Manmohan Singh’s performance resulting in Congress’s disgraceful defeats in States assemblies’ polls, is considered below average. Analyse the reasons :--

(a) Manmohan Singh, the unelected PM, failed to lead the political and permanent Executive from the front. Unconnected with the masses and usually reticent, he never engaged with the grassroots. Bureaucracy looks forward to an assertive CEO,which he is not.

(b) Dual centres of power. Sonia Gandhi retained charge of politics while leaving governance to Manmohan Singh 

(c) As ministers owe allegiance to Sonia Gandhi and their parties’ supremo , the PM is divested of all authority. The PMO is ruled by the Congress  High Command). A “bureaucratic caucus ” in the PMO transforms all Congress’s orders into Cabinet decisions.  

(d) Backseat driving by extra-Constitutional authorities subverted legitimate, competent authorities in central government. All top appointments are made ,on quid pro quo basis, on recommendations  of  business houses , builders mafia. Mediocrity is encouraged at the cost of Merit. Honest civil servants are either marginalized or punished.

(e)The PM  embroiled  in scams , has lost moral authority to question his  ministers who have direct access to ” high command”.

(f)The Congress is a Past master in making compromises with  UPA allies in the name  of electoral adjustments in exchange of  protection from its  caged parrot. 

(g) Supreme arrogance, insensitivity and incapability of the Congress and its economist PM to check inflation also contributed to Congress’s defeat in assmblies’ polls.  


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