Why not induct them as Under Secretaries or Deputy Secretaries? Get familiar with the nitty gritty of government  functioning and then compete  on merit with the home-grown officers of organized services . And,why only as Joint Secretary , not lower?

Let me demystify the ulterior motive. Politically  mischievous and self-protective. It is common knowledge that any officer equivalent to the rank  of Joint Secretary and above, cannot be prosecuted by anti- corruption agencies including the CBI, without the prior approval of competent authority. The Supreme Court  struck down Section 6A(1) (a) and Section 6A(1) (b) of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 (Act) as unconstitutional. But,the ruling dispensation over-ruled every thing including recommendation of ARC-II.The status quo ante  was restored to protect all lateral entrants. No fear of Prevention of Corruption Act, arrest,raids,prosecution, chargesheets by CBI.

My Baap Culture

All illegalities flow from political conspiracy in cohoot with the corrupt ,pliable bureaucrats; ever ready to prostrate before the political class in lieu of coveted postings as quid pro quo. These officers will  soon be joined by their distant cousins, sorry, domain experts  from the private  turf. All are happy.The business tycoons,the most.

The honest bureaucrats are in a bind,speechless,clueless.

What  “domain expertise”,is sought to be attracted by the Centre, one wonders ? There is no dearth of talented officers in the country specializing in different fields : Economics, Statistics, Finance, army of chartered and cost accountants,  pool of  technical officers and IT professionals.


The union government has invited applications from “ professional and experts “from private sector for induction into the " laid-back " indian bureaucracy. All as Joint Secretaries,the cutting edge for initiating policy decision making. There are ten vacancies in key ministries including Revenue, Economic Affairs, Financial Services, Civil Aviation Commerce and Shipping.

Let us be upfront in analysing the implications. The private sector honchos will play crucial role in selecting the “ most suitable candidate for the right job. The lateral entry of executives from the open market, will enable top business houses to push their favourites into policy making machinary so that they could manipulate decisions in their favour. A distinct possibility in absence of antecedents verification of aspirants by IB, IT, CBI, ED and other watchdog organisations. The ignorance of inductees about governmental functioning ,practices, rules and regulations ,will make them vulnerable to manipulation.

This is not to cast aspersions on the merit of private sector executives. But,they are not trained to uphold the doctrine of bringing maximum good to maximum people.They are trained only to maximise profit. How could career bureaucrats belonging to different Services be expected to ignore the wrongdoings ?

The criteria for selection,that is, whether through Search committee procedure or simply by pick- and- choose is not spelt out. Total absence of accountability and transparency will result in " fixed matches ".Whatever may be the selection criteria, interference by top business houses , ( euphemistically called “legitimate consultation” ) cannot be ruled out.

Here is an example.

An executive was picked up under UPA era straight from a private sector to head a miniratna PSU. He had good connections with the power that be.He rose to head a maharatna within six years. Sacked by PM Modi, investigations were carried out by the CBI, based on the inputs from C&AG about financial frauds and irregularities.The CBI is now going slow in pursuing the case.

One does not know,at whose behest ?


The go-slow approach by ruling dispensation headed by PM Modi in investigating UPA's multiple scams ,is baffling . All cases must be taken fast-forward to logical conclusion. For pending cases , the  courts must be requested for expeditious hearing. The CJI is urged to  intervene. All remedies must be utilised to prevent miscarriage of justice. The progress of each case should be kept in public domain for scrutiny.The tax payers are entitled to know details of misappropriation of public funds and the penalty imposed. The Nation wants to know before next general elections.

The UPA’s scams (2004- 2014)read like rule book of fraudsters. One loses the way while counting zeroes in loss figures,stunned by the audacity and brazenness with which the UPA ministers flouted rules to enrich themselves ,their kins and cronies.

Action may be taken on following points :- (a)strengthen CBI’s manpower strength by filling vacancies;  (b)Fix a time frame for completing investigation ; ( c ) Giving long adjournments by courts must be banned by the CJI; (d) The defence will always  derail and delay conviction citing flimsy grounds. This may be monitored by the courts.


Civil services probationers do not normally take the Foundation course at LBSNAA seriously. 

All remain busy in search of life partners and romance.

All are now under IB's scanner. And, thro them the PMO.

Now, the job of Services allocation  of probationers will be made by the cadre authorities  based on overall  assessment  of  performance in Foundation course and the UPSC merit list

Bahut Na-Insaafi hai.


First  thing first. Pakistan  is continuously targeting Indian forces in J&K, killing  civilians and jawans by continuous shelling and sniping . Even an 8 month old infant  was not spared by Pakistani snipers on May 22,2018 . All at the behest of China.

