India is passing through tough times due to Corona lockdowns.

The plight of civil services aspirants is pitiable due to lockdown of coaching institutes ,threats of eviction by landlords, exploitation by teaching shops.Let me start by revealing the unethical practices followed by some private institutes engaged in coaching of civil services aspirants.

Sample ground realities . Some filthy-rich coaching institutes are generously rewarding cash honoraria to top rankers of CS examinations conducted by UPSC, States PSCs, year-after-year .

This is not for charity but for promoting business interests of coaching institutes. Tough competition. The going rate is anything from 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Cash incentive violates conduct rules if it become a source of income.

There is otherwise no harm on part of top rankers in sharing their success strategy with new aspirants . Dirty secrets.Some even don’t mind haggling for the quantum of honoraria.

I cannot paint all aspirants with same brush.There are honest ones,too.But, it shocks when rank-holders receive regular invitations from coaching institutes with free air tickets and large honoraria in cash.

Worse, some over-enthusiastic ex- Chairpersons, Members of UPSC and States PSCs ( All Constitutional appointees) interact with the toppers, little realizing that they are denigrating the dignity of high constitutional positions ,they once held. Not to lag behind,even some " Serving” Civil Servants, especially those belonging to IAS, IPS,IRS etc, do not hesitate in stealthily taking leave from their employers to assist coaching institutes.

Is this permitted the under Conduct rules? Consider specifics. Of late, a private coaching institute headquartered at outstation, organized a webinar with civil services aspirants.

It invited a former President of India , an ex- Chairperson of UPSC and politician with dubious background like Shashi Tharoor . Nothing pro bono.

One wonders what secret mantra ,they gave to CS aspirants. Misled by names of eminent persons and politicians,the aspirants are easily attracted.

The burden of expenditure ultimately falls on the poor, hapless aspirants, who are charged excessively high fees offering “ attractive” packages by coaching institutes. By indulging in unethical practices, the coaching centres merely promote “dependency culture”.

In the present scenario of corona virus, I would urge the aspirants to follow PM’s mantra of “Atma-Nirbharta ”. No Regulatory Mechanism The coaching institutes are sprouting at every nook and corner of metropolitan cities .

There are no Regulatory Authorities at the Centre or the States to monitor their functioning including verifying the credentials of teaching faculties hired by coaching institutes.

The coaching industry in the country ,has a large turn-over running into thousands of crores of rupees per year. Certain institutes allegedly function under the garb of NGOs benefitting from foreign funding .

These need thorough investigations. It is high time for the Government of India to take the call by ordering a thorough probe into the functioning of coaching industry by IT, ED and CBI and lay down strict guidelines for all State governments and set up a standing body in each state to regulate their functioning.

A K Saxena ( A former civil servant)



Some filthy-rich coaching institutes in Delhi and outside are ready to invest large sums of money as cash honoraria to Top rankers of UPSC Civil services examinations held year after year .

All to promote their business interests. Not for charity.The going rates are anything from 5 to 7 lakhs rupees per event.

Easy to fall for such lucrative cash awards. No payment by cheques. Disturbing Implications The gullible Civil services aspirants are the ultimate casualties.

Misled by names of high ranking officers,politicians, the burden of wasteful expenditure ultimately falls on poor, hapless aspirants, who are charged excessively high fees with “ attractive packages “ offered by coaching institutes.

First lesson to budding civil servants in managing corruption. No Regulatory Mechanism Strangely, there are no Regulatory Authorities at the Centre and States for verifying credentials of teaching faculties of coaching institutes.

There is no practice for carrying out regular Audits of expenditures and quality of teaching by faculty members. Big business. Total turnover running into thousands of crores of rupees.

The coaching institutes exercise huge corrupting influence on budding,uninitiated bureaucrats. Rest by on-the-job experience.They must be kept under scanners of CBI and other anti-corruption agencies.Releasing Audio recordings of negotiated settlements ,could be disastrous for several offenders. Simply disgusting. Top rankers acting like commodities for sale.The caucuses are active in Delhi and outside. All top rankers in civil services examination held by the UPSC, are not rotten eggs who indulge in unethical practices.

