The media report on Ms Chanda Kochhar’s appointment as Director on the board of ICICI Securities, has sent shock waves among civil services,public and private sector . An attempt has been made to legitimize a patent illegality.

Chanda Kochhar as CEO & MD of ICICI, sanctioned a loan of Rs 3,250 crores to a family friend Dhoot of Videocon group and Nupower in which Deepak Kochhar, her spouse, had economic interests. Though widely known in banking sector, why did she suppress her kinship with 

Deepak Kochhar,the ultimate beneficiary of the secret deal.  What were the roles of internal  and statutary auditors of ICICI ?

How could representatives of Finance ministry and the RBI permit the illegal resolution  to be passed at ICICI Board's meeting in violation of established rules ? It is understood that they have not even been show-caused for failing to observe due diligence.Public is enraged.This 

raises suspicion in public mind. And,justifiably too.

This is an open and shut case.Quid pro quo is clearly established.No rocket science is needed to probe into whistle blower’s allegations.

The public was promised zero tolerance to corruption and ethical values in providing Good governance ? Besides hitting the credibility of the ruling dispensation, lack of action against Ms Chanda Kochhar accused of financial shenanigans, has sent wrong signals across the 

country,creating a crisis of confidence.Nation wants to know the truth.

PM Modi is urged to take the call in public interest.


August 1811

Rafale Muckraking

Demand for ‘forensic’ audit on Rafale by C&AG must be taken forward in the interest of probity in public life.

PM Modi may be personally honest and incorruptible.

I have always stood against his detractors. 

But, he is also a hardcore politician. This makes all the difference.

Politicians lose capacity to distinguish between Right and Wrong; Good and Bad advisors

I articulate my views candidly recording disagreement with him.

All my posts can be accessed at PMO archives.

Against this background , PM Modi,it seems, has been misled by the Reliance Group of Companies

Anil Ambani,the corporate honcho, had no business to suo moto issue a public clarification on the contentious issue

Association of Reliance Defence (with zero experience in Aero space manufacturing ) as a partner of Dassault Aviation, has raised suspicions in public mind.

And, quitely justifiably.

Means are more important than Ends

PM Modi will have a lot to explain


Shelter homes for women are very much in the news these days,but, for wrong reasons.

Let us hand over the administration and security of all women shelter homes in UP,Bihar and elsewhere to transgenders.

They would,at least, be relatively more trustworthy and committed than politicians, police and bureaucrats.

Let us take lessons from the medieval indian history.The mughals were wise enough to amply utilise the services of the third gender.

Incidentally, it is not clear why has the GOI not permitted the UPSC to permit the third gender appear in civil services exams despite clear verdict of Supreme court?

The RBI has already allowed them to appear in all their exams by making suitable changes in the application forms.

Why this discriminatory approach?


Mamata&Rahul , the anti-nationals' belligerant postures on impacts of NRC in Assam and soon to follow west Bangal ( due to be re-named as Bangla ,sorry, "Republic " of Bangla),is bound to create unprecedented violence and chaos in the country.

Worse, the rohingyas are not the ones to sit back.They are also being trained and funded by the ISI.

The ISI has been waiting to push the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh& Myanmar for radicalisation and train them as hardcore terrorists.

A direct threat to National security.

Thanks to the Commies, Congis, TMC-wallahs urban / rural naxalites and their cheer leaders.

I was the one to have advised PM Modi, to rein in the serial offenders loke the UPA,scamsters and other allies.But, you are enamoured of your grand visions.

Wonky priorities, grabbing popularity among indian diasporas.

Needlessly footloose,you neglected domestic priorities and went on accumulating serious issues.

I would like to be upfront. As a Modiphile, I want to call a spade a spade without mincing words.

I have no axe to grind and seek favours from you, Sir. You seem to have lost your ability to distinguish between good and bad.

You allow yourself to be misled by the cabal of self-seeking bureaucrats and political leaders.

So what next?

Impose President rule in Bangal followed by preventive detention of anti-nationals like

Mamata and Rahul, whose outrageous statements like " Khoon ki nadian " portend ill for the country.These instigate other anti-national and seditious forces in the country.

Another jolt to your fans, What prevented you, Modi Sir, from speeding up corruption cases against the Congress dynasty -- rather the extended dynasty including Robert Vadra,

Why are the CBI,ED etc not arguing in the court to cancel bail applications of the Chidambarams?

A word about your love for Good governance.You have committed blunders by bringing by legislating new laws to protect top bureaucrats who worked closely with the Congress supremo-cum- the Chairperson of the then NSA and Dr MMS etc. All  in garb of empowering top bureaucracy for taking bold decisions.Absurd.

Mr Prime Minister,Sir, trust me, you have been trapped by the manipulative coterie of your " trusted "advisors belonging to one elite service.

Be aware of ground realities.Please get a reality check conducted in bureaucracy of all organised services with the help of CBI,ED, IT,CVC ETC and find out where you stand.Some double-faced  top bureaucrats still owe allegiance to the UPA leaders.Put them under the scanner.

Having regard to the foregoing , I shall stll pray for your victory in 2019 elections in country's interests ,despite monumental blunders.

am convinced, there is no other option to

But, please do not forget, Sir, you are always accountable to public-at-large.

You may have a lot to explain to them.


The Lutynes coteries are ubiquitous in all departments of life.

The  opportunistic among them switch loyalties in order to receive patronage of successive ruling dispensations. Such charity to clever chaatukaars has destroyed democracy.

A stupid man is more likely to be honest than a shrewd man. We are sharply machiavellian.

Why should we target the Media alone.

There are hordes of shrewd, sharply hierarchical Lutynes ,evergreen bureaucrats , Law-makers are bereft of clean conscience.

They are adept in monopolising key positions without merit.

Elitist, anglisized brokers, fixers and corporate lobbyists

And, what about those four ill-advised SC judges' who went public for articulating their grievances? What glorious messages the "Lutynes judges " had sent to the holding press conferences. Ironically, no contempt notices were issued by the Apex court for washing dirty linen in public?


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