, the then Joint Secy in PMO. The team was assisted by T. K. Bannerjee, the then Joint Secretary (Ordnance) in MOD.

Strangely, according to General K. Sundarji’s revelations published in India Today (September 15,1989), Mr. Morberg was due to come to New Delhi at the head of a Bofors delegation in July 1987 to give the information the Government of India “wanted,” before Rajiv Gandhi  who initially himself scuttled the idea (leading to resignation of Arun Singh, the then MOS, Defence).

Involvement of Hindujas brothers and Win Chadha was open secret.

How were charges and proceedings by the trial court quashed by the Delhi high court (M K Chawla) and bail granted to the accused when the Law did not provide for it?Hinduja brothers were given clean chit. Worse, appeal against  quashing of chargesheet against the Bofors , was not allowed by the UPA –II government to be challenged in the Supreme court?.

The Principal investigator ( of  Bofors  scam) Sweden's investigative agency , Sten Lindstrom , in an interview to  TV channel , has revealed it all by accusing the late Rajiv Gandhi as the alleged mastermind behind the Bofors cover-up in collusion with Olof Palme , the then Swedish PM. 

The Congress has obfuscated discussions in Parliament. Sonia Gandhi terms it as a black day for democracy. Rahul Gandhi predicted that the GOI will not be able to prove anything even after investigating it for another 30 years. No further reaction by them  except throwing papers on Speaker (LS)

The country wants answers on the following questions :

(a)   How did Rajiv Gandhi enter into a secret understanding with Olof Palme, Swedish PM,who was later killed ? Who, in GOI, pressured the Bofors to give a clean chit to the Gandhis ?

(b)   How did the then ruling dispensation manipulate the escape of Quattrochhi by deliberately delaying the exit of CBI officers to London during Cong-led UPA-II?

(c)   What was the murky role of  steel-frame of bureaucracy of MOF and the Cabinet Sectt in making good the escape of Quattrochhi?

(d)  Who ordered de-freezing the Bofors payoffs in London, get the same transferred to Italy ? By the time the CBI reached London and then Argentina, Quattrochhi had crossed over to Italy ?CBI could not arrest him.

(e)  Why was the CBI not given permission by DOP&T ( in-charge of CBI) in 2005 to file the SLP in the Supreme court for quashing the judgement of Delhi High court ? Suresh Pachauri was MOS (Personnel) who took orders direct from the Congress supremo, which used to be later legitimised by the de jure PM Manmohan Singh. Interrogation of Principal Secy, Secy and Joint  Secy to PM and Suresh Pachauri will give a mine of sensational information?It may be recalled that V P Singh,the then Defence Minister ,resigned under protest.

(f) What are details of Bank Accounts held by late Rajiv Gandhi ( inherited from his mother,late Indira Gandhi) which are now being operated by the Congress supremo?

(g) What is the guarantee that relevant records kept in boxes, have not been tampered with? These boxes were brought from Sweden to India by a Joint Secy of MHA or MOF, without associating  the CBI. I am raising the  doubt as, certain Directors of the caged parrot had dubious credentials. A P Singh and Ranjit Singh,are in question.They might have helped the UPA-II in fiddling with documents.

(h) The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), while casting doubts on the Government's version of  selection of Bofors guns, did little to unravel the mystery of the kick-backs. What next ?

Against this background, it is high time that the boxes are opened in presence of CJI, CBI , forensic experts and the Media. All documents must be kept in public domain for public scrutiny. A court-monitored investigation by the SIT within a pre-determined time frame could be ordered by the Supreme court.

A K Saxena (A retd civil servant)


Atyaachaar se kaapi insaaniyat, raj kar rahey Haiwan

Paap se dharati phati, adharma se aasmaan,

Fir bhi Sab bol rahey hain: Kashmiriyat; Insaaniyat;

Aaj wakht hai bolney kaa:  Israeliyat ... Israeliyat ... Israeliyat

No more rhetorics, sermons, speeches and assurances of mooh-tor jawaabs

Extra-ordinary situations demand extra-ordinary solutions

Go ahead, PM Modi, Desh aapkey saath hai.


We live in an unequal society, full of disparities,anomalies. Consider Members of Parliament. Supremely arrogant. Their penchant for VIP status, hatred for parity with common man, is well known.They are Law makers; can frame rules for themselves. Austerity is no consideration. Though expected to lead by examples, their life-style is matchless. Have a look at their extravagant  lifestyles. Highly subsidised. All at taxpayers cost.

Consider the following scales of  salaries, perks, privileges, immunity, exemptions,admissible to MPs :

(a) Monthly salary of Rs 50,000;

(b)Free laundry services;

(c) heavily subsidised canteen food @ Rs 30 per thali(Veg) and Rs 90 (non-veg);

(d) Daily allowance @Rs 2000 per day for signing Parl register; 

(e) Monthly allowance @Rs 45,000 for constituency work;

(f) Monthly allowance @Rs 45,000 for office expenses (stationary, PA etc );

(g) MPLAD scheme worth Rs 5 crores per annum involving recommending development works to DMs- Rampant corruption, less said the better . Euphemistically called ATM scheme.

(h) MPs can avail 34 single air journeys during a year with his/her spouse. The MP's spouse/companion can also travel alone eight times in a year to meet the member. The amount is included in 34 journeys;

(i) The MP is entitled to a non-transferable first class AC train pass allowing him/her to travel in any train. The MP is also entitled to one first class and one second class fare each time the MP travels;

(j) Rent-free flat or hostel accommodation;  Licence fee for Lutyens bungalow;

(k) An MP can have three landline telephones. One each to be installed at MPs residence and office in Delhi and one at the MP's usual place of residence or any such place selected by the MP;Two mobile phone connections with 3G facilities Total number of free calls on landline and mobile phones is 1,50,000 local calls per year. The 3G data charge is also adjusted within this amount; (l) Age is no bar for MPs.

Conclusions :

MP'scost to country is among the highest. They, along with  muftkhor journalists , Parliament staff , security personnel and guests  visiting Parliament house, should  feel ashamed to ask for subsidized  canteen food. Do they come from the Mars ? Though a monthly pay packet of Rs 1.6 lakh might not be enough for an Indian MP, the perks they get can easily dwarf their salaries. MPs also get pensions for life irrespective of  years of service

Why target Senior citizens ?

