Whether to restore Afzal’s body,already buried, to his family, is purely an Executive function,not legislative.No purpose will be served in Parliamentary discussion.The PM could have convened an All-parties meeting to arrive at a consensus.Why politicize the matter? The suggestion by the Congress-led UPA-II for discussion is a mere subterfuge to confuse the public and deflect public attention from the corruption issue of Choppergate scam. It is shying away from decision making.The Cabinet committee on security headed by the PM is mandated to decide upon such matter after taking into consideration the security scenario in J&K. The furore in Kashmir has subsided,more or less. Why prolong the matter ? Just say a polite NO to Afzal’s family.Informing them about execution belatedly, through the ‘Speed Post’, shows GOI’s total lack of humanitarian feelings.This was totally inhuman, immoral and unethical. This has jolted the conscience of Aam Aadmi in India. How much out of sync the Congress is from ground realities?

 A K SAXENA (A retired civil servant)


The Supreme court confirmed the death sentence on Afzal in 2004.Execution was carried out in 2013. The GOI has much to explain on delay.Can a chronological report be prepared and the responsibility fixed for delay in processing Afzal's mercy petition ?

Delhi's CM  (Sheila Dikshit)and the former President of India ( Pratibha Patil) must be held accountable for misusing their discretionary powers.

Let the Supreme court prescribe a specific time schedule for finalising the mercy petition so that the same is not misused  in future for cheap political ends by the ruling dispensation.

Do you agree ?


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