CM Yogi's commandments to its bureaucracy for behaving like doormats to UP politicians is thoughtless, imprudent,injudicious and ill-advised. Sheer arrogance of power concentrated in few hands.

Guidelines force the bureaucrats to stand up, welcome the legislators with samosa,lemon-water, chai with half-spoon of sugar and so on.

Foundation-laying ceremonies monopolised by CM. Out of bound for bureaucrats.

CM Yogi has made a fool of himself by issuing such moronic, childish guidelines

Treating civil servants like kindergarten students is disgraceful. Enough is enough.

Should UP civil servants and others accept instructions from their chief secretary lying down ? What happens to the undeserved title of ' steel frame of bureaucracy '.

Has the steel frame become malleable, pliable, tractable and ductile?

Sheer violation of norms of dignity and human rights of poor bureaucrats bound by Conduct Rules.

Let the political executive also change the Conduct Rules by allowing VVIP racism.

Politicos extracting reverence from bureaucrats is actually an euphemism for seeking forced compliance of their illegal orders.

We have seen N D Tewari carrying late Sanjay Gandhi's chappals. We also saw UP officers taking off Mayawati's, Mulayam, Shivpal and Akhilesh Yadav's shoes in the not too distant past.Their arrogance boomeranged in elections.

PM Modi is Pradhan-sevak and CM Yogi is a Shehnshah

PM must step in and put his foot down

Chamchagiri, sychophancy has no place in the lives of honest civil servants.

Supreme court is urged to take suo moto cognizance and quash UP government's un-Constitutional instructions.

The court may also order a total ban on foundation stone-laying ceremonies wasting tax payers money.


October 1724

Damning Statistics

The number of schemes, memorials, tournaments, projects, trophies, awards, airports, hospitals, universities etc named after Nehru- Gandhi dynasty by  successive Congress-led dispensations during the past 70 years ,is mind boggling.

Have a look at the break-up.

(a)  Universities/Educational Institutes        98

(b) Roads/Buildings/Places        73

(c) Awards        51

(d) Schemes in Congress-ruled States         52

(e) Sports/Tournaments/ Trophies        28

(f) Schemes/Projects         13

(g) Scholarships/Fellowships        15

(h) Airports/ Ports         05

(i) Institutions/Chairs/Festivals         37

(j) Hospitals/Medical Institutes         39

(k) National Parks/Sanctuaries/Museums         15

(l) Stadia         19

Total               445

This has created a monopoly situation, unprecedented,unheard of in any other part of the world. All at tax-payers cost.


The Private Secretaries to union ministers are normally drawn from different organised Services.Sometimes, even officers from same ministries are deployed as private secretaries to ministers.Their appointments, more often than not,are co-terminus with ministers’ continuance in the council of ministers .

Worse, the ministers also indulge in the luxury of drawing on an army of junior staff far in excess of DOP&T’S entitlements.The number of staff ( designated as Informal staff ) from out of ministries, is as large as 20. This leads to additional office space, telephones,cars, furniture etc, needlessly adding to avoidable, wasteful expenditure. They are generally misused for fulfilling non-official obligations of ministers including receiving political co-workers, both at home and office.

This informal arrangement creates vested interests and misuse of official machinery and must be stopped forthwith. Such staff and officers facilitated all scams during the Congress-led UPA era. Mistaking them as innocuous, they are never kept under CBI’s and IB’s scanners.They are quizzed by anti-corruption agencies only after the scams are investigated. But,they escape scot free in absence of formal allocation of duties in ministers’ offices. They must be asked to return to their substantive posts in the ministry.Even, the Private Secretaries belonging to organised services, must be asked to pack up and report to their respective cadres after two years.

The PMO must be kept exempted due to massive amount of work and for effective monitoring.


But, PM Modi should neither over-estimate the achievements of his government nor under-estimate the scheming,wicked Opposition.

First  thing first. He must start reining in the loudmouths and rabble-rousers within his party and affiliated organisations. The so-called ‘ hindutva elements ‘ must come out of  their comfortable cocoon of arrogance, insensitivity and know-all mindset, far removed from reality.

The bottom line is that all sections must feel safe rather than feel discriminated against? The political and ideological war must be fought politically and democratically.

Confrontation with Supreme court on firecrackers controversy,is unwarranted and ill-advised.If the political class is opposed to SC’s judgement , let the Executive order filing SLP in the highest court.

Chaos would mean alienation from the masses. Silence can be misconstrued as ‘tacit approval’.PM Modi alone can control the wayward forces in his party and the country,failing which,his detractors within and outside, will earn brownie points,undeservedly and by default.

And,last but not the least, lack of  punitive action against UPA scamsters is heartbreaking  to  all Modiphiles including myself.


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