September 1629

Land of Mars

Signs of flowing water on Mars.

My imagination runs riots.

Possibility of extra-terrestrial  beings  visiting Mother Earth regularly travelling  by flying saucers.

Are the aliens passing through ancient, medieval or modern stage of history ?

If they are technologically more advanced, there will be rush for new alliances with them by the worldly super powers.

If the Mars is in early stage of civilisation, the super powers  will start the THIRD WW  for conquering the mineral- rich planet.

The UN and P-5 would become irrelevant.

Only, P-6 with India led by PM Modi as new member could help in averting such a calamity.

 No chance for  Indian developers and builders grab the Martian  land by hook or by crook   in collusion with the Vadras and go scot free. 


Top-secret,Secrets and classified information pertaining to France- manufactured the first Scorpene submarine, running into 22,000 pages leaked,causing massive damage to India's strategic security.

Was this a case of leakage by the private company that fabricated the submarine. The information might have been leaked as part of cut-throat competition between rival submarine manufacturers.

A French employee who joined the rival. company.,could have sold the secrets.

It could also be joint hacking by China and Pakistan.

If,so, it has given them huge strategic edge over India in spying.

And, last but not the least, what about sabotage from within--Indian Navy ?

I am paranoid.

National security cannot be compromised.

The country wants to know the truth.

No under-playing it.


The IAS officers association’s appeal to GOI for amending PC Act (1988)and  CrPC  ( 1973) to help the serving and retired officers  in litigation matters  by hiring for for them eminent lawyers out of  tax-payers funds. The demand from an “ elite “ association is irrational , reprehensible and fraught with dangerous repercussions. Similar demands from  “ aam “ Services to protect officials at lower echelons, could not be resisted.

Former coal secretary H C Gupta refuses to take legal assistance in coalgate scam on the plea that he could not afford a ‘ good lawyer ‘.Way out is simple? Let him co-operate with CBI investigations and reveal the roles of all black sheeps under Congress-led  UPA dispensation, who might have manipulated him.

Coming close on the heels of coal scam, Association’s motive seems suspect. What,it means in actual ? If, a retired or serving delinquent officer is under prosecution by the CBI on charges of corruption,as per IAS association’s proposition ,  GOI or State govts should have the  responsiblity to arrange  an ‘ eminent lawyer’ to defend the accused in the hierarchy of courts (Trial courts to Supreme court )against the CBI and its advocates. This would not be pro bono.The private lawyer’s fee , running into lakhs and crores of rupees, will be charged to the Consolidated Fund of India. The proposition is ludicrous, financially inappropriate and legally untenable on grounds of discrimination besides causing huge public embarrassment to the governments at the Centre and States. Another financial scam in the making ?

It is not the governments’ responsibility to defend the accused for offences committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act. At the same time, it is not in the mandate of IAS Association to vouch for any members honesty and give a clean chit. This is precisely what is happening in the coalgate scam ,even while it is subjudice.The issue should better be left to the Judiciary to decide  in the light of evidences/ witnesses garnered by the CBI.The governments should, however, not object to  Services Associations creating their own Corpus Funds, through donations by its members, to meet such contingencies.

PM Modi may please take the call for holistic consideration.


September 1622


A PhD student called Anmol Rattan raped another PhD student of JNU..

Blackmailing threat forces the girl to file an FIR.

This is one more example of JNU's so-called progressive culture ?

And,these morons want Azaadi from interference and chanting anti-national, pro-separatists slogans.

The anti-socials belong to AISA, the student wing of CPI.

Let them seek protection from Mulayam Singh Yadav of

" Bachhey hain, galti kar baithte hain " fame.

This is the time to change the name of JNU after an eminent educationist.

Let it be re-christened as Dr S Radhakrishan university ( SRU)


PM Modi’s initiative merits appreciation. But, more concrete steps are required to make the selection process-  just, fair, transparent, free from political  discretion  and the doctrine of “ pick and choose “.