While, It is time to be  pro-active, India  remains reactive. The overused rhetoric : “Muh todh jawaab “ by union home minister  does not inspire confidence. For how long should we keep watching the killings as mute spectators. Tough military action is called for. The  stone-pelters,aided and abetted by  Kashmiri separatists , are incurable. They do not deserve mercy and compassion.

An interesting dimension . The book co-authored by former ISI chief Durrani with the former RAW chief A S Dulat and an Indian journalist - “ The Spy Chronicles: RAW, ISI and the Illusion of Peace” , cite interesting anecdotes. The authors  want India to roll out the red carpet for  Pakistan military chief General Qamar Bajwa . I am not into any competitive patriotism debate with the spymasters. But, the suggestion for inviting  Pak General to India,is condemnable.  How is this possible? India would welcome a stable,democratically elected government  in Pakistan instead of the remote-controlled  nominal establishment.

Now consider China. Its  massive mining operations for minerals extractions close to Arunachal Pradesh, poses a direct threat to India’s  security. China has  colonized the area with massive presence of PLA forces,military equipment, ostensibly to secure its miners. Reminiscent of Dokalam’s  face off . Its hidden agenda is to increase frequency of incursions into Arunachal Pradesh by digging underground tunnels under the garb of excavation.

Same strategy was applied by China before creating coral reef islands in south-China sea. It largely succeeded in blocking India( ONGC Videsh ) and other maritime  countries from extracting oil and minerals. India’s agreement  for oil extraction  with Vietnam was promptly cancelled during the UPA era forcing India to beat a hasty retreat. No country had the guts to oppose China. USA’s belated entry into the fray served as a force multiplier for China’s aggressive designs. This has  led to the  present turbulence in the region.


The latest crisis created by China in the Himalayan region must be addressed  on priority. A change in India’s  strategy is called for. Defending China’s mining operations  being within its territory,would be simplistic.China is already  unauthorisedly occupying 40,000 sq miles in Aksai Chin.It considers Arunachal as a disputed territory.


Besides posing military threat, the excavation may cause landslides.  As a  tit-for-tat, one may ask : Why should India not start mining  operations in Arunachal  Pradesh close to Chinese project for mineral extractions ? China will surely  protest,as always. This must be trashed. On the contrary, India must strengthen its military presence in the area as was the case during Dokalam  face-off. China is persistently instigating  militancy in the North-east  region and  Maoists, elsewhere, supporting them  financially and through sypplying  arms. If China wants to play mind game , let India give it a retort.


Indo- US honeymoon is over. At least, so it seems. The suspicion is strengthened by PM Modi’s  sudden rush to Putin. Russia was never comfortable with the growing proximity between the US and India.


India is capable of fighting both China and Pakistan  together.Let us face the twin threat boldly. Recall indian Army chief’s assertion in this regard.


Pakistan’s ousted Prime minister Nawaz Sharif  recently admitted to the ISI  having  misused Pakistan’s home-grown terror outfits in Mumbai attack on 26/11/2008. Nothing  sensational. India has been privy to the unholy connect from the beginning.

Answers to the following questions must be placed on record to satisfy public curiosity :-

(a) After Kasab's conviction,who were the two members of NAC who had batted for Kasab?

(b) What were the dubious roles of the then successive Home ministers,union home secretaries and the NSA for slow action and at whose behest?

(c) Why were Joint secretaries in internal security wing of MHA transferred?

(d)Terror attacks in India were being carried out by the ISI and funded through fake indian currency notes. This is based on intelligence input and must be confirmed.

(e) What was the role of State Bank of India ,Dumariaganj branch of UP that was the custodian of fake indian currency notes used for terror attacks in India.

(f) Was any action taken against bank's executives and MOF's officers for serious lapses on their part impinging on national security?

Relevant documents, information , explanations must be kept in public domain by the ruling political dispensation.

How was country's security compromised by the power that be,during UPA’s grave misrule ? 

The country wants to know.


NN Vohra, the present Governor J&K, is the direct beneficiary of "loss" of his report on politico-bureaucratic-police-business having terror links.

Longest serving bureaucrat post-retirement, euphemestically called the " Field Marshal of bureaucracy " who had headed the committee as union home secy with inputs from CBI, IB,RAW.

Annexures, containing names of influential politicos, bureaucrats and their secret terror links, are more important than the main text carrying explosive details.Leakage of sensational details will destabilise all political parties across the board.

