Tension escalating at LAC by the hour. China has parked its PLA,tanks,ammunitions and fighter jets. India has responded by alering its army,IAF and the Navy. Skirmishes and attempts at infiltrating Pak-sponsored terrorists at LOC are routine matters.Battle lines have drawn between India on one side and Pakistan + China on the other ,at multiple fronts LOC,LAC,IB,could start along with maritime warfare. Laddhak , Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim,among others, are the latest sore points. An eyeball-to-eyeball military stand-off at a tri-junction in Doklam for two months,would be infructuous. No time to waste. No military posturing, no mind games. But, a full-scale war seems imminent. And, India is not alone.The US and 192 other countries are itching for revenge against the Corona superspreader China.Situations around Eastern and South China sea might soon reach the flash point. Aggression is the best form of defence.We have to be agressively defensive. PM Modi has also to deliver on retrieving POK-Gilgit-Baltistan besides protecting existing States/UTs like Uttrakhand, HP, Arunachal Pradesh , Sikkim,Laddhak. It will not be offered to us on a platter. India would have to take the initiative and bell the cat. Real testing time for PM Modi to lead and keep the country motivated.India while forcibly and swiftly taking over POK-Aksai-chin, must fulfil its promise of supporting liberation movement in Baluchistan with help from Iran.And,India is not alone.All western democracies led by the US ,has to mull nuclear options against China to save HK,Taipeh,East-South-china sea,Vietnam and others. An all-out war by India at LOC,LAC and IB and Indian oceans is the sole option. And, Indian attacks must be fast, fierce and furious.Once joined by 192 other countries and the US ,we are not alone to teach the enemies of the World ,a lesson. It is now or never.


Announcing Mega economic stimulus package of 20 lakh crores rupees by PM Modi to fight Covid -19 virus, is an act of magnanimity.What next? But, how much funds go to actual projects&how much is siphoned off to the deep pockets of politicians, bureaucrats and top business tycoons, remains a riddle inside an enigma wrapped in mystery. The simple-minded common folks are unable to figure out the nitty-gritty of financial packages. Others are clueless,speechless. Craving for recognition and earning political brownie points , are primary concerns of politicians.This drives all their decisions. Despite all possible efforts, the corona graph is reaching the peaks.Situation is supposed to reach alarming proportions in June-July,2020.But,let us not get panicky.We shall overcome the crisis. Balancing lockdown with gradual opening-up, needs monitoring. Spending authorities in States have no accountability , no transparency. Corruption galore. Action is not taken on the reports of Statutary Auditor. The C&AG reports are submitted annually to those very politicians in Parliament,who had participated in scams. Reports are, at times, not even read by politicians and irregularities are regularized in the name of emergent expenditure.Reports carrying damning indictment are taken as read. Conflict of interests.How could they become judges in their own cause? Are indians aware that politicians eagerly wait for natural calamities that hit the country, year-after-after.These include floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides,avalanches and other effects of climate change. Motive : Embezzlement of central relief funds. An open secret in bureaucratical circles. A K Saxena (A former civil servant)


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A K SAXENA, an Indian national, is a retired civil servant from Government of India He is also a freelance journalist with several published investigative articles and columns in various fields to his credit. His writings are a reflection of his interest in writing on divergent themes and making the topics relevant to a wider audience. A post graduate in Chemistry from University of Delhi,he could not sustain his interest in pursuing research and instead chose to enter the government service through the IAS etc exam held by the UPSC. “KALASAVYA” that brought out several publications besides organizing cultural shows.

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