It is my firm belief that moles have been planted by successive governments ,both at Centre and States, in anti-graft agencies like the CBI , IB, RAW, ED, CVC, and CVOs in ministries ,their PSUs, PSBs etc. They have been leaking sensitive informations informations ( An euphemism for selling informations on pecuniary considerations ). Motive : To embarass the ruling governmemt.

Even top officers in ministries including MOF, MOD are suspects. Eminently suitable to be dubbed as subversives. All on  pay rolls of their masters.Officers after their superannuation, are hired as consultants by big business houses to garner secret information from their friends ,still in service.

Are they under IB’s scanner ?


Kudos to the Apex court for interim order on CBI. Since, Director CBI was appointed  by a three member committee  comprising of PM, LOP  and  a sitting Supreme court  judge, the Apex court has inter alia ordered the inquiry against  Alok Verma to be completed within two weeks ie by 8th Nov 2018. Investigations to be monitored by a  retired Supreme court Judge. No reinstatement of Verma pending final decision.

The buck cannot stop here. Seized documents   put Asthana ,former Special Director ,CBI on the backfoot. He allegedly enjoyed  hospitality from big business houses in daughter's marriage. Wedding events  were  allegedly sponsored by one industrialist from Gujarat,who later turned hostile against Asthana and trapped him. These charges must be investigated,too. Both the accused must come out above board.

Being an extra-ordinary  case with nationwide   ramifications , no effort is being spared to create chaos as Rahul’s protestors kept  laying sieges around CBI offices across the country. A planned strategy by the Opposition  to create turmoil and paralyse offices.Rahul Gandhi in his youthful , dynastic arrogance led the gherao march of CBI offices and finally staging the nasty tamasha of courting arrest.

Activities in central and State govt offices has come to a standstill. Officers and Staff  of CBI feel utterly de-motivated and the public-at-large demoralized, shocked and confused.CBI has been a ray of hope for all and sundry.

National Security Advisor to PM merely added fuel to fire by pronouncing his pearls of wisdom : "Weak coalition is bad for country ". Was it a panic  reaction,one wonders ?He behaved  more like the  political advisor to PM  than his advisor on national security issues ! Rather strange for a bureaucrat to overstep his jurisdiction.

Not to lag behind, detaining four IB’s sleuths outside Verma’s residence and their manhandling by Delhi police constables reinforced suspicions of distrust between two organizations.

As skeletons keep tumbling out of the cupboards,  faith in the institution of  CBI , built over several decades may not be restored soon.The  premier investigative agency is besieged with several issues arising out of  political pressures on IOs,  acute shortage of staff and officers, animosity among the promotee officers, IPS regulars coming on deputation from different States’ cadres  and the home-grown officers. All this  has been detrimental to CBI's efficient functioning. 

Worse,  CBI’s home-grown cadre (insiders ) has been getting a raw deal for decades in promotion matters vis-a-vis the deputationists. Squabbling between the Prosecution and Investigative wings,is  common. Each wing interested in achieving one-up-manship over the other.

DOP&T, headed by successive Prime Ministers  have never  bothered to attend to these concerns.


October 1824

CBI Conundrum

Alok Verma sacked and Rakesh Asthana forced to proceed on leave.

Both divested of charges.

N Rao,Jt Dir took over as CBI's interim chief at 2AM on Oct 24,2018

Big shake-up likely in CBI

Verma feeling wronged, may approach the Supreme court and spill the beans causing massive embarassment to PM Modi.

Offices of Verma and Asthana raided and sealed, papers seized.

CBI Hq under siege. 

No ingress, egress.

What happens to the on-going investigations of high profile cases, one wonders ?


I have always been maintaining that there are moles planted by the Congress-led UPA in agencies like the CBI , IB, RAW, ED,who have been leaking sensitive information to embarass the governmemt.

Even top level officers in ministries including MOF, MOD could be suspects.

GOI failed to cleanse these organisations of subversives.


October 1824

Cleansing of CBI

13 DIGs and SPs of CBI handling sensitive, high profile cases, have been transferred to other stations,since morning.

If an officer is considered corrupt at CBI Hq,how could he be considered honest for other branches / stations ?

There is no system of securing vigilance clearance of officers before posting in CBI. Intelligence inputs are relied upon.

Subordinate Officers in CBI owe allegiance to different lobbies within.

The IOs are always under threats of arm-twistings-- transfers, repatriations etc.

Verma lobby or Asthana lobby. Congress lobby or BJP lobby.

Highly politicised and compromised.

This explains why investigations against some criminals, are fast-tracked and slowed down in other cases.


PM Modi's enigmatic silence on the on-going infighting between Alok Varma and Rakesh Asthana, director and special director (No 1 and ,2 respectively) in CBI, is highly disturbing.

