DOP&T’s  decision (TOI, Oct 20 ) revoking suspension of  a Joint Secy ( IAS, AP- 93 ) in MHA , placing him under “compulsory wait”, is discriminatory, unjust, unfair and legally untenable. Two Deputy Secretaries and one Section officer are still under suspension. Their fault : Juniors belonging to “ inferior services “.  The favouritism shown to top officer of elite Service, weakens the Prosecution’s case in the court.  All officers should be treated at par for offences impinging on national security under doctrine of “collective responsibility “

Interceding in favour of the accused under pressure from 15 Joint Secretaries of MHA, is bad in law. The group used hyperboles like “suspension was demoralizing" and “harsh on the honest IAS officer" besides standing surity for officer’s "integrity and hard work”. Was this justified when investigations were and are reportedly still underway.

Who authorized the group of 15 joint secretaries to issue a clean chit to the accused? Gross interference in administration of justice? A clear misconduct. No wonder, if, Joint Secretary’s name is deleted from list of the accused. Is the group of 15 not liable for prosecution under IPC and the Conduct Rules for influencing the inquiry? Can one expect just and fair investigation? Due diligence was not carried out by the FCRA division headed by the re-instated Joint Secy before renewing licence of the  NGO ( IRF-Islamic Research Foundation )  headed by someone masquerading as a preacher. No transparency, no accountability. The Government will have a lot to explain to Parliament in the coming winter session.


PM Modi  is opposed to  tenurial  appointments of Secretaries in ministries of Defence, Finance and Home. It is discriminatory, causing heart burnings It is OK for Cab Secy – Primus interperes--first among equals. Similarly, post-retirement rehabilitations  of bureaucrats promotes politico- bureaucratic unholy nexus. It would be just and fair to stop such appointments forthwith.


Can the Sahitya Akademi awardees be called intellectuals, conscience keepers or opinion makers? They have forfeited their rights to be categorized as such..By returning the awards, they have disgraced their own works that earned them coveted recognition. Awards helped them earn hefty royalties from publishing houses. And, catapult them to sudden name and fame and turn them into insensitive, self-seeking millionaires.

Have the writers made any contribution to society?

Did they ever propose any solutions to solve societal problems?

If, not, let them join the club of pseudo intellectuals.

They merely allowed themselves to be manipulated politically with ulterior motives.-- Just to embarass PMcrats and overcome  threats of  “ frustration, low productivity, absenteeism,   sedentary jobs, increasing workload, image  makeover of  offices by  creating a positive  and energetic work force , help in effective discharge of official duties etc.” 

DOP&T’s pearls of wisdom or plebian arguments. Insiders reveal on condition of anonymity that suggestion for gyms came from a few top bureaucrats to burn their calories. Juniors do it, anyway, travelling by public transports. Why can’t seniors emulate their subordinates and eliminate VVIP racism? Have they forgotten Modi mantra: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Sweeping would surely keep them healthier and happier.  Consider logistics. Shortage of office space in Delhi and outside is well known. Scouting for additional office space in the open market would be prohitively  costly. Private gyms have sprouted at every nook and corner. Why not avail of  these facilities instead of creating duplicate infra-structure. The cascading effect  on the States has not been visualised? Expenditure running into thousands of crores of rupees. This could be utilized on projects/schemes to help the less fortunately circumstanced. People are getting increasingly disillusioned. GOI must get its priorities right. Sooner,the better.


Apropos  WIC  home page ( 2nd Oct ,2015) “ Yeh waala Jhadoo daale gandh...  MMS says all Coal files he did not read!... Or may be Sonia's orders he did heed files for her to see…”, serves as the wake up call. 

Let us analyse  CBI’s cleanchit to Manmohan Singh in coalgate  scam.

The moot point is: How could the CBI ignore the Principle of Equality before Law. Whither Constitutional guarantee? All accused must be treated similarly. 

MMS’s rhetorics like: “I have respect for judicial processes“ … ; “ I am open for legal scrutiny”… ; “Truth will prevail”… ; I will get a chance to put forward my case with full facts” … , are political gimmicks. These do not absolve him from his responsibilities as ex- Coal Minister in deciding illegal allocation of coal blocks in Jharkhand to Navin Jindal group of firms. 

CBI’s argument that perusal of coalgate files notings and MMS’s non-interference with screening committee’s recommendations, did not suggest his complicity, does not stand to reason. Atrocious interpretation

It  was an open secret that MMS took all decisions under oral directions of the Congress “ High command “. But, it does not mean that he was precluded from  perusing files and applying his mind before putting his signatures. He has to pay for the sins committed by the Congress party whose credibility is at the lowest ebb.

Another crucial omission by the CBI.Did the Principal Secretary and Secretary to ex-PM fail to advise the boss about financial impropriety of decisions? Were they under pressure? If so, then, from whom? If top officials are not grilled now , they will not be spared by defence counsels of other accused during court proceedings. A dangerous portent. There is a growing suspicion of a grand conspiracy behind saving the high and mighty. One trusts, the CBI is no longer the caged parrot?


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