It was a tight slap to India by China after last month's bloody suicide-bombing in Pulwama by Pakistan,  its dirty ally. The global terrorist Azhar Masood continues to have a free run in Pakistan.

The Security Council is ineffective in thwarting China's nefarious designs and  in enforcing UN sanctions. Manifestation of dragon’s expansionist policy. The US, USSR,UK,France and other like-minded  nations must jointly cripple China economically by boycotting all Chinese goods.

India,on its own, is incapable of taking  on China. Thanks to  its candyfloss foreign policy. Desh-bhakt indians  feeling humiliated, demoralised, outraged. Let the Desh-drohi Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra dynasty and their cheerleaders remain ecstatic at our dis-comfiture.

China remains India’s enemy no 1, not the impoverished Pakistan. Hindi-Cheeni bhai-bhai slogan,coined by Pt Nehru  emboldened China to annex Tibet followed by unauthorizedly occupying of one lakh sq miles of Indian territory (Aksai Chin) from India  during  1962 debacle. Nehru’s  magnanimity in relinquishing  permanent membership of UNSC in favour of China, made India the object of international derision.

PM Modi must rise to the occasion, forget vote-bank politics and focus on national security. Representing 130 crores indians,he must deal with China  on one-on-one basis  by rapidly building   its own economic and military prowess.

The Tibetan and Uyeghar  populations of China are ready to join the movements by  the persecuted  Baluchis, Sindhis and Pakhtoons  of Pakistan for independence.

The lobbies supporting  recognition of nationalist China must wake up.China must have the taste of terrorism. Now, the belligerent Pakistan’s latest wish is to  name “ Kartarpur  Sahib “  as “ Capital of Khalistan” and the station as “ Kartarpur Railway station “.

How willingly we fell to Imran’s googly.No time for de-escalation of tension by India. We must  escalate before the situation goes out of spin.

Attack, Mr Prime minister. Don't talk of peace


The Nehru- Gandhi dynasty, its congis, commies lapdogs and rabble-rousers, deserve to be hanged by the neck for insulting India's Armed forces. They cannot be allowed  to go scot free.

Congress’s slugfest with Modi is political. Mutual recriminations by their dirty tricks departments.

Opposition's trust deficit in India's Armed Forces,their unholy nexus with enemies need to be investigated. Clear sedition.These fifth columnists are on ISI's pay rolls. All are anti- Nationals.

PM Modi has also much to explain for his failure to take action against UPA scamsters. The footloose Pradhan Sevak has been perennially on tour throughout his tenure. Either, abroad or visiting temples . Misplaced priorities.  A drain on tax payers' money. The public is expected to be just and fair in applying its mind at the time of voting.


India has been perennially in a state of  undeclared war with Pakistan, facing terror attacks  in succession by Pak- sponsored terrorists. All are citizens of Pakistan though labelled as non-state actors.

Indian jawans , military installations, civilian  properties are being continuously. targeted. How could India restrict its action to demolishing terror structures. Garnering diplomatic support is a good initiative. But,this cannot ensure lasting peace. Far from it. Why not wipe out Pak’s ISI and Army?

With entire world on our side , India must not lose time. This opportunity may not be available again.We have to protect our progeny instead of leaving them to fight a “ thousand year jehaad ” by the rogue neighbor. Scales of operations must increase manifold .China, though  presently non-committal, may suddenly turn belligerent. Still blocking Azhar Masood’s declaration as a global terrorist.Treacherous,untrustworthy.

Against this backdrop, Aar-paar kee ladai chahiye. Pak Army-controlled Imran Khan’s peace offer is a trap. Destroy Rawalpindi Hq of ISI and Army.


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A K SAXENA, an Indian national, is a retired civil servant from Government of India He is also a freelance journalist with several published investigative articles and columns in various fields to his credit. His writings are a reflection of his interest in writing on divergent themes and making the topics relevant to a wider audience. A post graduate in Chemistry from University of Delhi,he could not sustain his interest in pursuing research and instead chose to enter the government service through the IAS etc exam held by the UPSC. “KALASAVYA” that brought out several publications besides organizing cultural shows.

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