Against this background, contrast MPs’ concessions with the plight of Senior citizens. The Railways has appealed to all Senior Citizens to exercise the option of foregoing subsidy on purchase of reserved class tickets. This reflects Finance ministry’s insensitivity, apathy and unconcern. Funds have not been allocated by MOF for such concessions in the current fiscal . The concessions, it is threatened, could even be done away with altogether for Senior citizens . Can the Finance Minister ask all ministers in present political dispensation to forego all kinds of subsidies, a drain on public exchequer ?


Israel's plan to destroy Pak's Kahuta nuclear plant, in mid- eightees was scuttled by India's refusal to provide re-fuelling facilities to Israel's war planes from Jamnagar airfield in Gujarat.

Absence of pro-active foreign policy of India, changed the course of history in the entire sub-continent.

Formidable hatred for Israel embedded by Gandhi- Nehru in Congress psyche for vote-bank politics.

Go further down the memory lane.

Under Simla pact, post 1971 war, Indira Gandhi permitted return of 92,000 soldiers to Pakistan,without getting POK in return,as part of quid pro quo.

Field Marshall Maneckshaw had protested against the misplaced magnanimity on part of Indira sarkar.

And, India is continuing to pay the price for the dynastic follies, living under fear of terror attacks , border incursions, nuclear blackmail.


WIC’s Newsline (Politics) dt July 5,2017, is thought provoking. Bureaucracy is perpetually and habitually committed , irrespective of ruling political dispensation. To be compliant to political masters has been a felt necessity of babucracy, though for different reasons.

For instance, under Indira Gandhi’s autocratic regime , fears of transfers to inconsequential postings ,undue harassment, blackmailing , slapping  cooked-up charges etc were common. This had immobilized the then “ Yes, Prime Minister “ bureaucracy. This dynastic  tradition was scrupulously followed by the Congress-led UPA. The then de jure PM was spineless and speechless. UPA ministers reported direct to the de facto PM ( Read as Congress supremo ). Top bureaucracy brazenly fell in line as the questions of their post-retirement bonanzas, were involved.

Now, consider NDA. it is PM Modi’s towering personality that ensures committed bureaucracy. Some Ministers are redundant, retained only to answer Parliament questions without contributing to Policy formulations. It is free-for-all in some ministries.Compulsions of coalition politics. True, merit and honesty are respected by PM Modi. But, not always. Sadly, subjective considerations do creep in, even now . Thanks to present committed bureaucracy. PM Modi’s reliance on a small coterie of elite bureaucrats, is not adviseable. But,who cares?


A lady police officer, Shreshtha Thakur, of Bulandshahr was transferred to Bahraich for chiding a local BJP MLA.

Politics is considered more important than Polity by politicians.

Bureaucrats must never trust rogue politicians.

Why is UP Officers Association, speechless?

Existential Crisis.

" Qaida ye hai ki sarey - bazm rahein honth siley;

Huqm ye hai ki har ek baat  zubaani  kahiye

Are you not embarassed, Mr Chief Minister?



PM Modi's tour to the US has been hugely successful. President Trump regards both countries as “true friends “. Several deals have been inked. First, one-on-one meeting. More security, energy and economics- related benefits will follow,as we go along. An Israel daily has lauded Modi as the most powerful Prime Minister of the world.

India’s image in the comity of nations,has never been so high.All by virtue of Modi’s charismatic persona and uncanny capacity to build personal rapport with world leaders.

China and Pakistan have started showing signs of jealousy, fidgetiness,jitteriness, anger,helplessness. This could trigger monstrous reactions from the desperate countries ready to press the panic button. Syed Salahuddin is the latest to join the UN / US sanctions lists of global terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim, Anis Ibrahim, Chhota Shakee, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Aziz Moosa and Shafi Armar et al.

Now is the time to test the camaraderie in joint fight against Pakistan - sponsored terrorism and China’s expansionism in their war of attrition against India.The country is sick of daily killings and stones-peltering in Kashmir. The political Opposition must also behave responsibly, refrain from politicking in the larger interests of the country.

China's audacity in blocking Kailash-Mansarovar yatra, instead, making regular incursions into Sikkim and AP, Non-stop air-space violations, issuing verbal threats, are grave provocations violating India's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Amarnath yatra, has already started under shadow of terror.

Indians looks forward to PM Modi for initiating concrete steps after taking into confidence the Armed Forces chiefs, HM, NSA,MEA ,MOD et al.

Following suggestions are also for considerations of GOI :--

(a)Enhance India's military presence at LC,LOC IB. Our Armed Forces will take care of the rest. Launching surgical strikes regularly,not once or twice , but many times over. We trust them.

(b)Accord diplomatic recognition to Nationalist China,open an office and post a regular diplomat at Taipeh.No more dual-charge consular arrangement.

(c) Indians must stop buying sub-standard Chinese products. GOI must stop procuring chinese products at throw-away prices, by invoking anti- dumping laws.

(d) Expedite operationalisation of India-Afghan Air corridor as antidote to CPEC/OBOR.

(e) Keep Indian Ocean under constant surveillance.

(f) What has happened to India's support for freedom movements in Baluchistan, Sindh,POK and Gilgit-Baltistan ?

(g)Gwadar port in Baluchistan is being developed by Chinese engineers and labour. Unemployment leads to frequent clashes between Baluchi and the chinese labour on the lines of Gilgit-Baltistan.Similar skirmishes will take place between the poor local Baluchis and Chinese labour, in case of CPEC, passing through several countries.


PM Modi  was the only earnest performer Ministers celebrated the day with gusto to attract PM Modi’s attention. More interested in photo ops.

GOI employees participated; a majority in “ Shav Aasan “ pose.

They do not bother till non-compliance becomes a misconduct. They trust gyms more than Yoga posturing. Followed by chai /coffee/ pakoras and other prohibited stuff. And, a restful sleep, thereafter,holiday mood.

