Tarun Gogoi ‘s  recent demand for another time zone for Assam and other North-eastern states of India,is fallacious. Creating more time zones will rob the country of its psychological sense of identity. Having another time zone for North and North-east India, will result in chaos.  No wonder,Jammu&Kashmir could also revive its demand for an exclusive time zone. This could open a pandora’s box of demands from other regions. India’s neighbours: Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangla Desh have all got single time zone. China, much larger geographically than India, follows a uniform standard time. Srilanka follows the IST as its standard time. 

In this nuclear age of supersonic ballistic missiles, having more than one time zone in India, could adversely impact military operations by hampering receiving unified commands at same point of time during war.  A standard time for the armed forces across the country, is of the essence for strategic and efficiency reasons.Against this backdrop,the existing practice of ‘advancing the clock’, synchronizing with IST indicated by the Akashwani and Doordarshan, must continue. One hopes the Central government takes a holistic view in the matter by keeping the Indian Armed Forces, MOD,defence strategists , DoNER, DST,MEA in the loop.


This is not to defend recent terror attacks in France.. It is the most reprehensible and dastardly act by terrorists. No religion permits this. The present generation of european muslims has not been able to join the mainstream ,Their fast radicalisation could,inter alia, be attributed to intolerance in western democracies. Some attitudinal changes are called for on part of every one as the events could be game changer. Violence and backlash could escalate across continents and sub-continents. Sample some ground realities..Switzerland has banned construction of minarets; France has prohibited hijab and burqua in public places. This was upheld by the courts. Poland has forbidden export of halal meat. The Sikhs can't wear turbans in France and elsewhere,too. One wonders whether the CROSS is allowed to be worn by the christians in public..


After A K Ganguly's nightmarish experience , one cannot discount the possibility of a vindictive or career- ambitious  woman at the work place or elsewhere to make these allegations about sexual misconduct for multiple reasons leaving the accused to go through a terrible ordeal. 

I am not commenting on the authenticity of allegations against AKG in the face of Supreme court panel's  opinion of "prima facie" case to be taken forward.There was no judgement about AKG being found guilty of sexual misconduct,as a section of Media had misconstrued.

Who will protect the innocent menfolks from frivolous  complaints in the face of outrage-specialist political bodies  like the  NCW and big bindiwalli ladies, who are fond of seeking cheap publicity on TV Channels ? Is there any safety mechanism for men in place ?


No point gloating over the successful launch of GSLV.

It took ISRO about 20 years to complete the first stage of the cryogenic engine programme, which was promised to be over within 3-5 years. 

The claim about indigenousness seems a farce. 

Some indigenous scientists believe that the drawings of cryogenic engines purchased from Russia, were used. 

This caused delay. Indegenous fabrication would have been faster.

Be that as it may,kudos to ISRO on its success after two successive failures.

It is common knowledge that the GOI ( Read as Congress)was pressing ISRO for immediate launch for getting political mileage.


Kejriwal has often proved by his utterances that those who are not with his party, are against him and must be fulminated upon --- My way or Highway attitude.Let the M-TV generation of today be not misguided by the false promises of the AAP party. We cannot provide water to places without laying pipelines and installing outlets. Kejriwal is reportedly not a team man.His holier-than-thou attitude made him unpopular with his former peers in the income tax deptt.He is impractical and politically ambitious.His post-election tie-up with the Congress confirms his insatiable thirst for power-by hook or by crook.Means are not important for him; goals are! Under a secret deal with with the Congress,in return for outside support,Kejriwal &Co will not act against Sheila Dikshit,her son and former ministers involved in several corruption scams in NCT,Delhi. The Congress is a past master in running coalition government.


Manmohan Singh  must take voluntary retirement to pave way for Rahul Gandhi to take over as the time-pass PM  till May .  Chances of the Congress returning to power are negligible.  Rahul will, however, secure his future even with a short prime ministerial stint – getting a rent- free bungalow, Z+ security and several other perks.

Slamming Modi’s election as PM  as being  disastrous for the country exposed MMS’ wretched mindset .He was in a press conference, not addressing a rally of captive audience.

Dodging  all questions on corruption , MMS  extolled the “outstanding  credentials” of Rahul Gandhi. What kind of performance benchmarking he has followed, one wonders.

 He had the temerity to appreciate the advisory role  ( Read  interference) of 10-Janpath and Rahul Gandhi in day-to-day governance. 

“I sincerely feel what Narendra Modi says, will not materialize”, was PM’s closing remark at the abruptly concluded press conference. Some journalists were tutored.


The hit lists are fabricated by our intelligence agencies based on misplaced threat perceptions. To be in the hit list is like wearing a badge of honour. The  level of threat perception  determines the category of security cover : X,Y and Z . 

Z(+) is the ultimate level made available 24x7 to Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and even its extended family including Robert Vadra, The security cover continues  despite his dubious credentials and a fabricated "clean chit" given by the remote-controlled  State govt of Haryana. Even Sajjan Singh ,the alleged perpetrator of 1984 riots,is availing of  benefit at the cost of public exchequer, running into hundreds of crores of rupees on recurring basis.

The hair-splitting difference between the ‘Z’ category and ‘Z plus’ category is distinguished only by the word ‘very.’  Whereas the ‘Z’ category security refers to "Very High threat", the ‘Z plus’ category security refers to "Very Very High threat."These relative terms were coined by intelligence agencies to please the political class. The threat perceptions are not reviewed periodically and the cover ,once given, continues life-long.

What a tragedy !


The NDTV celebrated its 25th birth anniversary on Dec 15,2013 by inviting  25 living legends of India for honour by  President  Pranab Mukherjee. 

In an abnormal departure from  usual practice, the celebration took place  at  Rashtrapati Bhavan.Vigyan Bhavan is the legitimate  and earmarked venue for  all such functions on usual payment basis.

Who allowed misuse of the President’s house by a private TV Channel ? Who paid the bill?  Will the President’s Sectt throw open Bhavan to other industrial houses for holding their wedding functions? 

 Mukesh Ambani was among the 25 living legends. He, reportedly holds majority stakes in 27 News channels. What were the criteria for selecting  the 25 living legends. Many of them might not have cleared their outstanding income tax dues. 

But ,who cares? 

Pranab Da’s proximity to the Ambanis is  legendry. And, the NDTV is considered pro-Congress Dignity of Rashtrapati Bhavan has been lowered besides laying a bad precedent.


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