No Government decision is perfect. These usually have loopholes for exploitation by sly, manipulative forces.

A deadly combination of unquestioned authority of the elected executive on the appointed executive and latters' pliability to  political class determines the final decision.

On the economic front, top industrial houses operating through mafia, influence all decisions in the guise of  fake stake-holders,

Rampant quid pro quo deals between top business houses and the politico- bureaucratic Executive. Open secret for the gullible masses.

No place for Ethics and morality in Governance. Uninformed public willingly   fall in line and remain callous,insensitive,unruffled.

Top Judiciary is helpless ,as always , in preventing the subordinate courts from blatantly indulging in corrupt practices, particularly in matters of  granting bails, long adjournments etc. All pronouncements  are non-speaking and hence without accountability. All courts are Lords to themselves.

India's economy is in a shambles. With fast-paced economic slowdown , the GDP growth rate slippped to 4.5 %, in  second quarter of the current fiscal , lowest ever during the past 6 years of NDA's rule or misrule,one cant say.

Where is India heading for?  No one knows?

God is clueless and is repeatedly failing . And,so has PM Modi.

" Modi ji's Man kee baat" is increasingly sounding more hollow, more boring. Sheer waste of  national time. Resentment against BJP is rising exponentially. A wake-up call for all political parties. BJP’s super-moronry is gain to all its detractors


We celebrate the ‘Constitution Day’ every year on Nov 26.

This is despite rampant discrimination both Constitutional and Statutary, that prevails in our hierarchy- driven society

Consider case of women prohibited from entering Hindu places of worship. Supreme court got scared of non-compliance of its rulings on Sabrimala temple by Kerala government.

The Apex court wants to take a final view only after considering practices in other religions.

No deadline was fixed for final decision. Procrastination amounted to avoidance of decision.

In the meanwhile,  police atrocities against the ' ineligible hindu women' continues brazenly unabated,unabashed, in Kerala and elsewhere.

Can devotees of all religions in India, who are feeling discriminated against in their own religions , not form a Union to fight the case jointly in the Apex court ?

The Unions of devotees will give their members the strength to negotiate with their  biased co-religionists  for equal rights through collective bargaining.

Gender equality is intrinsically linked to sustainable development and is vital to  realization of human rights for one and all.



Democracy with brutal majority by single party,leads to one-man dictatorship and institutional marginalisation. Democracy gives us freedom to elect our own dictators. No rule of Law. Growing  intolerance.

Democracy with fractured mandate leads to political chicanery,the game of 'Snakes&Ladders',horse-trading for quid pro quo, kidnapping elected representatives and locking them inside 5-star hotels, resorts in differen cities to obfuscate their hijackings, transferring black money to allure greedy politicians.

There is cut-throat competition in Maharashtra among unscrupulous politicians to achieve the elusive magic number. Massive scramble for lucrative ( cash-rich) portfolios in Cabinet, as part of package. There is no room for  political ethics and morality in the Indian polity.

In our country, politicians must be changed as often as diapers!

If not done, democracy in India will die a slow death,which it has already started doing anyway.



If Yogi is worth his salt,the bigoted hindu protestors must be arrested forthwith for sowing the seeds of inter-faith hatred between the hindus and muslims.

The brazenness with which the protestors have been on dharna for a couple of weeks, reveals they are creating nuisance at the behest of misguided elements who own divisive mindsets.

Yogi has proved himself as an incompetent ,callous, biased and insensitive leader. A liability on Uttar Pradesh and a stigma on hinduism.Totally unfit to hold the sensitive portfolio of Chief Minister. The loose cannon poses a potential threat to maintenance of communal harmony in the country. Must be booked under IPC for instigating hindus against the muslims.

Why is BHU management speechless? Why are misguided goons given a long rope and vitiate the  relaxed ambience of the campus?

PM Modi is urged to take the call to avoid further escalation of tension in the present volatile scenario.


Apropos’s political News dt Nov 12,2019 : "After demolition in 1992, the then PM Narasimha Rao had publicly announced that the damaged mosque would be re-built; but, even after 27 years, the Congress taking a complete U-turn did nothing "

Some noteworthy points about funding.

The cost of rebuilding the mosque at the allotted site must be met by the Congress.On the same analogy,the cost of building the temple should be borne by the BJP- VHP.Due to secular credentials of the Constitution, taxpayers’ money cannot be utilized on religious activities.The issue relating to source of funding must be settled.

The alternate plot of land ( 5 acres) in a prominent area in Ayodhya, should be allotted free of cost by the Centre for constructing the mosque. Similarly, no cost could be charged for handing over the ownership of the Ayodhya land for temple construction.

Let us also have a look at other implications of SC’s verdict .

The Apex Court while settling the Ayodhya title suit, termed the demolition of Babri Masjid as a crime that “shook the secular fabric of the constitution”. This is a serious indictment by the highest court ,entailing punishment to the guilty from 2 to 5 years imprisonment.

It may be recalled that eight leaders like LK Advani, MM Joshi, Uma Bharti and Vinay Katiyar, Ashok Singhal, Giriraj Kishore, Vishnu Hari Dalmia, and Sadhvi Rithamabara, were charged with promoting enmity and hatred through “false and mischievous news”.

Let us ignore those who were held guilty but are no longer alive to receive the punishment. These are: Bal Thackeray, Giriraj Kishore, Ashok Singhal, and Paramhans Ramchandra Das. Some were given Constitutional assignments to provide immunity against legal proceedings. Kalyan Singh was a prominent beneficiary.                                                            

The Allahabad High Court ( Lucknow Bench) ordered dropping of charges of criminal conspiracy against L K Advani, M M Joshi, Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, and others.

