Shaheen Bagh is not leaderless.It is not a movement,but a conspiracy.The old grannies did not receive an " ilhaam " to squat and block public space 24x7.

Riots in N-E Delhi did not happen suddenly on the spur of the moment and under an impulse. Instead, these were part of a grand strategy jointly crafted by the congis, the commies, the aaptards and others. All played into the hands of anti-nationals.

Now,the congress supremo is preaching ‘ Raj Dharma’ from the high pedestal. Shameful.

Conspiracy was hatched in advance with Pakistan's complicity. Massive preparations must have gone into the making of acid bombs, petrol bombs,mobilising stones on terraces. It must have taken weeks , even months

Was there intelligence failure,one wonders?

Delhi Police was ordered to behave like clueless nincompoops. Inert,inactive and speechless.

BJP goons went berserk. FIRs were not registered against the loose cannons.Their jingoistic utterances added fuel to fire.Headless chickens. Top leaders were busy with Donald Trump.

“Kaum ke ranj mei, dinner khaatey hain hukkaam ke saath, Ranj leader koh bahut hai magar aaraam ke saath” (Akbar Allahabadi)

A Delhi HC judge who " dared " to question Delhi police for failing to file FIRs, was transferred at late hours. Ill-advised,motivated.

Orders, as per media reports , were issued by Deptt of Justice (MHA) on Feb 12, 2020 after the approval of Supreme court collegium. If implementation of order could be delayed by over one week, it could as well be delayed by few hours till completion of hearing, the next day.This raises suspicion in public mind.

All things considered, the nightmare was a joint venture of all political parties.How brazen?

Hamaam mei sab...?


Some ex-babus have an insatiable appetite for power.They know exactly which string to pull and remain in power. Such blue bloods in bureaucratic parlance are known as Field Marshals. So apt.

Nripendra Mishra is one such specimen. He manipulated his upward mobility post retirement. Courtesy : proximity to the power that be.

Please recall how PM Modi  against severe opposition , had to seek Parliamentary sanction to amend the then prevailing laws in order to rehabilitate Mr Mishra  as his Principal Secretary in the PMO. He was later accorded the status of a Cabinet minister.

Then,one day,he was suddenly asked to pack off. God knows, under what circumstances? Media did not care to investigate. Nripendra Mishra then managed his comeback. He  was  rehabilitated as CEO of Nehru museum council a few days back, replacing M J Akbar.

Another shock.In his latest move, PM Modi’s trusted former IAS officer, will now head the "Ram temple construction panel”. The silent majority of  more competent  retired  bureaucrats and professional engineers of proven integrity was totally ignored. All feel  utterly 

slighted and amazed at such blatant  misuse of discretionary powers. PMO’s control on Ram temple in a secular country. Modi hai toh Mumkin hai.

Lesson : Pliability to political class and  secret backing  of  an extra-Constitution body ( One can imagine,who ) are quintessential  requirements for out-of-turn placements of  bureaucrats both while  in- service and post retirement. Merit has tertiary or no  importance.

PM Modi has definitely undergone a transformation.He is under the influence of  coterie of bureaucrats , out-of-sync with ground reality.He is Prime minister of India, not BJP and RSS.


February 2022

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

CM Kejriwal orders"Sundarkaand path” to be organised by Delhi’s law makers every Tuesday, ostensibly to please Bajrangbali. But, secret motive is just the opposite: Capture hindu votes.The neo-Bhakti movement is to be funded out of public exchequer of NCT Delhi.

Not to lag behind, CM UP earmarks Rs 200 crores in UP's next year's budget for building Ram temple in Ayodhya.

With the Forty-second Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976, the Preamble to the Constitution makes India a secular Republic.

Against this background, what happens to secular credentials of both ruling dispensations?

Monumental electoral frauds. Hypocrisy galore.

The C&AG, as custodian of public expenditure , remains the mute witness,as always, forgetting its Constitutional obligations.


Redevelopment of Central Sectt complex and Central Vista would mean demolition of Parliament House and other prestigeous office buildings including Udyog,Krishi,Nirman , Shastri Bhawans and various ancillary structures Lutyens Zone — an integral part of the history of  New Delhi.

In October 2019, CPWD awarded the project to a Gujarat-based company HCP Designs.

The same company had revamped Kashi Vishwanath corridor in Varanasi and the new BJP headquarters in Rouse Avenue Delhi.

All of us have grown watching these elegant buildings

Now, there will be a single triangular composite building to accommodate all ministries.

Security will be compromised by locating all ministries in a single building.  A separate Parliament house will be constructed. Work will start in May 2020 and completed in 2024.

The new structures will rob the area of much of its heritage importance. Public was not consulted despite being the largest stake-holders.Sheer waste of public resources that could be diverted to strengthen existing infrastructures.

