Face-off between Judiciary and the Executive is snowballing into confrontation. The situation must not be allowed to deteriorate further.It is having adverse impact down the line from top to subordinate judiciary.

While the Judiciary must ensure transparency in judges appointment;the Executive must respect independence of Judiciary. Let both pillars of democracy respect doctrine of separation of power.

Mutual trust will restore public confidence in Judicial impartiality.

Don't forget, GOI is the largest litigant in the country. Eminent lawyers could exercise sobering influence to restore harmony in their relationship.

Failing this, the litigants and the bar would continue to suffer as the number of pending court cases is swelling exponentially.


After demonetization, PM Modi would do another service to the country by focussing his attention to reviewing VIP and V VIP security covers.Far from being security-based, granting X,Y,Z and Z+ covers, has always been  the discretion of the political dispensations. A mere status symbol for the protectees with zero benefit to the common man.

Why should former Presidents, Vice Presidents and Prime Ministers, and after them, their extended families get security covers?Strangely, some continue politicking, even after demitting high Constitutional offices. All at cost of public exchequer. Ironically, the tax payers do not participate in decision making. Presently, 450 persons are beneficiaries of security covers including a top business tycoon and his spouse ,who is reportedly paying for it.

Is public security less important than security covers 24x7 to the so-called VIPs ? It is paradoxical that even persons with clouded credentials  are enjoying Z+ security 24x7 , as part of the extended family of a deceased PM. A huge insult to the common man.

Rules must change. Review threat perceptions periodically to make security covers available to those in real need of it. Reject extraneous considerations like “ Status symbols”,  “ False sense of  in-security”  and “ hypocrisy of corrupt politicians” and their “ proximity to successive  ruling dispensations “. If these protectees can mingle with the crowds during canvassing, their security threat perception is zero.Let the authorities do not rely blindly on cryptic reports of  security agencies The number of 450 beneficiaries of VIP security should be scaled down to the barest minimum, not exceeding 50.


Several posts  accusing  bureaucracy betrays hair-splitting mentality. How could printing  new currency notes of Rs 500 and 1000 denominations pre-empt PM’s decision ? The objective was to take on blackmarketeers including jewellers, builders,colonisers, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats by surprise without allowing them time to legitimize their dirty cash by depositing in banks, resorting to hawala transactions , illegal purchase of  immoveable assets , gold etc.

Contributions made by banking and income tax officials merit appreciation for implementing  the historic decision. PM Modi  and the  officials would  surely be under threat from those who are adversely impacted by surgical strike on black money. The inconvenience caused to public-at-large, is also abating gradually.

PM Modi’s bold action besides leading to deflation , enhancing GDP,will also neutralize naxalism and terror attacks from across the border  in absence of terror-funding .Results will start appearing soon.Just wait and watch.


PM Modi is expected to come down heavily on Politicians, Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Police, Journos, Businessmen,Realtors and last but not the least, the Jewellers. They are the " Main Pillars of Corruption in India “. Raids by CBI must be intensified. In order to ensure completion of inquiries, prosecution and final convictions in a time-bound manner, continuity in command structure is imperative. It will be in public interest to extend the tenure of present Director, CBI, Anil Kumar Sinha, by another term of two years. He is to retire this month. The country is passing through a critical period that calls for multi-pronged attack on corruption.


Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupees  indian currency notes is like a surgical strike by PM Modi on dirty money followed by Income Tax raids on the filthy rich money bags across the country. An effective ,long overdue step to curb black money that all previous ruling dispensations failed to take.Is India heading for a cashless, paperless transactions in India ?We can surely look forward to cashless voting in the coming assemblies’ elections. The Opposition is desperate, frustrated, and confused. One wonders whether PM Modi's bold actions in India will trigger the anti- black money movement in Pakistani for de-thronement of corrupt civil and military establishments  leading to peace and stability in the sub-continent.



