November 1427

SAARC Restructuring

SAARC has  eight members : Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the

Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Pakistan's  lobbying for upgrading the status of China (and South Korea) at

the SAARC must be stymied. This will make the organisation multi-polar ,

starting a cold war within.

SAARC should serve as  an anti-dote against China's growing hegemony in the


This must be thwarted by India with co-operation of other members.

China is not a part of south-Asia.

It should be happy with its "observer" status.

There is no stage between "observer" and "membership". The question of

upgradation should not arise.

Why China is obstructing India's entry into UNSC as a permanent member ?


India's bilateral relations with Russia will never be as warm  as they once were.

After Crimean crisis, Russia got isolated and is now gravitating towards China for diplomatic support.

But, will  Russia  ever trust China  bypassing India and other  SAARC countries?

Sino-Russia disputes led to  serious border  clashes  in the not too distant past till some agreement was reached in 2004.

But, China's expansionist policy and growing nationalism within , will never let it live in peace.

China is uncomfortable with India's growing proximity towards the US and

their joint  naval exercises.

India must counter China's "string of pearls" threat by strengthening its

ties with SAARC countries.China's induction will be a permanent headache for



Venkaiah Naidu, the UD  minister as per media reports ( ET, Nov 11,2014)  is

busy lecturing his officers to bring about  attitudinal changes. Focus is on

stereotypes: Punctuality, discipline, dedication, righteousness, initiative

,innovation, team spirit, domain knowledge, speedy decision making ,

delegation of responsibilities, transparency, accountability, work

environment etc.  DOP&T andAdm. Reforms  headed by PM has already issued

guidelines  on these aspects.Modi ji is stressing their importance from time

to time. His 19 points charter of Dos and Donts has also been included  in

the Conduct Rules. All ministers must now translate Modi's plan into action.

Babus need exhortations, not lectures. UD Minister is urged to focus on

priorities like: Corruption in  CPWD, DDA, L&DO,Dte of Estates , their poor

service delivery mechanism , unauthorized colonies, rampant encroachments



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