There will be utter chaos ,dislocation during the three years period of construction roads, clogging with traffic congestions.

PM Modi is hell-bent on undertaking the project,come what may.

An instance  of Rajhath,the Royal Obstinacy.The One-man show.


Supreme court's in its Feb 7 Landmark judgement slammed the State government against misuse of Reservation policy.Its operative portion is re-produced below :

 x x x x x

" The State government ( Uttara Khand) is not bound to provide reservation for appointments and promotions to public posts and that an individual does not have a fundamental right to claim such quotas "

 x x x x x

In the light of the above SC 's verdict , the Centre must scrap Reservation policy in its present form across the board.This is an politico-electoral fraud to promote vote bank politics. Indian citizens dream for a casteless,classless society.The existing discriminatory policy violates 

Right to Equality, enshrined in the Constititution of India.

Reservation policy is not provided by the Constitution. Its duration is being continued after every ten years. Successive political Executives ,for fear of losing Vote banks, have been extending the tenure of such despicable practice decennially. Obnoxious practice that promotes 

mediocrity. Merit becomes the casualty.

Following course is suggested :-

(a) Restrict benefits to only one generation of all communities ;

(b) Let us extend the benefits to one generation alone of all communities ie  SC,ST ,OBC, and those with bench-marked Disablity;

(c) Failing (a) and (b) , orders must be taken to disenfranchise all those who continue to receive reservation benefits in violation of above rules and by suppressing the facts

If India wants to become a superpower, annihilate castes distinctions and stopping  doles of reservation benefits.

PM Modi must support meritorious bureaucracy or meritocracy in the national interests.

Let us recall Singapore's late founder Lee Kuan Yew ( 1923 – 2015) sharp tirade against India's Reservation policy responsible for slowing down its economy. He advised against the regular misuse of the policy by India. He was the first Prime Minister who transformed Singapore 

from a small port city into a wealthy global hub.

The Law makers and the ruling political Executive are urged to be circumspect before  embarking  upon filing an SLP in the Apex court or even taking recourse to Legislative route to supersede SC’s vedict.

Enough is enough. The on-going protestations may snowball into a revolution to teach the politicians a lesson.This is the ground reality.


The Chief of Defence Staff ( CDS) is a critical position in modern era of hybrid warfare. Present post of CDS was created in India after due diligence and with the approval of Cabinet Committee on Security. Defence Secretary will continue to be the main "defence" advisor, whilst the CDS will assume the role of being the main "military" advisory, IN secretary rank acting as the single-point military advisor to the government and Prime Minister Let me come to the point.

A video showing one retired Major appealing to PM Modi, is going viral after kicking an unsavoury controversy involving the appointment of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). To put it briefly, besides suggesting upgradation of the newly created post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) to the rank of a Cabinet minister , it also hints at de-bureaucratising the Ministry of Defence. The suggestion is simplistic and does not take into consideration the far-reaching implications. Illogical and motivated.

The CDS, as per MOD’s order, is to be treated at par with the chiefs of other three wings : Army,Air and Navy.All four will carry 4 stars ranks. Due diligence must have been applied by MOD. The CDS is supposed to be  first among equals. 

It now emerges that the CDS  will be given the status of Secretary heading the newly created Deptt of Military Affairs.

It will be wrong to assume that appointing the ex-Army chief Gen Rawat as CDS with 4 Stars, may not be effective as other three Chiefs may not give him the respect he should deserve. Armed forces work on unitary command. It is not clear under what circumstances the unsavoury controversy has suddenly erupted for no valid reason.

Nevertheless, the Government couldconsider assigning the new CDS 5 Stars rank after taking into consideration all the prosand cons especially the sensitivities of the matter. Late Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was the first Indian Army officer to be promoted to the five-star rank. Reports have it that after the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal P C Lal, had threatened to quit if the post of CDS was created.There were fears that such a post would be too powerful.Later in 2001 the government was on the brink of making the then Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral, Sushil  Kumar, the CDS.

However, due to turf wars, among other reasons, the idea was scrapped.

Even in the present case, the Chiefs of Air Force and Navy are opposed to the creation of  Joint theatre commands. Their concerns must be addressed.

The suggestion to give CDS the rank of a Cabinet minister seems motivated and ill-advised. Will the idea to bypass the Raksha Mantri (RM) not create chaos and confusion of the worstkind? Who will be responsible to the Parliament? The CDS or Raksha Mantri ?

The powers and responsibilities of all three Chiefs and the co-ordinative role of CDS must be spelt out clearly to avoid confusion and squablings among them .This is  very important.

It does not behove an ex-Army man to discredit the bureaucracy in such a sarcastic manner and trigger a war within the Armed forces.The video aims at dividing the Army and the bureaucracy.

Motive is mischievous. Indians would never like India to be reduced to the level of military dictatorship like Pakistan.


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