February 1727

" IAS dadagiri "

Bihar IAS officers' Association slamming the State govt- appointed SIT for arresting Sudhir Kumar IAS , the ex-Chairman, Bihar SSC for paper leakage amounts to bossing around. Close kins of former SSC boss besides Bihar politicians and other top officers, among others, have allegedly benefitted from the racket? Ironically, the IAS association demonstrated its tearing hurry in giving a clean chit to the accused as the “most honest, sincere and competent officers of the cadre ”. Curious demands. While demanding reference of vigilance case to CBI, the association also wants that no IAS officer be appointed to the post of Chairperson SSC, in future. The bullying tactic of Bihar IAS officers’ association is in sync with haughty attitude adopted by their counter-parts in other States, especially, Uttar Pradesh. The unionized behaviour of the Association attracts All India Services Conduct Rules . Hundreds of IAS officers and politicians who have allegedly benefitted from the unethical practices in Bihar SSC over the years , are likely to be in the net, once SIT inquiry is over. Let the investigation be completed urgently,if possible, under court-monitoring so that the task is not botched up. Furthermore, the inter-Services trust deficit between IAS and IPS et al , impacts governance and the concerns must be addressed by DOP&T headed by PM Modi.


February 1715

"Achhe din ayengey"

Billions are spent year-after-year on elections to sustain democracy. Freedom of speech is monopolized by the unholy alliance of politicians, Media and pliable bureaucracy. Zero benefit to the poor? The rich getting richer, economic disparity increasing exponentially. Bureaucracy is gagged,as always. Silenced by awards and rewards that they never deserve. The silent majority of quiet and honest bureaucrats are getting sidelined, remaining unshielded,unprotected. The vocal minority of corrupt bureaucracy still being rewarded,post-retirement.The smarter bureaucrates join politics, their ultimate refuge. Responsive administration at grass-root level has failed. Let us be upfront.Massive corruption dominates local bodies, police, NCT Delhi, transport deptts,bijli & Jal boards, slow judiciary etc all having large public interfaces. Achieving Good governance remains a pipe dream. Position in States, far worse, sliding to political anarchy. Power seeking,criminal politicians can't be reined in. And, we still take pride in being the World's largest democracy. Willy- nilly, we vote for a government that we never deserved. Save us of the ignominy, PM Modi, before it is too late.


Dr Manmohan Singh’s denunciation of demonetization as “organized looting and legalised plunder” during Parliamentary debate, was unparliamentary. PM Modi’s repartee in his “raincoat" barb to MMS, though modest, reflected the ground reality. Former PM merely betrayed his desperation and frustration by making unfounded accusations against present dispensation against the scams-tainted track record of UPA govt. He should have remained quiet instead of pontificating. Recall the Parliamentary debate in which MMS had the impertinence of presenting Sushma Swaraj a couplet of Allama Iqbal : “ Mana ki tere deed ke kaabil nahin hoon main ; Tu mera shauk toh dekh, mera intezar toh kar “. These were considered highly mysogynistic and derogatory and did not behove a intellectual like Manmohan Singh? Sushma Swaraj retorted back : "Na idhar udhar ki tu baat kar, yeh bata ki kafila kyon luta; hamen rahjano se gila nahin, teri rahbari ka sawal hai…" He did not prove his scholarship by using inappropriate expressions and urdu couplets. These are the hazards in a speech, ghost-written by others.


Pakistan, in times to come, must be ready to pay a huge price for its so-called friendship with China to whom a part of POK has already been ceded by Pakistan. Reasons : (a)Gwadar port is part of the ambitious China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project for which massive loan has been granted by China.Repayment of debt will start from this fiscal. How will Pakistan fulfil the liability with its massive fiscal deficit; (b)There is a huge concentration of Chinese at Gwadar port in Baluchistan.Its motive is to have full control on the port, once in operation. A security concern for India. China has refused to engage Pakistani locals on the project.Lack of employment generation is bound to lead to racial clashes between the locals and the Chinese; (c) China has already barred entry of Pakistani labourers into China’s main land as It is suspicious of Pakistani immigrants inciting trouble in the Muslim majority of its province Xinjiang,which is already in turmoil. Lack of mutual trust. Recall, how China banned Ramzan before Eid for its muslims. Strangely, not a single voice of protest was raised by the muslims across the world including Indian muslims; India has every reason to feel concerned about the future of Pakistani citizens and the impending dangers that await them from the treacherous and untrustworthy China. These concerns must be addressed by PM Modi and his NSA.. India is on the cusp of becoming a super power. An unstable Pakistan will have serious security implications on india.A weak Pakistan suits China alone.


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