Nepal has reportedly given its consent to China for constructing China-Nepal Economic Corridor. It is reported by the Nepalese media that Leaders of China and India have reportedly “ reached consensus on exploring the feasibility of the China-Nepal-India Economic Corridor”.

This will be Nepal’s greatest blunder unless it is keen on a suicide mission, hell-bent on getting swallowed by the dragon.

Consider India. China’s expansionist policy,its illegally occupyiing 40,000 sq kilo metres of Indian territory in Aksai Chin during 1962’s undeclared war with India, its claim on Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Sikkim, building infrastructures at Dokalam with the ulterior motive of attacking chicken neck.

These are proofs enough of China's nefarious designs. Inciting insurgency in the North-east , extending clandestine support to Maoists, constant attempt at derailing India’s economy are additional pinpricks.

Nepal will lose its status as a buffer state between two neighbours. It will either end up as a province of China or its protectorate..

A grave threat,in case,war breaks out with China. Deployment of more army on Indo-Nepal border.

Another manifestation of string of pearls woven around India by China. There should be no question of having diplomatic parleys by India with the Machiavellian China.

Never trust China unless it agrees to return 40,000 sq kilo metres of Indian territory in Aksai chin, forsake its illegal claims over Ladhak, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim.

Let it stop building infrastructure at Doklam with the ulterior motive of invading the chicken neck.

Let it stop building CPEC through POK, a part of India.Let it vacate the artificially created coral island and dismantle its military bases near South-China sea.


Supreme Court took the noble initiative by rationalising the Atrocities against SC,ST Act. Objective? Objective ? To eliminate rampant misuse of the Atrocities Act.

This is now sought to be neutralised by the ruling dispensation by promulgating an Ordinance. Empowerment of the elite SC/ST,who have been reaping the fruits of reservations , generations after generations ?

The poorest of the poor SC/ST are not even aware of their rights. But, who cares for them in view of the vicious compulsions of vote-bank politics ? Let them reap the fruits of reservation policy instead of the affluent dalits. Every indian will support the move.

Now, the casteist union minister Paswan wants another ordinance to be promulgated by the government. He has now demanded application of the reservation roster to all cases of promotion of SC/ST. This politically motivated suggestion is in gross violations of Supreme court’s verdicts. Merit becomes the casualty,as always.

I fail to understand whether the Parliament is supreme or the Supreme court is sovereign?

What happens to our Fundamental Right : Right to Equality before Law?


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