India must start conducting mock exercises against possible conventional and nuclear attacks from Pakistan,China and even North -Korea.

Kashmir is a perennial theatre of war. Doklam remains a ticking bomb.

Not based on conjectures and surmises.

“ Kaheen bhi, Kabhi bhi, Kuch bhi hoe saktaa hai “

Is the government taking pro-active steps for such a contingency ?

Guidelines must be laid down detailing steps to be taken by the citizens in case of sudden attacks from ny quarter. The Civil defence wings in all indian States must be activated

There are different types of siren alarms forewarning against conventional and nuclear attacks respectively. The public is blissfully ignorant about the differences in their tones and durations..

Last two days experiences of administrators in the US and Japan of a fake nuclear attacks by North Korea, should serve as eye –opener to Ajit Doval, India’s National Security Advisor.

The idea is not to create panic but forewarn the public rather than let them be caught unawares.

Leaders of both the US and Japan were rattled by the fake nuclear alarms.

Another important suggestion.

Our political leaders must be compulsorily sent to the borders with China and Pakistan ( LOC, LAC, IB) for a week for having the first hand experience of the situation there.

This would enable the Congis ( one, Sandip Dikshit) and RJD ( one called Manoj Jha ) leaders to learn to shut up and put up. Should they not be house-arrested and booked under Law of the land?

These loose cannons have,of late, been targeting Army chief, General Bipin Rawat by shooting irresponsible ,motivated statements that demoralise the Armed forces.


The so-called " Destroy Supreme Court ” conspiracy choreographed by the Congis and the Commies in cohoot with the Lutyen's journalists, has turned out to be a damp squib.

All four dissenting SC judges resumed work, today. "Business as usual" informed the Attorney General. The judges will be hearing whatever had been assigned to them.The CJI kept smiling at a petitioner who raised the episode of four SC judges going public.

But, are things really normal beneath the surface?

Could the controversy be permitted to set at rest here.

What would happen if the Sessions judge of a subordinate court raises a revolt against a High court sitting judge or chief justice and calls a press conference to expose some case of purported miscarriage of justice?

What happens to the erosion of Constitutional values? Should the four judges not be show-caused immediately for violating the Code of conduct,if there is any damaging SC's credibility irrevocably in the eyes of the country ? Does the episode involve any contempt of court?

All judges of SC,headed by the CJI, are urged to introspect and evolve some in-house mechanism to resolve differences among themselves.

Are the four judges above the Law? Are they exempted from punishment that could serve as a deterrent against any misdemeanour in future?

The nation wants to know.


January 1813

Judicial Conundrum

The decision by four sitting SC judges to hold the Press Conference amounts to a No-confidence motion against the present CJI ? It has jolted the conscience of the Nation.The protesting judges left it to the" Nation "to preserve” independence of Supreme court “.

Who will take the call ? The Executive, the Parliament or the ubiquitous Media, the fourth pillar of democracy?As Presidential appointees, the dissenting judges did not think of sharing their simmering discontentment with the President of India before going public.

The consequences of the ill-advised move by four judges on the integrity and credibility of Supreme Court and their negative impact on various High courts and the Subordinate judiciary, must not be ignored.

Following options are available.

(a) Leave the Supreme court alone. Let the four SC judges and the CJI resolve their differences mutually through discussions among themselves;


(b) PM Modi as head of government cannot and should not remain a mute spectator. He along with the Attorney General of India ,may discreetly intervene to serve as a catalyst or facilitator to resolve the dispute in the top judiciary. This should be discreet, not be seen as interference in the internal functioning of the Supreme court by any political party. The CJI, in his wisdom, has already refused to meet  PM’s Principal Secretary, at former’s  residenceor

(c) Senior lawyers like Fali Nariman, Soli Sorabhji, Harish Salve and the Attorney General of India may be urged to intervene.


(d)Guidelines may be drawn by the CJI in consultation with top five or six judges for allocation of cases to different benches of SC. The CJI as the Numero uno, the first among Equals,is expected to carry the court with him. All efforts need to be made to diffuse the crisis at the earliest before the situation spins out of control.

The Congis and the Commies must keep their hands off. Let them not try to earn brownie points by politicizing the issues.

My gut feeling is that even after the matter is resolved “ amicably “, the damage done to Indian Judiciary is irretrievable. The damage done to the Supreme court’s credibility, impartiality will be irreparable. The top court will never be same again in the eyes of the Litigants and the Bar.


Dalit-Maratha conflict in Maharashtra triggered by Prakash Ambedkar, allegedly claimed by a section? Were the riots incited by the so-called resurgence of " Brahmanism " ,allege others ?

The celebration has been taking place peacefully ,year-after-year without  rancour from any quarter. How did it flare up suddenly this year? A deep - state conspiracy by the Congis and Commies , discomfited by their defeats in assembly polls. At least, so it seems.?

"Bahut chubhti hai teri chuppi ae, Congis aur Commies,

Kahin Ghul ghapara bhi ho jaye, par tujhe kuch fark nahi "

Whatever  may be the findings of  investigation , the politicos are laughing up their sleeves showing sham empathy with the dalits


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