Assembly elections In Bihar being over, but, governance by Maha-gathbandhan  will not be a cakewalk as one would like to assume. The honeymoon between Nitish Kumar and Lalu will be short-lived.Nitish as CM with a scion of Lalu dynasty as Deputy CM,may not be a viable combination. It will always be under strain of coalition dharma.Lalu Yadav as leader of the largest party, is not the one to sit back and watch mutely.He will pull all the strings 24x7.The  Congress will demand its pound of flesh.



Shaktikanta Das (TN 80, IAS) Economic Affairs Secretary attended a conference of economic editors ,chaired by FM Arun Jaitley.

An editor from TN asked a question in english and then willy nilly switched over to his mother tongue Tamil.

Much to FM's bewilderment and others' amusement, Das responded in Tamil. The non-Tamilians without understanding a word of what he said, applauded, nevertheless. No rancour. FM enjoyed without knowing the Tamil language.

Now , an opposite experience.

I recall a cognate incident of 2014 under UPA regime that created a huge controversy.

Sudhir Krishna ,the then urban development Secretary,at a meeting chaired by Chidambaram, started speaking in english with smattering of hindi words. Though from UP, he belonged to Karnataka cadre. Suave and no-nonsense officer.

Chidambaram in his typical arrogance. humiliated the poor Secretary asking him to speak in hindi that could be subsequently translated by his officials into english.

Sudhir Krishna registered his protest with Finance Secretrary and also with his minister Kamalnath to bring the humiliation to PM's notice.

Nothing happened as Dr Manmohan Singh. the de jure PM, was perennially in silent mode.The actual power was exercised by the then Congress supremo,the de facto PM.

The incident demoralised the IAS fraternity,rather unfairly.

Such incidents do not occur in NDA with PM Modi at the helm.


Let me come straight to the point. Donald Trump is an anti-outsourcing activist. This could jeopardise the fate BPOs in India. A hard core businessman, a top realtor, figuring in world's super-rich category, he has invested  in building two  business centres , one each in Mumbai and Pune. He could infuse foreign capital for infrastructure development and create jobs in India.

In international relations, India would not be wrong in pinning hopes on Donald.

There is a distinct possibility of emergence of a new regional Axis consisting of the US, Russia and India to counter China’s influence in the region. India should facilitate formation of such alliance by building bridge between Russia and the US. Going by the utterances in his campaign speeches, Trump would surely like to revisit its Pakistan policy as part of his commitment to fight terror.



In an attempt to curb black money, GOI has decided to demonetize currency notes of Rs 500, 1000 denominations. These will be invalid.from mid-night onwards.

People can deposit notes of #Rs1000 and #Rs500 in their banks from November 10 till December 30, 2016,

Pakistan Terror funding and circulation of counterfeit currency notes will be largely stopped. China's funding to maoists will stop. Loads of black money held by builders,contractors, money-launderers, hawala dealers,whole-sellers,retailers etc will be on the run, for exchanging invalid notes.Black money, stacked in lockers , secret strong rooms will be invalid.Black money acquired through property transactions.will become invalid.

Use of PLASTIC MONEY must be encouraged.

The political parties including Congress,, BSP, SP, Commies, TDP, etc have been caught unawares like all of us.



November 1608

NDTV’S nationalism

GOI decision on one day ban on NDTV " for its anti-National reporting ,is being reviewed, it is learnt.

The political Executive was surely misled by the I&B bureaucracy to keep it in good humour.

Can the NDTV be held solely responsible for the security breach ? .

Following questions need answers from I&B ministry :--

(a) How was NDTV crew allowed access into the prohibited military area including the armouries for filming?

(b) Why were crew members not briefed about the locational sensitivity?

(c) Why were precautionary guidelines not drawn-up by I&B mandarins in consultation with the Armed Forces for Media reporting in the aftermath of 26/11 attack in Mumbai ?

(d) Heads must roll in I&B ,if, culpability of its officials, is established.

(e) NDTV cannot go unpunished for not applying its common sense.


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