Congress,TDP, TMC and the Commies boycotted on political grounds.

DMK refused on religeous grounds. The outraged Lalu chose not to participate due to IT, ED raids on his kins’ homes.

Farmers blocked highways all over the country by performing Vajra and shav aasan.

Terrorists continued with " Gun aasan ".

Hypocrisy galore.


Apropos of WIC’s input dt June 20, 2017, it is surprising that none of the four internal candidates ie CMDs of four Coal subsidiaries, was found suitable for the post of Chairman, Coal India Ltd ( CIL), the Holding company.

Reasons must be analyzed by experts, independent of Min of Coal. I had a long stint as Secretary, PESB. Rejection of candidates could possibly be attributed to following factors :-

(a)Absence of succession planning ;

(b) Lack of Vigilance clearance in respect of 4 candidates ;

(c)Poor track records of all 4 candidates ;

(d) Plan to bring an outside professional , as a wild card entry.

(e) Deliberately fixing high bench mark ostensibly to bypass the professionals and misuse this as a ploy to force bureaucratization of the Maharatna by the backdoor. Bringing in Sanskari babus with zero field experience in coal sector has always been disastrous.

During the UPA era, top posts in coal sector (and coal mines,too ) were auctioned. The then de jure PM used to merely formalize the decisions taken by extra-Constitutional authority . The unethical practice has been done away with by PM Modi.


Ram Nath Kovind,present Bihar Governor, a dalit (by accident, not choice ) from UP, to be the next President of India & its Commander-in-chief

Coming from a humble background and relatively unknown, he reportedly maintains a low profile.

Mamata Banerjee said : " I have never heard this name before "

Nomination politically correct.

He will be pro-poor' President like the late A P J Abdul Kalaam,Sir.

Ms Pratibha Patil became President, by virtue of her unbridled sycophancy of Congress supremo.

Pranab Mukherjee became President-by-accident. 

Congress supremo, her foot soldiers and the Commies, need not nominate their own candidate to avoid further humiliation and embarassment .

Exposed of their anti- dalit ideologies,this will be a political harakiri for them



Vicious insinuation by a Congress MP against India’s Army Chief General Bipin Rawat by first calling him “ Sarak kaa Gunda” and thereafter, tendering an apology , fearing country-wide ire, is reprehensible. It jolted the conscience of every right-minded citizen besides reflecting MPs perverted mindset. Could this have been possible without the overt or covert support of the Congress supremo. That, the loose cannon has neither been reprimanded nor sacked so far, confirms the suspicion.

There seems a planned conspiracy to create instability in the country by certain politicians sharing same DNA, internal saboteurs masquerading as deshbhaktas. They allegedly indulge in anti-national activities like supporting  stone-throwers, hobnobbing with Kashmiri separatists, hugging Pak’s envoys  at tea parties, inciting Maoists , provoking communal riots, discrediting Armed forces, providing lip sympathy to farmers, quota reservations movements etc.

Laws of the land, as per common man’s understanding, do not permit such nefarious activities. If the authorities fail to act, can the Judiciary not take suo moto cognizance of such illegalities? Strangely, even the FIR has not been registered by the NIA or local police against the Member of Parliament for indulging in cheap jibe against the Army chief. The country is feeling outraged.Are VVIPs above the Law of the land?



Recent CBI raids at the offices and residence of promoter/owner  of an independent english TV news channel   invited massive criticism of  present political dispensation. Vehemently opposed  to PM Modi  these self-righteous  media persons  assembled at Delhi’s Press club, attributing raids to  “ Political  vendetta,  Attack on  Freedom of Press " etc . Utter nonsense. This is the conduct of captive media that boasts of independence.

Bunch of economic offenders. To get at the bottom of  the truth, why not look at the meteoric rise in the net worth of  certain journalists. ? Compare their IT returns for the FY 2003- 04 with those for FYs  2013-14 synchronizing with UPA era of no-holds-barred corruption.

All aided and abetted by the Congress-led UPA.Their mandate was to file stories that promoted the financial and political interests of the then ruling dispensation. This included brokering for cabinet berths in collusion with corporate lobbyist. Radiagate is not forgotten.It is a part of indian history of  modern journalism  full  of intrigues and machinations


June 1714

Trump Gram

"Trump Gram"

This is the name given to a Mewat village in Haryana. Elsewhere, hawans are being organised. Sycophancy to a super-power.

Will this amuse Donald Trump,who had cited India ( along with China) as an unfair beneficiary of the Paris climate agreement  of 2015 PM Modi visits the US on June 26,2017.

MEA mandarins would be mulling the possibility of whether PM Modi will succeed in building rapport with the unpredictable human molotov cocktail called Trump.

Body language of both leaders will be under constant watch by experts. Trump makes comical grimaces to suggest hatred, indifference or mockery for the other party. Impetuous,undiplomatic and almost uncouth ,at times.

One hopes, the US ambassador to India, briefs his master in advance about India's self-esteem and susceptibilities.

India cannot and should not be taken for granted


We live in an age of total bureaucratization where respect is neither earned nor given. Getting respect from one-time juniors, post retirement, is a rare honour.One should count one’s blessings with gratitude.

Attitudinal change in youth is a natural phenomenon in all departments- government, public, educational institutes etc. Retirees are not mandated to supervise jobs, nor record entries in APRs of the youth who served under them possibly sycophantically. Authority is necessary to “extort” respect.

Merit  ,more often than not,becomes the casualty while Mediocrity laced with pliability, yawning sycophancy thrive in govt offices. Universal law.  Irreverence on part of one-time juniors is to be pitied not hated. The aggrieved retirees can only appreciate the pleasure of being let down.

The retirees have no divine right to demand respect from their one-time juniors. It is too late to inject sanskaars into them. Best policy is to avoid visiting offices where one had served. We count ourselves as a force of 55 lakhs retired civil servants and deserve to be treated with dignity after having spent 35 to 40 years of service.

Let us petition PM Modi  to suggest that “All acts of Irreverance by serving  employees to  retired employees”,  must  be declared  “ Misconducts ”, attracting  minor penalties.

Let us not lose hopes and fight for our self-esteem.


