China has no business protesting against Dalai Lama's visit to Mangolia and, of late, Bodh Gaya. It continues to provide " stapled visas " to indians from Arunachal Pradesh, staking its claim on indian territory besides making frequent incursions. Opposing India'a entry into NSG, let alone, permanent membership of Security council , China is refusing to declare Azhar Masood as a global terrorist. Its aggressive posturing in south- China Sea is a matter of grave concern for international community. China had forced ONGC Videsh (India) to pack up in the midst of  exploratory operations in south-China sea as per agreement with Vietnam. 

Construction of Gwadar port in Baluchistan and China Pakistan Economic Corridor by China pose threats to India’s security. The geo-political situation is fast changing in south Asia with the emergence of rogue nuclear power states like Pakistan and North Korea - both irresponsible and unpredictable. China is untrustworthy. 

We must learn from history or else the same will get repeated. Discarding One-China policy, India must work towards according immediate diplomatic recognition to Taiwan China . The USA , Russia, Japan and other countries of South Asia must be kept in the loop so that they could follow suit. This will act as a bulwark against bullying by communist China .One hopes, the PM, the NSA and the MEA mandarins examine the urgency of the above suggestion.



Government’s decision to release 710 files of NAC is welcome. An important source material for historians, researchers, political analysts, journalists etc to expose how legitimate powers of the executive were usurped by an extra-Constitutional authority. Created in 2004 (UPA-I) and dissolved on,2014 ( UPA-2) before PM Modi took over. Longest ever proxy rule by the de facto ruler.

Consider some home truths about NAC’s bizarre style of functioning . Located in a 5-star office in Lutyen’s Delhi its chain of command was carefully structured on need-to-know basis. Giving oral directions was the unwritten rule. These were quickly legitimized by the then de jure PM- who was richly endowed with pliability and a propensity to retain his comfort zone. Though incorruptible, he was dishonest, anyway.

Union secretaries used to be summoned direct to the NAC bypassing ministers. The nervous bureaucrats shared their predicaments with successive Cabinet Secretaries but without results. All hell broke loose. Scams after scams. CWG, 2G,Coalgate, Choppers gate, Rober Vadra’s illicit  land deals etc. Ottavio Quattrocchi,‘ grand  escape to Italy  via London and Argentina, was deftly manipulated.  Permission to CBI officers to fly to London to arrest Quattrocchi,was  deliberately delayed  to enable the culprit reach Italy and avoid arrest. Thanks to the Screening committee of Secretaries and the then Cabinet Secretary. Secretaries to the Chairperson NAC,were retired secretaries, handpicked  by the Congress supremo. They must be questioned. All  top appointments in GOI, PSUs and public sector banks  bore the informal ( unsigned ) approvals of the supremo followed by signed legitimisation by de jure PM.The Prime Minister’s Relief Fund was blatantly misused by the de facto PM. Unfettered freedom to the supremo, without an iota of accountability. Chairperson NSA acting as super-PM, had prior access to all discussion papers before decision by competent  authorities. Quiz the then Principal Secretary, Secretary or Joint Secretary to the then PM who carried files to NAC office for  seeking oral directions . In short, the NAC committed all illegalities behind the screen. PM chose to turn a blind eye for a decade to remain in power, citing  “compulsions of  coalitions”.


Short-term pains but with long-term gains for the country. Demonetization led to liquidity crunch. People stopped spending on unnecessary things. Food security for the poor was temporarily affected, marginally though.  

Achhe din aa gaye hain.  Raids by IT, ED and CBI have unearthed dirty money that will be utilized for funding social sector schemes for the deprived sections of society. 

People are now beginning to relax.Use of plastic money is increasing fast. Wallets are bulging with ATM and credit cards.

Hit by  a sense of deep insecurity, let the corrupt keep screaming, ranting, slamming PM Modi out of desperation, frustration




Shaktikanta Das (TN 80, IAS) Economic Affairs Secretary attended a conference of economic editors ,chaired by FM Arun Jaitley.

An editor from TN asked a question in english and then willy nilly switched over to his mother tongue Tamil.

Much to FM's bewilderment and others' amusement, Das responded in Tamil. The non-Tamilians without understanding a word of what he said, applauded, nevertheless. No rancour. FM enjoyed without knowing the Tamil language.

