How is it that intelligent people are never happy ?

Is it because they over-analyze everything; weigh the pros and cons of everything around them and judge everything quietly which results in their unhappy nature.

Against this background, analyse why Rahul Gandhi is always happy.

He lacks gravitas along with pietas, dignitas and virtus.


December 1619

An ill-advised move

This is NOT acceptable to common citizen of India, PM Modi.

Let me call a spade a spade.

Political parties can now deposit ANY amount of cash held and collected prior to November 8, 2016.

The scrutiny benchmark of 2.5 lakhs does not apply to them as it does to normal citizens.

A FRAUD on the country.

This is not a loop-hole but a massive Black hole in the demonetisation implementation.

You have obliged all political parties including your OWN.

Are political parties ,black money launderers?

Why ? The NATION wants to know.


Demonetization is a beautiful thing to have happened in the country.

Kudos to PM Modi for the game changing initiative.

But,it would be unfair to expect him micro-manage the implementation process..

Look at the flip side.

Re-monetization process is under question.

3000 crores INR in new currency seized by IT and ED.

Could this have happened without the collusive corruption of bankers?

Shortage of new currency is inevitable due to brazen leakages.

The super rich billionaires and.the political parties are being compensated by legitimizing their black money, stealthily though.

Grapevine has it that cash-carrying vans are being allegedly diverted from banks to hideouts of Ministers,CMs, MPs, MLAs,clandestinely.

Were bankers under political and administrative pressures ?

Too bad to be true

A clear denial by PM Modi will set the controversy at rest.

Opening a new window for Voluntary Disclosure Scheme offering " No penalty for past sins ", 50% tax penalty, will do more harm than good.

Voluntary disclosure does not mitigate the offence. 

Why change the goal posts in the middle? 

The hideouts of political parties are exempted from raids by IT/ED.

Their new-found love for the farmers and others ,was a farce. 

Hoarding of currency in new avtar would thus continue with vengeance.

The black money converted into white, would be as dangerous as its precursor. 

Restoring black money from foreign havens, remains a wild goose chase.


Hell-bent on escalating tension, Pakistan army is continuing with ceaseless cease-fire violations while brazenly brutalizing Indian brave hearts. There are enemies within, too.Farooq Abdullah, an ace opportunist, pledging support to the Hurriyat for Kashmir’s “ Azaadi", is a disturbing trend. Why can’t he be charged for sedition? He was a minister in UPA era and called himself a nationalist. When not in power, his nuisance value multiplies manifold. Itihaas gavaah hai.Opposition’ conduct inside Parliament and outside has been quite reprehensible. It merely helps Pakistan. Worse still, India’s cottage industry of “peaceniks “ is another trouble-maker. After each terror attack, the peaceniks’ lobby becomes suddenly active in suggesting engagement with the belligerent neighbour without realizing that the civilian govt there is powerless. Pak’s army is wise enough to realize that remote-controlling Pak’s civil government is far better than being a part of it. What is the solution ,then?

Let us be realistic . Repeated use of hackneyed phrase “ Mooh-tor- Jawaab  by our ministers ,is futile. We have to be offensively defensive, pro-active  rather than re-active. There is an urgent need for a paradigm shift in India’s over-all policy like :(a) Aggressive foreign policy ;(b)A long-term military strategy ; (c) End of candy floss diplomacy ; (d) Using unrests in Baluchistan, Sindh, POK and Gilgit-Baltistan to India’s advantage .PM Modi had promised support to Baluchistan  freedom movement.   Why have these issues been back-burnered ; (e)Tactical initiatives in form of surgical strikes must continue; (f) Never get trapped in Pak’s peace overtures.PM Modi’s demonetization initiative has disabled the Hurriyat and the ISI  in funding stone pelters and terrorists . 


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