Consider these. Details of selection criteria, guidelines, nominations received ( on line) their achievements, performance including ongoing court cases, if any,  must be kept in public domain. These are public ( and not government awards)  and must be open to public scrutiny.

Sources in MHA reveal that during the UPA regime, nominations used to be received till the last moment by the PMO and office of HM. Final decisions usually taken with the approval of the then “ De facto PM” . Several black marketeers , money-launderers , tax defaulters masquerading as “ public servants “ had benefitted on considerations other than merit.

Nominations received under category of “public service”, are usually dicey.  These require close scrutiny, even investigation by the CBI, IB, IT and ED.

Let the present dispensation headed by PM Modi substitute fraud by caution.


India’s induction  as a permanent member of UNSC, is fraught with glorious uncertainties. Getting support of two-third majority in UNGA is mandatory in the first hurdle Secondly , a  majority of  15 –members in UNSC ( at least 8) must register its support for each aspirant. In third stage, approval of Veto-holding P-5 in UNSC, is crucial. India’s financial contribution and supplying peace-keeping forces to the UN cannot be ignored. Stakes are high in favour of India in crossing the triple hurdles with greater ease than three others of G-4 partners despite uncertainties in stances of China and Russia. Pakistan’s envy and fears are not baseless. But, that is immaterial. 

Hats off to PM Modi’s ceaseless efforts to garner support for India in the comity of nations. Let the Sonia-led Congress grow more desperate and frustrated.


Was it terror attack or a blatant act of war ?

Killing 20 soldiers is a serious matter.

It is an act of war. No more an internal security issue.

Time for diplomatic initiatives,seeking economic blockades, is long past

Hot pursuit into POK seems the only option in the given situation.

Declare state of emergency in the state of J&K.

Peaceniks like Sharad Pawar, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Yechuri, D Raja etc must be permanently sent to Srinagar to knock at the doors of Hurriyal anti-nationals and other separatists.If, they succeed, fair enough.If, they don't, good riddance for the country.

Morons like Diggy Raja, Pappu, Keju, Lalu etc and their sidekicks ,must be asked to keep their mouths shut. Irresponsible statements will demoralise the Armed Forces.

The country trusts PM Modi and the Armed Forces.

The World community support India in whatever action ,it takes as a sovereign nation.Ban Ki Moon of the UN condemned the attack.


September 1619

Small mercies

Thanks CBDT for small mercies.

Thanks to Income Tax deptt for modifying their Scrutiny notices to the adding a dose of humility.

Phrases like : "for your kind information","yours faithfully" etc will ,no doubt, enhance the feel-good factor of the frightened assessees,temporarily though.

Honest tax-payers will be treated at par with celebrities Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya and hundreds others of their ilk.

But, there will be no exemption from detailed scrutiny of returns.

"Meethi Churi "


The media is flashing the alert 24x7 :" Al Qaeda plans to target senior IAS and IPS officers."

A totally fabricated " alert " to fool the public.

Here is a reality check.

The IPS officers already enjoy security cover. at home.

Pitching tents for security personnel 24x7 ,sticks out like sore thumbs, This does not enthuse officers of other  Services in the neighbourhood.

Who would not wish to have status symbols. 

It is the common man who bears the brunt and need protection.

He becomes a victim of falling police/public ratio.

Security cover must be "job-specific ", not " Service- specific" PM Modi must see through the game.


The “selfie” controversy surrounding the Rajasthan women’s commission demonstrates its total insensitivity to women’s plight. Time for a reality check.

National and States Commissions for Women with statutary backings have become parking lots for sycophants of the ruling political dispensations. Their Chairperson and Members enjoy government perks at tax payers’ expenses. Endowed with insatiable appetite for publicity, they behave like publicity seeking moral police. 

Thanks to Media for exposing their lackadaisical,  functioning.  The commissions’ findings , one suspects, are influenced  by political outrage  rather than facts of the matter. 

 Their performances are not subjected to public scrutiny. Zero accountability.  These bodies are a drain on public exchequer, misused as  political instruments for settling scores with adversaries.

Should not these be scrapped ? 


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