January 1623

Netaji’s Papers

Today  ( Jan 23) is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s Jayanti. 

A historic day when some of Netaji’s files will be de-classified by PM Modi.

The digital version will be put in public domain.

Initially, kept under the wrap during the Nehruvian era and  subsequently ordered for status quo by successive Congress governments.

Motive was clear? 

Nehru-Gandhi's genetic weakness for publicity; giving undeserved credit to Nehru; sidelining Netaji’s role in freedom struggle. All for perpetuation of  dynastic rule.

The history hitherto taught in schools and colleges, has been part of a well-planned  Nehruvian conspiracy.

It was twisted,tampered and manipulated by paid agents.

Netaji was always portrayed as a terrorist.

Thank PM Modi for his efforts in de-mystifying the death mystery of Netaji.

Only limited documents could be be released today. 

The sensitive ones,presently,in IB’s custody should also be released without delay.

And, what about “ classified” docs still in possession of  Russia, Japan, Germany and UK ?These must also be de-classified for a holistic perspective.

Truth has to be revealed in totality, not in parts.

What prompted the paranoid Nehru to order snooping of Netaji’s kins during his lifetime and thereafter by his daughter?This raises suspicion on his intentions.

Mukherjee committee’s Report,should be the bottom line.


Hon’ble Supreme Court recently stayed disciplinary proceedings     ( initiated by Kerala government) against a 1998 batch IAS officer, B Ashok. 

The officer had, in an article published in 2013, supported the then Gujarat chief minister (and current Prime Minister) Narendra Modi’s visit  to a  function in Kerala, something which the state government had opposed.

Supreme court's verdict over-riding  High court orders, will have far-reaching repercussions.

An officer is supposed to be politically neutral. Writing an article for or against a politician or its ideology, in the print media was strictly prohibited save with prior approval of competent authority.

The State govt was  within its right to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the offender for violation of Conduct Rules.

The matter calls for filing an SLP in the Apex court with prayer to review its decision.

DOP&T as nodal agency may take the initiative,even though the article had favoured PM Modi,who is the minister -in-charge of the deptt.


January 1619

Yugpurush Kejriwal

I pity Yugpurush CM Kejriwal & Co, for its lack of performance due to in-experienced, confrontational mindset, pretty weird.

Most people who claim to be forward-looking, hide behind the curtain of imagined fears and the baggage of biases and prejudices.

Suffering from Persecution complex,ink throwing is labelled as an attempt to murder allegedly by Modi sarkar.

The psychiatric disorder is more serious than constant coughing.

Blame game is manifestation of frustration. No wonder, Kejriwal calls PM Modi a psychopath.

A convoluted character,his chatukars might stage-manage a fake attack.

Sorry, my imagination is running riot.

The AAP party requires psychiatric intervention in public interest.

Just, a suggestion in public interest.

Choice is His.


Bihar govt has decided to treat samosa, kachauri as luxury items for imposing luxury tax, little realising that these are usually sold without vouchers. An irresponsible, laughable act.


January 1619

Cynicism Galore

Deception, deceit, double speak, double standards, communal politics, murders,rapes. intolerance. Loose cannons getting berserk.CM,west Bengal with an eye on muslim vote bank, thrives in allegedly inciting communal violence. Terror attack at Pathankot. Punjab police and BSF exposed. A dalit commits suicide in Hyderabad. The opportunists are busy earning political brownie points. That’s what we see around, while mutely watching the Machiavellian politicians and their chatukars- all steeped in unethical practices. India at the crossroads.


Kudos to PM Modi for his pro-active diplomatic strategy by making a detour to Lahore from Kabul enroute India. The surprise stop-over on Pak soil, has been acclaimed by world leaders as a gesture of peace . Modi's honesty in walking an extra mile, one trusts, is reciprocated by Pakistan. PM Modi is a fast-track statesman with no time to waste. People on either sides of LOC want amicable relations. Hardliners would get marginalized under public pressure. Both countries must jettison the baggage of mutual distrust , mistrust, acrimony behind. The moot question is: Will Pak army permit defrosting relations between the two sub-continental cousins separated at birth? India expects “ No Kargil, no terror attacks from across the border” failing which situation will spin out of control for Pakistan. Back home, Congress opposition to Modi’s out-of-box diplomatic master-stroke in carrying forward dialogue between India and Pakistan ,is irrational? Perhaps, it is a victim of puerile jealousy for good job done by PM Modi. The Congress demand for prior consultation by PM Modi in such matters, is absurd, illegitimate and must be rubbished. It is time for the egoistic Congress to come out of its hangover of misgovernance under UPA regime. .


