The passage  of Triple Talaq bill by Rajya Sabha makes the pronouncement of instant oral talaq or talaq-e-biddat void and illegal, criminalizing it as a cognizable offence punishable upto three years in jail.

A historic win for nine crores indian muslim women. A landmark   achievement by PM Modi for his determination and persistence in fighting the unholy alliance between misguided muftis and politicians.A milestone in the quest for gender justice; a moment of satisfaction for the entire ountry. A historic  fallacy has been ultimately corrected through Parliamentary legislation, consigning the weird medieval practice to the dustbin of history. This will  give the Indian muslim women the dignity they deserve.

Where is “ the intolerance gang of 49 pseudo-liberals who had recently written to PM on the “Lynchistan” affair, screaming that their freedoms and the minorities were under threat. Strangely, none of the morons hailed the emancipation of Indian muslim women from the vicious medieval practice. Their silence is baffling ; confirms their hypocrisy.

Abstentions and walk-outs by the Opposition MPs helped in passage of bill in Rajya Sabha. The Opposition has charged the ruling dispensation of clandestinely manipulating the listing of triple talaq bill for voting.This shows how much divided the so-called Maha-gathbandhan is.

The mysogynistic muftis and self- styled Islamic scholars must get used to new protocol,while others open windows of their medieval mindsets. The Media must immediately report instances of violation for investigation by the Police and filing the FIR. Monitoring cells must put maulvis , muftis and the filthy-rich Sheikhs from the middle east, under surveillance against indulging in unethical practices.


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