Actor Akshay Kumar's light-hearted chat show with PM left every one with a heavy heart. Standard of interview touched the nadir. Modi ji should not have settled for it. The show was telecast on all TV channels denigrating the high public office,he holds.

Ill-advised by the Media advisor and morons in the trusted coterie of bureaucracy, party’s publicity wing has gone overboard without assessing the long term implications. Voters are getting bored,frustrated by his public rhetorics. "The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present." (Machiavelli)

Playing the  religion card irritates. Relationship with God is personal, not for public consumption.This is causing alienation in a section of society.

Modi's chatukaars are his worst enemies,particularly a majority of his nincompoop ministers.Public is sensitive enough to notice his increasing arrogance. Watch PM's body language, mannerisms,postures and gestures and above all the choice of words.

My assessment could go wrong. Modi ji could get comfortable majority for other considerations. Following or dismissing my unsolicited advice is his prerogative.

But, I would  continue to stand against his detractors without being counted as a rabid fan.

I wish him good luck


Nehru created the Kashmir issue to let his dynasty perpetually  remain in power . The Congis' manifesto released besides being  pro-Pakistani, pro-separatists,it seems, has been scripted by ISI,China, urban naxals, Khalistanis and their congi sympathisers.

Calling indian Army chief as "Sarak kaa gundaa ",attracts the severest  penalty. Why did the ruling dispensation not invoke provisions of “Gunda Act” against the loose cannon?

All political parties, BJP included, must stop making stupid promises in their manifestos having huge financial implications. How could they commit future generations of taxpayers,without their consent.This is unethical and will never stand the scrutiny of the court. Let a PIL  be filed against it in the Supreme court. The posterity will never forgive them.

It is high time that appropriate Amendments are carried out in the Representation of Peoples' Act.Prior approval of Election Commission  against judicially-approved  guidelines,should be made mandatory in public interest.



DOP&T has invited applications from officers of organised services subject to fulfilment of certain criteria.Those interested may apply to DOP&T with an “ Essay “ (300 words) to justify their suitability for the assignment.

But,who will evaluate the essays?  This remains a riddle inside an enigma wrapped in  mystery. Babus in DOP&T,Cab Sectt or PMO ?Chintan aur Manthan kee zaroorat hai.

A small suggestion. Personality tests of written-qualified shortlisted candidates must be conducted by a three- member committee headed by the PM, with CJI and LOP ( or  Rahul baba) as members.

Civil Services aspirants should  be available for providing  free coaching  to the applicants in Essay writing.They have a compulsory paper on essay writing in UPSC’s civil services examination.


Watching inane TV debates 24x7 involving second rate politicians, professing third rate ideologies, is making us insane.The media wants us to eat,drink and breath politics and die like morons.To hell with this intellectual terrorism.

No right-thinking indian should support  subtle manipulation of gullible minds of voters. Freedom of speech is a farce.And, so is the sham democracyWe are filled with hatred,anguish and contempt for politics. Media is sold out to media barons remote-controlled by politico- criminal- bureaucratic mafia.

Corruption grows many times over during elections. And,so do communalism,casteism and sub- nationalism  causing permanent damage to country's secular fabric. Some politicians  demand a separate Prime minister for Kashmir.Election Commission is speechless, helpless. Permanent executive has failed, as always,awaiting orders from the political class that is presently pre-occupied with politics.


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