There are bright spots,too. Some " Serving” Civil Servants , Judicial Officers, officers belonging to IRS (IT),IRS (Custom),IAS, IPS etc, do not hesitate in taking leave from their employers and assist coaching institutes. Worse , some Ex-Chairpersons and Ex-Members of UPSC and States PSCs ((Constitutional appointees) do not refrain from such inappropriate practices. Nothing pro bono. All for handsome cash rewards. Besides this, they also denigrate the dignity of high Constitutional positions ,they once held. Will PM Modi, as in-charge of DOP&T, please take the call and order investigation by appropriate anti-corruption agencies ?

A K Saxena ( A former civil servant)



Public is totally fed up with the worsening law and order situation that develops all over the country prior to and during elections.

Murders, physical assaults on rival political parties, allegations of police excesses etc especially in States like Bihar and West Bengal.

The Chief Election Commission must ban all physical rallies. These must be replaced by virtual rallies a for all future elections.

In order to avoid covid infections , maintain physical distancing , traffic congestions , control increasing crime rates and waste of public funds.

Consultations with political parties must begin. Supreme court is urged to take suo moto cognizance of the suggestion and send notices to all concerned including GoI and the CEC.

A K Saxena (A former civil servant)


As per media reports, BJP is planning ‘digital rallies’ in every district, to mark the first anniversary of second successive Modi sarkar.

Misplaced enthusiasm. PM Modi is in " bad mood" with China,says Donald Trump.

What is there to celebrate,after all? PM Modi is expected to be furious due to China's double standards.

Is PM ill-advised by BJP's top notch or is this figment of his own imagination,one wonders? It is wasteful either way and out-of-sync with ground reality.

Such extravaganza during Covid 19 and stand offs with hostile neighbours,is unwarranted.

Austerity is need of the hour. Does not behove Modi ji who is Prime minister of India, not BJP's?

No time to earn political brownie points for impending elections in States. Indian public is feeling outraged,cheated



CM Kejriwal orders"Sundarkaand path” to be organised by Delhi’s law makers every Tuesday, ostensibly to please Bajrangbali. But, secret motive is just the opposite: Capture hindu votes.The neo-Bhakti movement is to be funded out of public exchequer of NCT Delhi.

Not to lag behind, CM UP earmarks Rs 200 crores in UP's next year's budget for building Ram temple in Ayodhya.

With the Forty-second Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976, the Preamble to the Constitution makes India a secular Republic.

Against this background, what happens to secular credentials of both ruling dispensations?

Monumental electoral frauds. Hypocrisy galore.

The C&AG, as custodian of public expenditure , remains the mute witness,as always, forgetting its Constitutional obligations.


 The year 2020 is going to be quite hectic for India.The ruling party is organizing rallies for trumpeting achievements to woo voters of impending assemblies’ elections. Mega rally at Ramlila ground Delhi on Dec 22 last year was totally unwarranted  in the midst of NRC- CAA related violence .The capital was under siege. Report on security threat to PM seemed fabricated . How was he having a free run violating  security protocol.

No one is impressed by the political drama. Massive  logistic support by deploying govt machinaries. Election Commission and C&AG are clueless about misuse of public funds . Huge information gag has developed as political parties  have been kept outside the purview of RTI Act.All political parties are unanimous on the exemption.

The ministerial Executive is marginalized, silenced by providing undeserved privileges.  All sign on dotted lines and keep their mouths shut.

Bureaucracy is growing increasingly pliant,malleable, more focussed on  prized postings rather than addressing  public grievances. Crisis of credibility afflicts the Media. Providing Good governance remains a pipe dream. Services delivery and accountability  mechanisms have failed. Corruption growing exponentially in local bodies and subordinate judiciary. Nothing moves without  illegal gratification.The local municipal bodies have grown totally inaccessible and unresponsive.MHA should stop pretending about its ignorance.

Total chaos and confusion. CM, West Bengal  demands UN- monitored referendum on CAA and NRC. All opposition-ruled States towing the same line.

Excessive digital visibility of PM Modi breeds contempt. We need vigorous appraisal of self-performance. Man ki baat, ( a monologue ) is getting boring, merely badgering the citizens. We need more dialogue, more consultation with public to avoid getting out-of-touch . BJP is sending its “ MLAs and MPs” for fostering  public awareness on CAA and NRC.They should worry  more about nursing their constituencies and solve people’s problems.PM should not consider himself infallible.

Time for ‘ Chintan and Manthan ‘ for the ruling political dispensation to analyse how the situation  has grown so antagonistic over the years? This is the wake-up call for the ruling coalition at the centre. Arrogance of the political class is bad; its over-confidence is a curse.


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