Vice-President Hamid Ansari’s launchingof a commemorative edition of The National Herald ( NH) on June 12 in Bengaluru in presence of Cong Vice President, is reprehensible particularly as the case is mired in controversy.

The Karnataka assembly session , dominated by the Congress, was even cancelled.

An official launch of the edition and formal print relaunch of the newspaper is fixed in Delhi on June 20.The Delhi meet will be graced by President Pranab Mukherjee.

The President / Vice President belong to the nation. How did they allow themselves to be hijacked by the Congress for earning political brownie points? Their participation was ill-advised. An open affront to people of India.

Is the Congress party intending to legitimize the alleged money-laundering in NH case by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty? The Public is not naïve.


The 7th Central Pay Commission had recommended that all Pre-2016 pensioners must be compensated for number of increments they had earned in the retiring pay scales by giving them 3% of basic pension per increment.

The Cabinet, it is understood, was inclined to  accept the recommendation . But, it was misled by officials who expressed helplessness  in implementing 7th Pay Commission's recommendations on the plea that details of pensioners were not available for computing the increments-based hike in pensions.

DoP&T (Pension & Pensioners Welfare wing ) quietly and promptly issued orders vide OM No.38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated May 12, 2017. This took all pensioners by surprise and shock. All were hoping against hopes for hikes in pensions.

Was the omission clerical, committed without fact-checking ? Insiders reveal, on condition of anonymity that some DOP&T officials not familiar with the accounting procedure, misled the political Executive, citing non-availability of  pensionary records. This was far from truth.

It is clarified that requisite  pensionary details  are lying intact in offices of  four custodians, namely (a)  Pension Payment Order (PPO)  issuing authority ; (b) PAO of office from where pensioners had retired; (c) Central Pension Accounting Office, New Delhi and (d) Central Pension Processing Cells of banks from where  senior citizens  receive pensions.

Officials were rewarded with a pat for saving public exchequer by duping the Cabinet and the pensioners.This led to the anomaly. Post-2016 pensioners are receiving  pensions far higher than their seniors who are pre-2016 pensioners.

PM Modi  is urged to revisit the case, order investigation into the oversight and restore the rightful claim to  pre-2016 pensioners.


Changing  a 50 year old rule, GOI (DOP&T)  sets a deadline of six months to complete probe of govt babus in corruption cases. It  has amended  Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965, by laying down a time-line for intermediate stages of investigation and enquiry proceedings.

But, why is MOS ( Personnel) trumpeting this as part of his three years achievement? Why,  so much media hype? Analyse ground realities. CVC’s perennial concern over delay in expediting corruption by adhering to time- schedule for completion of disciplinary proceedings is ignored by central ministries. Though, a Statutary body, CVC is treated as a tooth-less tiger. Consider judicial pronouncement. Supreme court’s judgement of Dec 16,2015 (  ( Prem Nath Bali V/s Registrar, Delhi High court )directedthat every employer, State and Private, must conclude departmental  proceedings against their delinquent employeeswithin six months. So, what is new? Orders should have been issued in 2015 across the board.

Anomaly. Why create a dichotomy between All-India and Central services? It is not clear why All-India services : IAS, IPS and IFoS—and a “few other categories “ of officers, are not covered under the amendment. Are top babus from elite Services , never involved in big-ticket scams. Orders may not stand scrutiny in Courts of Law on sheer ground of discrimination. All employees, irrespective of Services, must be treated at par. Right to Equality before Law One wonders whether penalties are laid down for defaulters (disciplinary authorities or delinquent officers) for non- adherence of  stage-by stage schedules. Obfuscating proceedings before the Inquiry Officers (IO), CATs and Courts, are common. Lakhs of corruption cases are pending before CATs , courts for years. Adjournments and bails are granted on flimsy grounds. There is a flourishing racket involving lawyers and corrupt judges.  Action may be ordered by the Hon’ble CJI to reduce pendency by fast-tracking CATs and Courts’ proceedings. All adjournment cases must be scrutinized by High court judges and subordinate judges reprimanded, wherever required. Considering the totality of circumstances, DOP&T’s amendment orders are discriminatory, facetious and out-of-sync with GOI’s stated policy.

The Single Point directive, struck down by Supreme court, was restored by GOI through legislative route. Rules require prior sanctions of GOI and CVC, before initiating enquiry against  officers of the rank of Joint Secretaries and above. What will be the impact of amendment on corrupt top officers who enjoy immunity from CBI preliminary enquiries? Selective application of rules to target specific Services is unjust and unfair unfair.



Former Secretary, Joint Secy and Director in ministry of Coal have been convicted by the court under IPC for criminal conspiracy and cheating in a coal block allocation case in MP. More  coal scam cases are pending. Sentences were awarded to three top bureaucrats: the then Secy, Joint Secy and Director of Coal ministry, by the special court of CBI. It will be inappropriate for any third party, to blame the Court citing “Officers’ honesty, commitment and dedication “ and, worse, warning GOI about the perceived repercussions like "policy paralysis ;  demotivating   bureaucracy  from taking decisions” etc. The aggrieved officers are free to appeal to High court and even Supreme court for relief. The CBI court in the present case, pronounced judgement based on CBI investigation, supporting documents, recorded statements, cross-examination etc.Intercession by IAS officers Association is unwarranted.

The obverse is more baffling. Never trust politicians. Former Prime Minister-cum- Coal minister Manmohan Singh,  his Principal Secy, Secy , JS, Directors in the PMO ,were totally  left out of interrogation by the CBI. How? At whose behest?How were the PMO worthies given clean chits by the then  CBI,the “caged parrot of UPA” . All these infirmities raise suspicions in public mind. No decision could have been taken without PMO’s knowledge. To satisfy readers’ curiosity, let us consider following questions:--

(a)How could the then Cab Secy and officers of  PMO feign ignorance of the flawed coal blocks allocation policy,that took the shape of a scam? Arbitrary, discretionary, pick-and-choose, based on first-come-first-serve doctrine. Though, former Coal Secy (P C Parakh) had informed the Congress-led UPA govt, much ahead of the scam, about the flawed allocation policy, why  no action  was taken by Manmohan Singh & Co to address these concerns ;

(b) Why did the then Finance Minister keep his conspiratorial  silence in the matter?