Now , an opposite experience.

I recall a cognate incident of 2014 under UPA regime that created a huge controversy.

Sudhir Krishna ,the then urban development Secretary,at a meeting chaired by Chidambaram, started speaking in english with smattering of hindi words. Though from UP, he belonged to Karnataka cadre. Suave and no-nonsense officer.

Chidambaram in his typical arrogance. humiliated the poor Secretary asking him to speak in hindi that could be subsequently translated by his officials into english.

Sudhir Krishna registered his protest with Finance Secretrary and also with his minister Kamalnath to bring the humiliation to PM's notice.

Nothing happened as Dr Manmohan Singh. the de jure PM, was perennially in silent mode.The actual power was exercised by the then Congress supremo,the de facto PM.

The incident demoralised the IAS fraternity,rather unfairly.

Such incidents do not occur in NDA with PM Modi at the helm.


Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees  indian currency notes is like a surgical strike by PM Modi on dirty money followed by Income Tax raids on the filthy rich money bags across the country. An effective ,long overdue step to curb black money that all previous ruling dispensations failed to take.Is India heading for a cashless, paperless transactions in India ?We can surely look forward to cashless voting in the coming assemblies’ elections. The Opposition is desperate, frustrated, and confused. One wonders whether PM Modi's bold actions in India will trigger the anti- black money movement in Pakistani for de-thronement of corrupt civil and military establishments  leading to peace and stability in the sub-continent.



In an attempt to curb black money, GOI has decided to demonetize currency notes of Rs 500, 1000 denominations. These will be invalid.from mid-night onwards.

People can deposit notes of #Rs1000 and #Rs500 in their banks from November 10 till December 30, 2016,

Pakistan Terror funding and circulation of counterfeit currency notes will be largely stopped. China's funding to maoists will stop. Loads of black money held by builders,contractors, money-launderers, hawala dealers,whole-sellers,retailers etc will be on the run, for exchanging invalid notes.Black money, stacked in lockers , secret strong rooms will be invalid.Black money acquired through property transactions.will become invalid.

Use of PLASTIC MONEY must be encouraged.

The political parties including Congress,, BSP, SP, Commies, TDP, etc have been caught unawares like all of us.



In a case of foreign deputation , DOP&T issued a corrigendum No- 35/02/ 2016- EO( SM1 ) dt Oct 28 , 2016 clarifying that : “Shri Kshatrapati Shivaji” mentioned in earlier OM dt Oct 4,2016 , be read as “Dr Kshatrapati Shivaji.The officer (Maha 1986) insisted that a corrigendum be issued, in the hope that his performance and dignity would probably go up after adding the honorific “ Doctor “. Getting posted as ED, ADB, Manila, is not easy particularly as the posting should have legitimately gone to a Foreign Service officer .But, the IFS officers don't serve in States’ districts and thus unable to cultivate politicians. Serving in districts is,therefore , considered more important than serving in foreign countries. This explains why the IFS,is no longer considered a sought-after Service.


As a pessimist, I visualise the worst scenario.

Repatriation of diplomats on tit-for-tat basis by both countries,has begun. This could soon lead to closure of High commissions in both countries.

Support from both the US and Russia, is crucial.

Against this background, I wish that wisdom dawns on the two duffers Rahul, Kejriwal and the Commies to rise above petty politics and refrain from doing anything that demoralises India's Armed Forces.



How is it that intelligent people are never happy ?

Is it because they over-analyze everything; weigh the pros and cons of everything around them and judge everything quietly which results in their unhappy nature.

Against this background, analyse why Rahul Gandhi is always happy.

He lacks gravitas along with pietas, dignitas and virtus.


December 1619

An ill-advised move

This is NOT acceptable to common citizen of India, PM Modi.

Let me call a spade a spade.

Political parties can now deposit ANY amount of cash held and collected prior to November 8, 2016.

The scrutiny benchmark of 2.5 lakhs does not apply to them as it does to normal citizens.

A FRAUD on the country.

This is not a loop-hole but a massive Black hole in the demonetisation implementation.

You have obliged all political parties including your OWN.

Are political parties ,black money launderers?

Why ? The NATION wants to know.


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