Why did the PMO,Cabinet Sectt and DOP&T allow the crisis to escalate to unprecedented level, resulting in avoidable embarassment to indian taxpayers.PM has been let down by his coterie of advisors.

The present NSA being from the IPS, must refrain from intervention.He is Advisor to PM in matters of national security.

The NSA to PM Manmohan Singh was infamous for excessive interference in ordering transfers/posting of IFS officers in MEA. History should not be allowed to repeat itself.

CBI's credibility is at stake. How could the country trust the 'Cage'(CBI), if not, the two 'caged parrots', one wonders?

PM Modi, as country's CEO, is not according the level of seriousness,it deserves. He is urged to take the call and arrest intra- competiveness in India's premier anti-graft agency that is going from bad to worse.

Sending the case to CVC, some claim, is merely a ploy, a delaying tactic to coincide with Alok Varma's impending retirement in July,2019.

Lokpal would have been the most appropriate authority to handle such sensitive matters.But, unfortunately, its formation is being delayed due to political slugfest.

Rakesh Asthana,No 2, stands booked by CBI.FIR can be accessed on CBI's website. No scapegoating out of vendetta. Ends of justice must be met. Allegations of receiving bribe by Asthana, involve moral turpitude and are serious.

It bodes ill for the country that stands committed to eradication of corruption. Supreme court is expected to step in to prevent politicisation of CBI.


A propos Whispersinthecorridor’s  query on  Oct 17,2018 : Will there be  an emergency in the country before Lok Sabha polls ?

India  needs emergency in  the interest of peace and stability.

PM Modi seems mostly  focussed on foreign affairs alone. Domestic politics is not in his hands Administration  is left in the hands of bureaucracy and economy under the care of arm-chair Finance minister, a good orator  but with zero administrative experience.

Polarisation of politics,Sabrimala face-off and growing violence,  Women’s  right to pray threatened, Ram temple conundrum, States like West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala - behaving like independent nations within a Republic.

Incessant incursions by China's PLA, Infiltration by Pak's terrorists in J&K on daily basis, the secret club of separatists' and seditionists  going strong.

Rahul Gandhi and his chaatukaars have unleashed their dirty tricks department, hell-bent on creating chaos in the country having  covert links with proponents  of Khalistan, China and Pakistan. Slow or no action  by CBI on UPA scamsters.Worsening  law &order situation in States which may escalate as we move closer to general elections. More violence is anticipated in the coming days.

Growing insurgency,Congress leaders inciting  Police and the Armed forces against the discharge of their duties and normal functioning,

Why not  impose national emergency to restore peace and stability in the country?One wonders whether  the ruling political dispensation would  agree to it, having experienced the rigours  of their pre-dawn arrests on June 25,1975 and tortures in jails.

The political correctness or otherwise of the above suggestion should be analysed keeping in view the national  security, internal disturbance, insurgency and  an undeclared war-like situation  on borders.

No  restrictions on freedom of Press. But, steps like immediate arrests for indulging  in anti-national activities must be enforced.


National and States Commissions for Women’s with statutory backings have been reduced to parking lots for sycophants of the ruling political dispensations. Chairpersons and Members enjoy government perks at tax payers' expenses. Endowed with insatiable appetite for cheap publicity,they mostly behave like  moral police under media coverage.

Recommendations of such commissions, more often than not, are influenced by  political class rather than merit.Their  actions do not come under the purview of public scrutiny. With zero utility and accountability, these are irrelevant.

Recall  unethical  practices by Delhi’s women commission in NCT, Delhi. A large number of contractual posts were created by the present Chairperson without sanctions of competent authority. Recruitments were made on contractual basis on pick-and-choose, arbitrary basis without  giving due publicity and fixing eligibility criteria for holding  mandatory  selection tests.

Zero accountability, sheer drain on public exchequer. These are  misused as political tools for settling scores with political adversaries.Positions in  other States and UTs would be anybody’s guess.

Should not  women’s Commissions , creatures of legislatures, be scrapped to save on tax payers’ funds  running into  crores of rupees spent on  salaries of  Chairpersons, members, supporting staff and officers, chauffeur-driven cars, free petrol ,buildings rentals etc?

Chairpersons and members are all political appointees,co-terminus with successive  ruling dispensations.


China has been consistently vetoing declaration of Azhar Masood as a global terrorist.

How did India blame Pakistan alone at the UNGA for harbouring Azhar Masood and allowing him a free run in that country.Why was China not bracketed with Pakistan  by India’s foreign minister  in her UN address in slamming them for jointly promoting terror and blackmailing other member States of the UN?

Even, four permanent members of the Security Council failed to take a stand in the General assembly session against China,the fifth permanent member for misusing its power of Veto. Let them not undere stimate India which is going to be a superpower and super-economy of future.


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