(c ) Who blocked reappraisal of  coal block  allocation policy despite specific advice of former coal Secretary P C Parakh and report of C&AG ? Was Manmohan Singh  choosen to double as Coal minister for his docility and compliant attitude to the Congress supremo? Let us be upfront.

(d) Refer to Sanjay Baru’s  “The Accidental Prime Minister” and P C Parakh’s “Crusader or Conspirator”  for ringside views. Parakh went to the extent of embarrassing Manmohan Singh by calling him a “ PM with little political authority “.

(e)It was common knowledge during UPA’s decade long mis-rule that all ministers bypassed  the de jure PM and considered themselves lucky to implement  oral orders of  the de facto PM. The gutless, pliant and powerless Manmohan Singh enjoyed formalizing the oral orders of the de facto CEO ,that is,  the Congress supremo. Where was the bureaucracy?

Vinaash Kaaley, Vipreet Budhi


GOI must upload the " Secret Annexure" to Vohra committee report on politico- criminal- bureaucratic nexus, in public domain

Based on inputs from IB, RAW, IT,ED, the report carries explosive details of politicians,criminals and bureaucrats,who indulged in anti-national and unethical practices under Congress protection.

After perusal by the then HM, N N Vohra, the then union Home Secy, detached it from the main report.

This pleased the Congress. Vohra was appointed Governor of J&K by the UPA ,as reward for his loyalty.

Appointed in June 2008, he continues till date,as the longest serving Governor.Total stint of 9 years.

It is time to replace Vohra by a retired Army Chief as Governor J&K.

PM Modi is urged to take the call.


ICJ's interim judgement is finally out. Republic of India wins on all counts.All Pak's arguments bludgeoned. Global humiliation. Congratulations to PM Modi,Sushma Swaraj,  MEA mandarins and,of course, Harish Salve. Such leadership initiatives distinguish the present ruling dispensation from the erstwhile Congress-led UPA govt.

According to Media reports ,Khawar Qureshi, the lawyer who argued for Pakistan against India in Jadhav’s  case, was earlier appointed by UPA government in 2004 to argue in a power project case. What prompted the Congress to hire the services of a Pakistani lawyer, one  wonders ? Was there a dearth of talented lawyers in India ? The blunder calls for investigation.

Let us await Pak's reactions and appropriate responses by India. Pakistan, out of desperation, could attempt escalating its misadventure. It is reportedly going back to the World court with “ solid evidences “, seeking revision of interim orders of ICJ .


China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) ostensibly meant to connect Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe, is manifestation of its expansionist policy. I fully support PM Modi for taking a  firm stand by rejecting China's invite to OBOR summit in Beijing. It will be foolhardy to join China when CPEC ( A part of OBOR) violates India's territorial integrity and sovereignty by criss-crossing POK, a legitimate part of India. Dangerous security implications for India must be addressed. Don’t forget China’s illegal claim on Arunachal Pradesh and its vehement opposition to India’s entry into NSG and as a permanent member of Security council. Considering China’s experiences in Africa and development of Gwadar port in Baluchistan, the ambitious OBOR is headed for a disaster. Clashes between the locals with Chinese supervisors are common.

Consider financial aspects. How will the shortsighted countries benefit from interest-bearing Chinese loans, service their huge debt and high-rated interests-liabilities on massive Chinese investments? Their poor repaying capacities will facilitate China controlling the stakes and ownership. Financial strangling will impinge on territorial integrity and sovereignty. The influx of Chinese economic assistance into Sri Lanka and Cambodia has raised questions about China’s subtle and mischievous intentions behind massive investments on infra-projects in other countries. China has been persistently demanding its money back from Srilanka.


Pakistan’s terror attack of May 1, 2017, beheading indian soldiers, has been the most dastardly act. Retribution has to be immediate. Delayed response, assertions by political leaders, collecting proofs of cross-border terror attacks to share with Pakistan, dithering for days, are self-defeating acts. Why has India gone on backfoot on Baluchistan, Sindh, POK and Gilgit-Baltistan?

Indian Army conducted surgical strikes on Sept 29,2016, destroying several launch pads to pre-empt infiltration by terrorists. But, it gave temporary relief ? Now, 55 terror camps have sprung up in POK lined along LOC. Had India continued regular surgical strikes, situation would not have come to such a pass. Unfortunately, India remains defensively offensive, reactive rather than pro-active, scared of enhancing scales of counter- offensive operations. The United States , South Korea and Japan have moved their war ships to North Korea. China suggests India and Pakistan to settle their issues bilaterally. What could be the most opportune moment than this to teach Pakistan, lesson of life-time. Sharing proofs of terror attacks with Pak,is foolhardy.

Let India bleed Pakistan to a thousand cuts. The policy of “Strategic restraint”, has failed.


Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA ) is a beautiful thing to have happened in the country. But, its successful implementation would depend on continuous and serious monitoring by the States governments. Open malpractices would lead to non-compliance of the Act.

Rest assured, builders would be free to mislead the buyers on quality of construction, non display of load factors, carpet areas etc.Politico – criminal-bureaucratic- police nexus would continue to turn a Nelson's eye to the ongoing unethical practices in collusion with real estate agents. All partners in crime. What about the safety of poor complainants and whistle blowers? Every chance of the Act getting diluted, as we go along.


Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA ) is a beautiful thing to have happened in the country. But, its successful implementation would depend on continuous and serious monitoring by the States governments. Open malpractices would lead to non-compliance of the Act.

Rest assured, builders would be free to mislead the buyers on quality of construction, non display of load factors, carpet areas etc.Politico – criminal-bureaucratic- police nexus would continue to turn a Nelson's eye to the ongoing unethical practices in collusion with real estate agents. All partners in crime. What about the safety of poor complainants and whistle blowers? Every chance of the Act getting diluted, as we go along.


Let us not wait for divine intervention. God will not fight for us. Army will. Now is the time for India to fire the first salvo on Pakistan. 

