The language war controversy in the Civil Services (Main) Exam in Lok Sabha recently, reflected on UPSC's failure in advising GOI in carrying out radical changes in the format and syllabus of Civil Services (Main) Exam 2013 purportedly to make it mor e relevant with the present day, global as well as internal scenario. The changes were recommended by a committee constituted by UPSC under Prof Arun S Nigavekar, former chairman, UGC. It gave more weightage to the two General Studies papers and the English language by making it competitive. Regional languages were totally ignored. Neither did the Committee nor the UPSC nor the GOI visualise the repercussions of the proposed changes .This smacked of intellectual bankruptcy with complete disregard for regional languages included in Schedule VIII of Constitution. The inclusion of regional languages is an emotive issue and needed to be handled carefully. The UPSC's suggestions were approved by the Prime minister in Feb 2013,as Cabinet minister for DOP&T, before being put in public domain by UPSC on March 5,2013. This is clarified in fairness to UPSC as in Lok Sabha debate, both PM and MOS (Personnel) drew blank face feigning ignorance about their close involvement.The Chairman UPSC became the fall guy to face MPs attacks in Parliament. For diffusing the crisis,the PM had no option but to put the notification on the hold. The civil services aspirants suffered the suspense they had to pass through. The March 5 notification has been put on hold by UPSC on the basis of PM's assurance to Parliament. The notification will not impact CS (Main) Exam, 2013. But, as it has not been withdrawn, the GOI is free to operationalise it from CS (Main) 2014. The arguments adduced by the MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha would be relevant for all times and the GOI must learn lessons from history. The author served in UPSC on a sensitive portfolio and had handled the issues in the past.


 I  stay in a middle class colony of Delhi .My neighbours are a mix  of  different faiths.  I am not a pseudo –secularist like the Congresswala. But, I follow the hindu way of life with respects for other faiths.


My co-operative housing  society’s management  is usually  inactive. It is never co-operative.Come Holi, it turns pro-active. It is usually so,when it comes to spending from  Society’s funds. I urged them not to celebrate the occasion from out of society’s funds  which  was a public fund and its utilisation on religious celebrations was inappropriate . Earlier, the demand for constructing a temple in the complex was given up  only after  the matter was reported to Delhi Police. There were secret murmurs of protest from the majority community. I was targeted as I did not join their ‘Mutual Admiration Club!


If you do not  learn from history, the same is  repeated. The same happened  on the HOLI day. My protests turned more vehement  as  similar gestures were not shown during the  celebration of  Christmas and the  Eid.  The Management remained unconvinced, unconcerned and insensitive. The majority’s view prevailed in the ‘Number Game’. Celebrations started with fervour. The famous ‘Silsila’s  “Rang Barse”  song  was on the air  like the ‘National Song’ for HOLI ;  males dancing with their neighbours’ wives, leaving others flirting furtively.


The tagline  is : “Bura Na Maano, Holi Hai “. Does this  give  a licence to enjoy as you wish.



My emotional quotient is high.My heart bleeds for Sanjay Dutt. I can empathise with him and feel the pain.But, my empathy would be misplaced as emotions have no place in the verdict of the highest court of Justice.But, I am amazed at the sharp reactions of the bleeding hearts in the world of politics and filmdom.Not to lag behind,even Mr Markanday Katju ,former judge of Supreme court who besides being a citizen of India, also wears the hat of  Chairman, Press Council of India. He is a public servant holding a statutary office.One wonders whether  he  is discharging his duties diligently? Is he being fair and just  by appealing to  the Constitutional head of Maharashtra to use his discretionary powers and grant gubernatorial  pardon to Sanjay Dutt ?Has he visualized the sweeping repercussions, such an action would have on other cases,that are similarly circumstanced ? 

Do you agree with me?


The sting operation by a online portal exposed the executives of three private banks indulging in money-laundering activities.The story does not end here. Not to lag behind, even some public sector banks are allegedly indulging in the luxury of obliging mainstream political parties by receiving huge sums of of cash from them and 


channelizing the same into investment schemes by creating   benami accounts-holders.The RBI’s anti-money-laundering laws are being violated with impunity,both by private and public sector banks. While in govt service, I came across a case of a prominent political party flooding a government bank( two or three times a week) 


with sacks of unaccounted cash running into hundreds of crores of rupees ( black money in common parlance) for money-laundering.The MOF was apprised of  the details with documentary evidences. But, the matter was conveniently suppressed.The evil continues with vengeance, across the board, right under the nose of the 


RBI. Names of political party and the psu bank, are being withheld for obvious reasons.


Let  us not politicisize Pakistan PM’s  private pilgrimage  to Ajmer dargah. India’s foreign minister welcome to  the dignitary was in keeping with India’s age old traditions  and its conduct as a responsible Nation. This does not, however,take away India’s  right  to defend  its border and protect its sovereignty, if necessary, by 


carrying  hot pursuits into POK and demolish terrorists’ infrastructure. Why blame Pak’s PM who heads a sham democracy that merely complies with the orders of Pakistan army,particularly the ISI? Instead of serving  the interests of Pak’s army, let India issue orders to  its Army Chief to teach  a lesson to the former in the 


manner and language it deserves. Gen Bikram Singh’s statement  to lift the morale of our soldiers, alone ,does not suffice. Let  indian army  take action to defend country’s honour in the wake of beheading of two  Indian soldiers and  for merciless killing  of the Kargil martyr, Capt.Saurabh  Kalia.



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