I  was piqued by the deluge of caustic reactions from across the LOC, when one of my post was uploaded on Aman Ki Asha (AKA). The post was later removed from the site for being non-compliant with AKA policy guidelines.

How can we generate bon homie by ignoring ground realities.

The Indian defence analysts are unanimous that the site Aman Ki Asha,is controlled by vested interests in Pak by raising illusory hopes to cover their misdeeds..

It was never my intention to create acrimony between the two sub-continental cousins- India and Pakistan.

I pity that the Pakistanis are oblivious of ground realities. But, they are in a minority. The silent majority that knows the truth, is gagged.

Now, India’s NIA has confirmed Pakistan’s complicity in terrorists ‘attack at Pathankot airbase. The perpetrators were/are terrorists, NOT, highway robbers.

The proofs have been (or are being) sent to Pak’s NSA for investigation. But, who would trust the ISI ?PM Sharif, India's friend, is being manipulated by Pak army's dirty tricks deptt called the ISI.

The position is getting murkier by the hour. Delhi could be the next target.

Chorus of protests, demonstrations, effigies burnings galore.

Demand for retribution is growing louder.

It is now India’s turn to give a surprise to Pakistan army ?

But, when and how ?


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