Let the retribution start with surgical strikes, not once, twice but continuously, many times over.Time is of the essence. 

In the first strike on Sept 29, 2016, several launching pads were destroyed by indian army. But,with what results? 

Now, we have 55 terror camps in POK lined along LOC. Had India continued surgical strikes periodically, situation would have been different.

But, India remains defensively offensive, reactive rather than being pro-active, scared of enhancing the scales of counter- offensive. 

The body language of Abdul Basit while coming out of MEA in South Block , was exasperating. Humiliating as though mocking at our stupidities. 

Let MEA declare him a Persona non grata and order immediate expulsion to Pakistan. Activate Baluchi freedom fighters to declare independence of Baluchistan.

Let India be the first country to accord recognition to the new State of Baluchistan ,as it possibly,did in case of Palestine. One knows,it it is easier said than done. But, we must the Baloochis to settle scores with Pak army for all brutalities

Fight Pak army to take over the entire POK ,a legitimate part of India. Pak cannot sustain a war for long. Keep indian nukes and missiles interceptors ready.

It will involve large scale operations ,lasting several weeks. The US, South Korea and Japan have moved their war ships to North Korea.

China suggests India and Pakistan to settle their issues bilaterally. Most opportune time to attack Pakistan.

Sharing proofs of terror attacks with Pak,is foolhardy. Retribution has to be immediate . Delayed response after several days of useless statements, providing proof and dithering for days is self-defeating .



Nation salutes martyres Paramjeet Singh and Prem Sagar

Families of beheaded soldiers preparing for funerals with full military honours.

Villagers present in full to empathise with the aggrieved families.

Politicians, District Administrators, conspicuous by their absence.

Congress ,BJP brazenly accusing each other.

AAP facing Mahabharat within, exposed ,on verge of collapse.

Antony,Sibal self- patting themselves.

Amit Shah takes pride in BJP's successive electoral victories.

PM, BJP CMs busy in inaugural ceremonies, visiting temples and making speeches.

Was addressing IFS probationers by PM , more important?

Not a word of condolence for the berieved families.

Public, watching all this tamashaa, is not naive.


India has a part-time Raksha Mantri.

Trust deficit or dearth of talent in union cabinet.


Why could PM not double as RM ?

Decision taking is centralised in PMO, anyway.


Tomorrow will be too late.

Country wants to know.

I feel hurt,

Nation feels outraged

And, we call ourselves Deshbhaktas?

India, a land of paradoxes, must remain united.


PM Modi has always been my icon.

Of late,I am getting increasingly disillusioned with his stony silence over killings of our jawans in Sukma or Poonch.

The oft-repeated statement that our Army has been given a free hand to give appropriate response to Pak, is self-defeating., self-deceptive.

No time to visit the funerals of our beheaded brave-hearts.

Strangely, not a word of condolence to the bereaved families.

Saying "Bravehearts' martyrdom won’t go in vain " , repeatedly, raises blood pressure.


The Civil Services Day on 21 st April is an annual ritual celebrated year-after-year. For the past two years, it is a two-day extravaganza, not one as before. I attended the first Civil Services Day on April 21, 2006. Attendance was compulsory. Usual rhetorics, sermons by dignitaries. All very de-motivating, uninspiring. Sheer waste of public time, public money with no value addition to  attitudinal change in “rededicating themselves to the cause of citizens and renew their commitment to public service and excellence in work “. 5-star coffee/ tea and lunches  are the star attractions. Junior bureaucrats rushing to shake hands with the high and mighty, falling over each other to have favourite picks in lunch.

The 2007 event was a repeat of 2006. Come 2017, awards to  500 civil servants  against 100 last year. Considered a “quantum leap “. What were the short listing criteria? Who were members of the Jury? How were selections made? Was it based on pick-and-choose, arbitrary and  discretionary considerations? The anguish expressed by other Services, is justified.  Selection of theme, manipulated to highlight achievements of single Service .

DOP&T ,PG & AR will have much to explain. Let it upload details of total expenditure on mega event including to-and fro travel expenses, officers’ absence from public duty . Time to introspect. Mollycoddling of civil servants should be strictly no- no. Let civil servants celebrate the Day by observing punctuality and work harder.


If BJP-led MCDs continue to functions as it were during the last decade, voting for Modi in MCDs elections was the Hobson's choice, resulting in BJP’s victory.

Audit reports have brought out serious financial irregularities,

It indicts all 3 MCD Commissioners, their officers and staff as incompetent, inefficient and corrupt. Misuse of authority, insensitivity to genuine public issues, are considered as matters of right.

No transparency, no accountability. LG, too weak to rein in officers and wayward staff .

The unethical elements steeped in collusive and coercive corruption, are brazenly staying-put without fear of punishments.

Personal experiences galore. Specific complaints against encroachment on public land remain unattended to by East and South MCDs. DDA continues to top the list of corruption due to vested interests.

Complaints made to PMO, LG, Delhi and Vice Chairman DDA, have had no effect in North, East and South MCDs. It merely invited backlash in the form of threats, further inaction. CVOs are timid.

Services delivery mechanism at cutting-edge levels is non-existent.Work is possible through touts, roaming around DDA and Corporation offices. Anti- corruption agencies are blissfully unaware of the goings on


Personality Tests (Interviews) for Civil Services (Mains)-2016 are underway in UPSC. The interviewees are stripped of pens, wrist watches, mobile phones or some concealed devices, fearing illegal recording. Just and fair. But, why are interview Board members exempted? They allegedly keep searching for questions to be posed to the aspirants? Thanks to the Google search engine. Mobiles are not always switched off but kept on silent mode. Vulnerability to outside pressure is open to question. This adversely and avoidably impacts the credibility of a Constitutional body like the UPSC, that is considered just and fair . Appropriate steps  need be taken by the authorities concerned. Similar remedial measures should  apply to other recruitment bodies including the Staff Selection Commission , an arm of DOP&T, headed PM Modi, himself.