The UP government has asked for extension of time till April 2020 to wind up the case.

Special judge S K Yadav, who retired on September 30,2-019 was granted extension till completion of the trial and the delivery of the judgement in the Babri Masjid case.

Even his extended term was over on Nov 9,2019,the day of judgement.

What Course of Action is needed in the given circumstances :--

(a) Having regard to Supreme court's reiterating serious indictment terming demolition of Babri masjid as a Crime, the authorities could consider re-opening all cases, if legally tenable, including those closed by District court and Allahabad high court on technical grounds.

(b) Further,in order avoid miscarriage of Justice, the progress of proceedings must be monitored by Hon’ble Supreme court that has made scathing observations.

(c) A new District judge must be appointed with directions to complete the proceedings and pronounce punishment to those who are having a free run despite being charge-sheated by CBI.

It was unjust and unfair to utilize the services of a judge who was granted extension beyond superannuation. Patently wrong per se.

There is no intention to caste aspersions on court’s ’s sense of fair play and justice.However, appointment of a new judge is considered essential to dispel suspicions ,if any, from the public mind in a highly sensitive case like this.

 (d) The entire case must be completed on priority under Supreme court's monitoring.


After consulting Gen Bajwa , Indian Congis and Commies, Pakistan minister Sheikh Rashid has announced a full-scale war between the two countries during Oct-Nov,2019.

Naya Pakistan is far more hostile,untrustworthy than Purana Pakistan.

Has India agreed to refrain from launching surgical strikes, till then, even despite daily killings at the LOC?

Is India waiting for more 26/ 9 type Mumbai type terror attacks or onsets of snow falls?

Pak-trained commandos about to enter Gulf of Kutch and fidayeens through the LOC.

Pak is continuously shelling indian civilians.

What happens to the doctrines of Cold start and Pre-emptive strikes.

A Hybrid war against Pakistan involving the Navy, Airforce and the Army and opening multiple fronts, are urgently needed.

Delay will be counter-productive.


No single  woman politician in India is fortunate enough to be endowed with  twin qualities of talent and glamour. Brain and beauty are antithetical.

I have still made an honest attempt. Nusrat Jahan ,the newly elected MP from TMC ,could be rated as the most glamorous, progressive, open-minded leader-cum-actress.

No intention to hurt any one out of 30 women shortlisted by WIC.



Apropos news item on ' Shifting PM's house closer to South Block ' in TOI , dated Nov 3,2019.

The selected Gujarat-based architect wants PM's house to be shifted near South block.This means razing of several bungalows and offices in Lutyens Delhi.

What happens to present PM's house on which crores of rupees have been wasted including building an underground tunnel upto IG international airport and helipad.

PM Modi rarely uses his present bungalows,anyway,being mostly abroad or out of Delhi

I suggest both PM's office and residence involving cluster of bungalows,may be built near airport.

One facet of PM's overall personality startles every one.

How could one with a humble background is so self-indugent with passion for living a luxurious life style.

Scant or zero concern for poor tax-payers' money.No austerity,no simplicity.

On same considerations, PM's obsession for revamping Central vista complex at an estimated cost of Rs 10,000 crores (Completion cost will be many times over) raises suspicions about pressures of builders' mafia.

Was the RBI compelled to transfer Rs 1.76 lakh crore of its surplus reserve to the government to undertake such activities of tertiary importance ,bypassing priorities like roads, national highways, hospitals and other socio- economic schemes/projects. Investment is also needed for development of UTs of J&K, Ladhak and finally POK after its annexation

Nation wants to know,how funds are going to be utilized?


The Media is usually the first to protest to is no longer free. It has become captive by lending its secret support to policy formulation by successive ruling dispensations.

The jingoistic Media has always been on the right side of party in power.Paid news,fake news. Journos change narratives for pecuniary considerations. No ethics, no morals. No accountability. No self-regulatory mechanism.They can go to any extent for fabricating news replete with sensationalism.No one can question them

Freedom of Speech is a farce. Debates in a majority of mainstream of TV channels are moderated by journalists, especially chosen to favour the ruling party. Anchors are ordered by media barons controlling majority stakes, to toe a particular line.The panellists who oppose government policies , are shouted out, blacklisted.

No consistency. Ad-hocism galore in all departments of governance. A  deep state, seems to be influencing  decision making, sometimes leading to ludicrously improbable situations. The ostensible government is being constantly manipulated by the invisible deep state.


EU MPs, admired india for hospitality,condemned Pak's continuous terror attacks, appreciated abatement of corruption in Kashmir.Quick reality checks.

Statements made at the Press conference seemed guarded, ostensibly out of gratitude to the hosts.

Credibility became the casualty.

Whether,the guests will be able to influence european nations in India’s favour (and, if so, to what extent),only future will tell. Support of every small country counts. However, its impact in moulding world opinion, is debatable .

Acknowledging thanks-giving by foreign guests is discretionary.

Pakistan is a pastmaster in organising such jamborees for foreign media and members of civil society. To that extent,a matching Tit-for-Tat by India. Let no indian make mountain out of a mole hill and support Kashmiri separatists.

EU lawmakers' pro-India narrative surely enhanced the feel-good factor of every Indian.

Now,it is Pakistan's turn to invite Congis' and Commies' traitors from from India for a reality check of the situation in their country and enjoy hospitality at Lahore's food street.





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