Criminalisation of politics and the nexus among criminals, bureaucrats and politicians. Their roles in Mumbai serial blasts of March 1993 and links with Dawood Ibrahim is proved beyond doubt.

Now, even, Nawaz Sharif ex-PM Pakistan has woken up from deep slumber to spill the beans about Pakistan ISI’s total involvement in Mumbai blasts.India did not need a certificate from him who maintained total silence all these 25 years.

For fear of getting caught , no attempt was made by successive political dispensations either to retrieve the " lost" report or hang those responsible for its safe custody. The infamously called Vohra committee report was submitted to the then political dispensation in October 1993 in the wake of March 12,1993 Mumbai serial blasts.

All former Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries to PM,Union Home Secretaries, Senior officers posted in MHA’s internal security wing must be privy to details. All acted at the behest of their political masters and were richly rewarded with political sinecures, Constitutional appointments, tribunals etc.

Hamamm mei sab...?

Will PM Modi take the call in the national interest ?

The country wants to know.


A section of SCs and STs of Tamilnadu have voluntarily offered to surrender their benefits of reservation policy in lieu of  values like equality,dignity and respect- at par with others.

The news item enhanced the feel-good factor of every Indian.

Making them addicted to culture of dependency,is a sin. 

Political class will never support abolition of reservation policy due to their deep-rooted vested interests. An electoral fraud.

Keeping India divided on caste lines is their raison d'être

OBCs are expected to invoke their self- esteem by initiating similar action on their side by  voluntarily surrendering their OBC tags and aspire for higher values in life,based on equality.

A wake-up call for the country to arrest its further disintegration on castes lines


Nepal has reportedly given its consent to China for constructing China-Nepal Economic Corridor. It is reported by the Nepalese media that Leaders of China and India have reportedly “ reached consensus on exploring the feasibility of the China-Nepal-India Economic Corridor”.

This will be Nepal’s greatest blunder unless it is keen on a suicide mission, hell-bent on getting swallowed by the dragon.

Consider India. China’s expansionist policy,its illegally occupyiing 40,000 sq kilo metres of Indian territory in Aksai Chin during 1962’s undeclared war with India, its claim on Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Sikkim, building infrastructures at Dokalam with the ulterior motive of attacking chicken neck.

These are proofs enough of China's nefarious designs. Inciting insurgency in the North-east , extending clandestine support to Maoists, constant attempt at derailing India’s economy are additional pinpricks.

Nepal will lose its status as a buffer state between two neighbours. It will either end up as a province of China or its protectorate..

A grave threat,in case,war breaks out with China. Deployment of more army on Indo-Nepal border.

Another manifestation of string of pearls woven around India by China. There should be no question of having diplomatic parleys by India with the Machiavellian China.

Never trust China unless it agrees to return 40,000 sq kilo metres of Indian territory in Aksai chin, forsake its illegal claims over Ladhak, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim.

Let it stop building infrastructure at Doklam with the ulterior motive of invading the chicken neck.

Let it stop building CPEC through POK, a part of India.Let it vacate the artificially created coral island and dismantle its military bases near South-China sea.


The impeachment motion of the Congress party targeting CJI, was rejected by the Vice President on ground of unproven misconduct of the CJI. It was held that allegations pertain to period when the CJI was either in private practice or holding a junior position.Two Congress MPs petitioned the Supreme  court on May 7,2018 contesting Vice President’s  rejection of impeachment notice, calling it arbitrary and illegal.

Situation took a dramatic  turn on May 8,2018 when the petitioners’ lawyer withdrew impeachment plea challenging constitution of 5-judge bench of Supreme court  while insisting to get a copy of  judicial order from the Bench. Shocking high drama followed after the lawyer failed to justify the petition against the CJI.

Unprecedented, unpardonable misconduct.

Let the Top court initiate contempt proceedings against all concerned for filing a politically motivated plea and casting aspersions on  the CJI alleging unproven misconduct.

The Congress is on the backfoot. But, introspect on some interesting possibilities:-- 

(a) Whether petition's withdrawal would set the judicial crisis and controversy at rest ?

Perhaps,not,if the Congress leaders' naivete , arrogance and aggression are any indication. They are hell-bent

(b) What will happen ,if, the congress party ill-advised by its legal foot soldiers decide make all its MPs in Rajya Sabha as petitioners?

(c) Will taking recourse to RTI route for getting a copy of " administrative order”,if any, issued by SC's Registrar General help particularly as it impinges on the internal functioning of the Apex court.This needs to be checked.

Let the legal eagles deliberate on the contentious issues and give their opinions to satisfy public curiosity.


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