Art of Living (AOL)'s 3-day World Culture Festival on Yamuna's flood plains in Delhi, last year, is in the news again for wrong reasons.News report in a section of media (HT,April 26 : “Art of living hits back at NGT panel over Yamuna report “ ) is disturbing. Interestingly, the musical extravaganza was organized with assistance of Times Group. TOI has not picked up the story. The job involves removal of huge debris, de-compaction of site, restoration of natural topography and contours, removal of temporary roads, re-planting of natural vegetation etc.NGT’s expert committee estimates Rs 42 crores investment for restoration work spanning over 10 years. Let us seek answers to following questions :--

(a) Will the AOL Foundation agree to pay for restoration work?

(b) Is C&AG as chief auditor of govt agencies involved in restoration job, seized with the matter ?

(c) One wonders, whether PM Modi's visit to the mega event is not misused as a licence against recovery of restoration charges.

(d) Unless, the court orders suo motu revovery proceedings as GOI does not seem to be in the loop,it is quite possible that Kejriwal might cite this as a precedent to bolster up his refusal to pay Rs 97 crores of public funds, illegally siphoned off  from Delhi’s budget and misused for advertisements in the Punjab/ Goa assemblies’ elections.

The controversy cannot rest here due to heavy public exchequer. The public has reasons to feel outraged in the face of the constitutionally guaranteed doctrine of  Equality before the Law

My motive is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. If anyone feels hurt due to difference in opinions, I seek apologies in advance


The news item ( IE dt April 20,2017)- “China renames six places in Arunachal, says ‘1st batch “, is disturbing. This is to protest against Dalai Lama’s visit to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. Tantamounts to violation of India’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. No point trusting China that has blocked India's entry into Nuclear Suppliers’ Group and in becoming a permanent member of UN Security council. It openly supports Pakistan’s refusal to deport Azhar Masood to India besides making frequent incursions into our territory, claiming Tawang , Arunachal Pradesh, as part of south Tibet. We must react against overt and covert threats from China. These are acts of extreme provocations. An open affront to India. MEA mandarins must re-visit India’s foreign policy. An immediate diplomatic reposte to China is imperative. 

Let India confer Bharat Ratna on Dalai Lama.


Sonu Nigam has tweeted singling out " Azaan" from masjids as a noise pollutant. Calls it ' gundagardi , cacophony and forced religionness ". Moronic comments.

Highly intolerant, Unfair, immature, unjust and discriminatory. Must be BOOKED immediately for his naivete and for disturbing communal harmony. He must learn to shut up and put up What about night-long “Bhagwati Jaagran “at every nook and corner by the hindus, kirtan in Gurudwaras and so on. Is God hard of hearing?

No one criticises Persistent vehicular, loud speakers / public address system and other noise- producing instruments during religious and marriage celebrations in conformity with permissible norms.

Provisions in Central Motor Vehicle Rules banning multi-tone/ musical horns, are misused by trucks and buses particularly in residential colonies.

What are the Police, DMs doing to enforce Supreme Court / NGT's Anti- Noise pollution guidelines?


Sushma Swaraj warned Pakistan : "Sabak ke liye tayyar raho " Teaching lessons to Pakistan? What are the available options? Approaching Pak’s Supreme court with an appeal, diplomatic pressure, Entebbe style, Surgical strike or God forbid, the nuclear strike? Kulbhushan Jhadav’s trial was a charade without providing Consular access to him. More serious is Pak’s failure in providing him legal assistance through a defence counsel. India must do whatever is considered holistically appropriate from security angle. But, take swift action-- In hours, days, but, not week. Country is outraged at the gravest provocations.  Approaching ICJ , UNO or showing a cry-baby face to the US, USSR and the world-at-large, will hit country’s dignity in the comity of nations. All soft options. 

Following pro- active steps need be taken :

(i)Revive active support to Baluchistan’s freedom movement. PM Modi has not taken follow-up action after the historic announcements.

(ii) India’s candy floss diplomacy is tertiary in the given circumstances. Dialogue with Pak’s elected govt. would be meaningless. Pak’s civilian govt. is irrelevant;

(iii)  Let the indian army talk to their Pakistani counterparts in the language, they would understand. It is time for retaliation;

(iv) Arrest all hurriyat leaders, the Abdullahs, Junaid Mattu, Mustafa Kamal of National Conference and their supporters. And, of course, the stone –pelters. No kid-glove treatment for them;

(v) Shame to Indian pro-Pak liberals, sympathizers, peaceniks, who chose to sip ‘ chai on April 11, 2017, with Abdul Basit,Pak’s high commissioner, who has been consistently justifying death sentence to Jadhav. No room for Track-II diplomacy;

(vi) Belgium has alerted against more 26/11 type terror attacks in India;

(vii) India must declare Pakistan a terror state, before appealing to other countries  do the same;

(viii)  Issue travel advisory to Indians for taking necessary precautions during business trips to countries neighbouring Pakistan. Getting close to international borders could invite abductions by Pak army.


Sushma Swaraj warned Pakistan : "Sabak ke liye tayyar raho " Teaching lessons to Pakistan? What are the available options?

Approaching Pak’s Supreme court with an appeal, diplomatic pressure, Entebbe style, Surgical strike or God forbid, the nuclear strike? 

Kulbhushan Jhadav’s trial was a charade without providing Consular access to him. More serious is Pak’s failure in providing him legal assistance through a defence counsel.

India must do whatever is considered militarily appropriate from security angle. But, take swift action-- In hours, days, but, not week.

Country is outraged at the gravest provocations. 

Approaching ICJ , UNO or showing a cry-baby face to the US, USSR and the world-at-large, will hit country’s dignity in the comity of nations.

Following pro- active steps need be taken :

(i) Revive active support to Baluchistan’s freedom movement. PM Modi has not taken follow-up action after the historic announcements

(ii) India’s candyfloss diplomacy is tertiary in the given circumstances. Dialogue with Pak’s elected govt. would be meaningless. Pak’s civilian govt. is irrelevant.

(iii)  Let the indian army talk to their Pakistani counterparts in the language, they would understand.It is time for retaliation.

(iv) Arrest all hurriyat leaders, the Abdullahs, Junaid Mattu, Mustafa Kamal of National Conference and their supporters. And, of course, the stone –pelters. No kid-glove treatment for them.

