September 1929

Media Jingoism

Digital media has been at its jingoistic worst ! All TV channels are jubilant at the arrival of PM Modi from US. What an ostentatious, flamboyant reception organised to greet PM Modi at Delhi airport and  beyond . All at cost of taxpayers’ money.

Full marks to Modi ji for diplomatic achievements. However, was that the occasion for celebrations in the present scenario.An undeclared war with Pakistan is raging at the LOC and IB.The country is passing through grave crises due to unprecedented floods.All this calls for strict measures to arrest the slowed-down economy.

However, on the contrary, the need for taking austerity measures is being totally ignored,especially so at a time when our jawans are being martyred and injured every day due to terror attacks in Kashmir. Public is hugely outraged by such premature show of extravaganza.

It cannot be negated that leaders’ first priority lies in earning political brownie points. Their priorities are wonky, crooked ,not public-friendly.They survive on sycophancy and ego massage, their staple diet.

Against this background, was organising a mega event like the one arranged for PM Modi justified in the present circumstances. The job in Kashmir is still incomplete. Forcible occupation of  POK  by India's Armed Forces, remains.Pakistan will not offer it to us on a platter.

The public  has lots of expectations from PM Modi.Much still remains to be completed.

One trusts, such non-events are not celebrated, in future, out of sync with ground reality.

I would urge PM Modi to issue standing instructions to the cheer leaders, sycophants including partymen , council of ministers and bureaucrats, not to waste  time.

Only, a few top ministers, Cab Secy and Principal Secretary to PM could be present. Presence of party functionaries must be totally banned. PM Modi must look different from UPA era.

Another noteworthy point. How did the Intelligence Bureau in the light of  grave threat perceptions, give security clearances for such a mass gathering of 30,000 people?

As per Media reports, both PM Modi and the NSA are under target of Pakistan-sponsored terrorists? Are media reports fabricated,one wonders?


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