The juvenile rapist Bill passed by Parliament will not mitigate crimes due to several unanswered questions like : (a) Whether to continue with the Juvenile Justice Board; (b) where to lodge the juvenile rapists- in jails with adults or in juvenile homes; (c) Quantum and type of of punishment- whether chemical castration for juveniles and 25 to 30 years of imprisonment for adults ; (d) Why were questions of giving retrospective effect to legislation and extension of detention of Nirbhaya’s rapist , not debated by Parliament in terms of Supreme court’s latest verdict/ observations in the same case? Release of rapist would force Nirbhaya's parents to live in constant fear of being attacked .

The rapist will also live under threat of public lynching due to extreme rage and contempt against him. Psychotic conditions could trigger suicidal tendencies in juvenile offender. One hopes, the President of India would order a review of the Bill by addressing these concerns before according his assent to enact the law.


The Division Bench of Supreme Court partly upholding a decision of Kerala High Court, has held that" :--

* * * 

" the Public Service Commissions (PSCs and UPSC ) are within purview of the RTI Act and are bound to provide scanned copies of answer sheets of the written test, copy of the tabulation sheet and other information sought by a RTI applicant under under RTI Act, 2005 ".

* * * 

An important step towards transparency.

The fiduciary relationships between the Commissions and Examiners remains protected.Thank God, re-valuation of answers ( both Objective and Open-ended) is not ordered.

But, the decision will throw up immeasurable workload on PSCs, UPSC and cognate recruitment bodies.

But,no one could or should prevent the failed or even successful candidates from seeking the desired information and /or documents.

Entropy will continue to increase in the system.

DOP&T is expected to take the call.


Jallikattu continues despite illegitimacy Watching traditional game of Jallikattu is more meaningful  than repeatedly watching the back-profile of the hypocrite Kejriwal on TV on Odd- Even formula.

The moron sought to cover his face but used his name and voice to evade Supreme court's contempt. 

A clear violation of Supreme court's verdict by misusing public money for partisan purpose and personal promotion. 

Will someone file a complaint in SC seeking Contempt of court proceedings against the lawbreaker ?


The media report of income tax raids on  a prominent Group having  a chain of hospitals  across the country, was noteworthy.  Why have other private sector hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres etc been left out?  All have a soft underbelly. Dens of black money generation, public looting, fleecing of the poor, vulnerable patients are galore. The practice of needlessly retaining patients after recovery for inflating the bill ,is widely prevalent. Such looting does not take place in government hospitals. As a   CGHS pensioner, I can cite number of cases where cash-rich private patients are given preferential treatment over CGHS counterparts.


I  was piqued by the deluge of caustic reactions from across the LOC, when one of my post was uploaded on Aman Ki Asha (AKA). The post was later removed from the site for being non-compliant with AKA policy guidelines.

How can we generate bon homie by ignoring ground realities.

The Indian defence analysts are unanimous that the site Aman Ki Asha,is controlled by vested interests in Pak by raising illusory hopes to cover their misdeeds..

It was never my intention to create acrimony between the two sub-continental cousins- India and Pakistan.

I pity that the Pakistanis are oblivious of ground realities. But, they are in a minority. The silent majority that knows the truth, is gagged.

Now, India’s NIA has confirmed Pakistan’s complicity in terrorists ‘attack at Pathankot airbase. The perpetrators were/are terrorists, NOT, highway robbers.

The proofs have been (or are being) sent to Pak’s NSA for investigation. But, who would trust the ISI ?PM Sharif, India's friend, is being manipulated by Pak army's dirty tricks deptt called the ISI.

The position is getting murkier by the hour. Delhi could be the next target.

Chorus of protests, demonstrations, effigies burnings galore.

Demand for retribution is growing louder.

It is now India’s turn to give a surprise to Pakistan army ?

But, when and how ?


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