(v) Shame to Indian pro-Pak liberals, sympathizers, peaceniks, who chose to sip ‘ chai ’ on April 11, 2017, with Abdul Basit,Pak’s high commissioner, who has been consistently justifying death sentence to Jadhav. No room for Track-II diplomacy.

(vi) Belgium has alerted against more 26/11 type terror attacks in India.

(vii) India must declare Pakistan a terror state, before appealing to other countries  do the same.

(viii)  Issue travel advisory to Indians for taking necessary precautions during business trips to countries neighbouring Pakistan.Getting close to international borders could invite abductions by Pak army.


China's growing proximity to the US,its war-like posturing betraying brinkmanship, threats of military intervention fuelled by Dalai Lama's visit to Tawang, AP, claimed as part of illegally occupied south Tibet.

Dangerous portents for India.

Can India trust the US and its NATO allies in case of war?

Recall America's 7th fleet in Bay of Bengal during 1971 war.

Bangladesh, Srilanka could possibly remain neutral.

Pakistan might open multiple fronts against India.

North Korea would play dirty Harry. 

Could India count on Russia like in the past?

Japan, Myanmar, the Philippines,Vietnam, Malaysia and Afghanistan could be on India's side. 

So, India will have to fend for itself.

Time to activate Baluchistan, Sindh ,POK, Baltistan and Gilgit, Tibet and China’s muslims


In a serious indictment, Shunglu committee has charged Kejriwal government with gross abuse of power. More and more skeletons are tumbling out of the cupboard by the day. Despite solid evidences, the accused is having a free run, calling it an act of political vendetta. Height of brazenness. Why can’t Delhi’s Lt. Governor recommend to the President sacking of ruling political dispensation to be replaced by LG’s rule assisted by chosen bureaucracy.

The following couplet fits aptly on Kejriwal and his corrupt associates.

“Nizaam-e-maikada aaj bigda hua hai doston ;

Unhe hi jaam milta hai, jinhe peena nahi aata...!!!”


April 1706

VIP Racism

Watched Ravindra Gaikwad's speech  on Lok Sabha channel during Zero hour proceedings.

Din and noise forced frequent adjournments.

Threatening gestures by Shiv Sena MPs  was  reprehensible.

Remorseless VIP seems to be on weak wickets. No apology, no regrets.

Let the Law take its course and establish the truth. The court alone can decide on quashing the FIR or book the accused.

Dadagiri on Civil servants may invite a backlash.

Let Delhi police continue its investigation on the basis of FIR. Why was MP not arrested by DP after registering FIR. This is baffling ?

Will the accused agree to undergo Narco-analysis test to facilitate investigation?


Delhi CM is irrepressible, impulsive and confrontationist. Throwing basic norms of human dignity to the wind, he had called PM Modi a psychopath, ex-LG as a sycophant, headmaster, principal, Hitler. During centenary celebrations of Delhi high court in Dec ,2016, the loose cannon accused the ruling dispensation of tapping phones of top judges when PM, former CJI, Law minister and top judges of high courts and Supreme court, were present. Instead of taking suo motu cognizance of allegations, ex-CJI thanked CM for land allotment. The identity of judge(s) who had alleged tapping of judges phones has not been revealed, till date. Defamation is not a Fundamental right. Forcing LG,Delhi to release Rs 3. 42 crores as fee for CM’s defence counsel in defamation case filed by Arun Jaithley, is not legally tenable. Another insult to human dignity. Taking law into his own hand, public thrashing of an AI officer by a snooty MP, is reprehensible, unpardonable. Taking pride in slapping AI staffer with slippers 25 times, the remorseless MP insisted on travelling by non-existent Business class at tax-payers’ cost. opposition’s brazen insistence on lifting the ban on air travels, is unjust ,unfair.

Law-makers turn law-breakers. No VIP tag, extra privileges for them. These worthies are not fit to become our role models? Time to stand up and take notice. Feeling discriminated against; the citizens of India need Judicial protection under Rule of law.



Draft RTI rules 2017 superseding 2012 Rules have been circulated by GOI to invite comments from civil society. Views of public-at-large in rural India have not been sought. Why restrict it to internet-friendly users? Why, no press notice for wider reach and invite views of all stake holders? An exercise in futility and Self- deception. A strategem to distract people' attention from its growing demand for bringing Political parties, Judiciary and political Executive within the purview of the proposed RTI Act 2017.

A highly regressive step, a ploy to discourage RTI applicants and make them vulnerable to Mafia, adversely impacted by RTI applications. Any RTI applicant could be forced by the mafia  either by pecuniary allurements or physical threats, to withdraw or amend the original application under the proposed amendment.

Attempt at total dilution of present rules to benefit big business houses, the bribe-givers, bribe-takers, blackmailers, black marketeers, mafias, builders etc.

RTI Act 2005 is toothless. Its new avtaar will be gumless.

Hypocrisy par excellence. The present political dispensation and its elite bureaucratic doormats are expected to be more honest in their endeavour for transparency.?

If, it is not possible to enhance the scope of present RTI Act 2005 and Rules 2012, why not give the Act, a quiet burial ?India, perhaps, does not deserve it.

Ethical Governance is irrelevant. Let corruption continue with vengeance.


I have only cuss words to offer to Delhi voters who reposed their faith in their one time icon called Kejriwal and were rewarded in return with the wrath of the majority. Municipal elections are due in Delhi. A mistake, if repeated, is a sin and a sign of moronery. There is a total chaos in the national capital.

Kejriwal, the fraudster, control freak, confrontationist, a failed bureaucrat, a waiting-to-be jailed politician. Charges of nepotism, corruption, money-laundering, molestation against AAP MLAs, fake degree. Illegal appointments in violation of Recruitment Rules, awarding building contracts illegally to friends and relatives, fake remunerations to fake, non-existent employees, awarding building contracts to friends and relatives.

Kejriwal’s latest misdemeanour --Snoopgate. Furtive investigations on his detractors with payment of remunerations to sting operators out of public exchequer. Objective- blackmailing.

Keeping journalists in good humour by appointing them in Board of Governors of DU colleges. All in the name of transparency and public interests.


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