The populist budget fy 21-22 , replete with confusing statistics, new economic jurgons, launching new schemes with chaste Hindi nomenclatures to dupe farmers and the common man.

Anti-kisan and anti- poor budget could escalate the kisan agitation irretrievably.

Budget is PM-centric ( not poor-centric) to get cheap publicity for the coming Assemblies' elections. Manipulating data, as always. Budget is high on promises and low on benefits to the poor. How many promises were executed successfully in the past?. Policy and implementation paralyses, would confront us as we go along.

Mobilising resources through gimmick like " Assets Monetization", is dangerous. It would lead to selling Railway, Defence, PSUs land assets, offloading PSU;s stakes to corporate houses , handing over construction and maintenance of airports, Railways to the two top Gujarati businesses honchos . Guess, who? They will construct ware houses, cold storages, fleece farmers and increase their illegal wealth.

Misplaced priorities. All dirty tricks are being applied to deflect public attention from core issues. Such unethical practices were common during the Congress- led UPA rule. Nothing unusual.

PM’s appeal to agitating farmers to contact him being only a " phone call away " amounts to mockery of farmers . Mere political rhetorics.

Is PM not aware that farmers at Delhi’s three borders are under siege of Delhi police surrounded by the 12-layered barricades, barbed wire fencing , concrete walls with iron nails to prevent the ingress and egress of protesting farmers and public. Assy gherabandi Lal Quila par kyon nahi banai ? Government in catch-22 situation!

Most baffling ? Where is the mysterious guy called Deep Sidhu who allegedly led the mob to Red fort to unfurl the religeous flag at the pole? His photograph in the privileged company of PM and HM has gone viral. Was he planted by the ruling party with specific mission to derail the otherwise peaceful march.? Where is he hiding? Why has Delhi police not booked him for sedition?

The ostrich-like attitude of paid media particularly since persons affected belong to the most vulnerable sections of society, reveals their motive is suspect.

No doubt, the public is being inconvenienced due to heavy police barricading. But, who is to blame ? Royal obstinacy of decision makers, directly or indirectly abetted by the ineffective, incompetent and irresponsible political Opposition led by the Congis , Commies and their moronic allies plus,plus,plus ! The nin-compoops have neither the spine, the calibre nor the face to oppose.

The adverse impact of budget will be felt, years later by the posterity ,who will never forgive the government for wonky priorities for petty political gains.

A K Saxena (A former civil servant)



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