Could Trump , the most powerful man on earth, speak a lie? Can Trump Indulge in double-talks.?  Sample some questions.

Was there no prior briefing by his officials before meeting with Imran Khaan ? Trump did not even spare UK's ambassador to the US,seeking his repatriation.He is unpredictable,impulsive and diplomatically naïve.

May be, Trump is upset with India for imposing heavy import duties on american products. India was marginalised during Afghanistan talks while China,Pakistan, Russia and the US were associated. All this left Trump totally confused. At least,so it seems.

Could PM Modi suppress the truth? Is his silence diplomatic ? Parliament mei hangama hota rahega?  But, India must hit back and keep its self-esteem intact

Modi's " Mei chup rahoonga ", doctrine will not work. He must speak up and set the entire controversy at rest. Sending a strong signal to the US,is more important than taking things lying down. Hopefully, he does so, sooner than later.

All things considered, Pakistan may not get a single penny as aid from the US. He will return empty-handed.


Instances of courts reversing or withdrawing their original decisions are becoming increasingly commonplace.The subordinate courts are the worst offendors.

I am referring to the recent case of “ judicial over-reach” by one Manish Singh, a Jharkhand magistrate. He imposed the condition of  distributing 5 copies of  Holy Quran to School libraries for granting bail to a student Richa Bharti who was arrested for allegedly making communal comments over a “ post shared by her in the Facebook regarding lynching of one Tabarez Ansari.

By the time, the magistrate concerned could replace his earlier orders, damage was already done to law and order situation besides causing mockery of judiciary.

An absolutely flawed verdict by the subordinate judge without application of mind.He cannot be permitted to go scot free for making mockery of justice. Jharkhand high court is urged to take suo motu cognizance of the case and reprimand the magistrate for non-application of mind for disturbing communal harmony. He cannot be allowed to have his way.

Furthermore, whether, replacement was motivated by public outrage or belated  realization of blunder , reflects poorly on the deteriorating  quality of subordinate judiciary in the States.

The malady affecting  the subordinate judiciary is spread across the board. Nothing moves without the help of touts hovering around the courts. Unethical reasons: Collusive or Coercive corruption. Possibility of  non- application of mind. All WIC surfers must have had the unsavoury experience of meeting such intermediaries once in their lives outside Courts, local bodies, Police,transport offices, DDA,NOIDA  and similar other bodies having large public interfaces.             

There is  urgent need to create a uniform All India Judicial Service to replace the present subordinate judiciaries in States recruited by their High Courts and /or PSCs. Scams are often reported by the Media. Absence of  different recruitments agencies leads to differential standards, difficulty levels of question papers and different standards of assessment.

Let the Union of India expedite the creation of  an All India Judicial Service to replace the States Judicial Services.The Constitutition of India provides for it, buttressed by  Supreme court pronouncements, Law commission’s recommendations.


ICJ’s ruling on Kulbhushan Jadhav in our favour,  is no doubt,a defining moment.A victory for international human rights. Kudos to Mr Harish Salve for his historic presentation in the court, a lawyers’ delight.

But, for India, it may be too premature to celebrate the verdict. It is going to be a long drawn-out process for India lasting several years.

While putting Jadhav’s  death penalty on hold, the ICJ has directed Pakistan to allow consular access to him. He can move a plea  for review of military Kangaroo court’s verdict on his execution.

The matter is not as simple as it is made out by Indian media especially TV channels. Pakistan is celebrating the verdict as the accused is still  under their custody. No wonder, the frustrated Pakistan will make all out efforts to delay the process of implementing court’s verdict on flimsy grounds.

The ICJ  is silent about transferring the case from Pak’s Kangaroo court (which had awarded  death penalty to Jadhav) to a civilian court. Pakistan is a military state  and not a democracy.

Its military can go to any extreme in obfuscating the legal issues before its captive military court. It will continue to treat Jadhav as a spy.

We cannot expect a fair trial from Pak’s military courts.

Will international pressure alone  work on a rogue state like Pakistan? Jadhav case may linger on in Pakistani courts for years. Never expect Pakistan to return Jadhav to India on a platter.

Worse, the wounded Pakistan is bound to escalate with vengeance its terror activities in India. This calls for a disproportionately heavy  (not  matching)  military response from India.

The bottom line is: India  cannot get Jadhav released by Pakistan through legal and diplomatic efforts alone. Building international  opinions in our favour, is  important in world politics. But, will power of public opinions influence Pakistan’s decision ?

What will happen  if the Pakistani military court decides after review to convert Jadhav’s death sentence into life sentence for 14 years? 

Let us take lessons from history.International military sanctions may not help.  India ,ultimately, will have to respond to Pakistan’s Armed Forces in their own lingo,if experiences in the past, is any guide.


Extremely temperamental, arrogant , prone to mood swings, unpredictable, egoistic, choleric, autocratic, impulsive, a bully, devoid of emotions and finesse. Enjoys his speech more than the audience.

No wonder, UK ambassador to the US, recently retorted back and labelled Trump as diplomatically clumsy, incompetent and inept . He informed his government appropriately through wire.

Trump’s perversity makes him fond of dishing out insults and criticisms on others.

It seems,he is out of the world, an alien.Expects all heads of Governments and States to prostrate before him. Considers himself as Inspector of the World.

Can PM Modi exercise sobering influence on Trump through his “Jaadoo ki Jhappi ?

As a sadist, Trump enjoys practising nuclear brinkmanship.

He lacks the requisite traits of a Presidential personality as evident from his body language.

A total contrast from Barak Obama and Clinton.


Budget documents wrapped in a red cloth ( An affront to saffron ?) with national emblem,did not inspire any one.Thumping desks by ruling party with a “ thumping majority” in Lok sabha polls , shlokaas, urdu shayris quoted in FM’s maiden budget speech typifies Congress perversity.No break from the past tradition. The ruling dispensation continues to follow the beaten path.Politicians have similar genetic code.Political ideologies are irrelevant.

Confidence is bad; over-confidence is self deception. Excessive reliance on assumptions to sustain 8% GDP growth with 4% inflation to raise a 5 Trillion dollar economy by 2025, has left most indians confounded.At least,so it seems.

Why did the budget rely on revised estimates when the figures of actuals were available?Economic Survey wants retirement age to be raised to 75. Not a word about wasteful expenditure on political hypocrisy, austerity measures etc. What about the growing economic disparity between the filthy rich and the down-trodden?

Pardon my ignorance of basic Economics.I leave budgetary micro details and their far-reaching implications for discussions by the specialists.

All things considered ,one has to admit that on the analogy of the practice in the past, this is an over-confident budget, high on rhetorical promises with no immediate reliefs for the downtrodden and senior citizens.No major structural reforms announced. Massive discrepancy in GDP figures indicated in the Economic survey and the Budget documents.

Outcomes in the form of concrete results are in the womb of the future.Time will prove their worth or otherwise. Time is a great leveller.

Use of complicated economic jargon in the budget speech,as always, has been baffling the common man year-after-year. Apparently, the budget is meant primarily for academic discussions among financial analysts.

All beyond the masochistic common man’s comprehension ,who

is always available to be fooled by the sadistic governments.

Lastly, invocation of Lord Basaveshwara’s teachings in FM's budget speech,was something pleasant. I never knew,such a Lord existed.


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