The states have no power over allocation of coal blocks . 

All policy matters are decided by the GOI alone. 

It is not on the concurrent list. 

The states can only make recommendations. 

In the present case ,the recommendations made by the Opposition-ruled states were straightaway rejected by the UPA-I&II despite clear opposition from successive Coal Secretaries at the Centre.

Any defence by the Congressmen is meaningless.Their denigration of Constitutional or Statutary institutions merits derision and condemnation!


The Kaalchakra churns out fresh scams  as older ones keep fading from memory. Recall some scams and events that  rocked the country . The list is illustrative,not exhaustive : Telgi’s fake stamp paper scam; Satyam  fiasco; Quattrocchi’s  grand escape; 2G spectrum allocation; CWG scam; wasting  Plan funds   by   Mayavati for erecting  statues ; Vote-for-cash scam;  high inflation rate; declining  GDP; Unusual  hikes in  rates of power, water and petrol; Soft-pedalling investigations against  Mayavati and Mulayam Singh Yadav in lieu of  their support to  the Congress; wasteful expenditure on  VIPs Security including that on  "democratic monarchy";  quid pro quo defence deals; Tetra scam; corruption in judiciary;  Municipal decay; Wire-tapping of former FM’s chamber and conference rooms; corruption in NRHM/ MNREGA schemes; false sense of food security; the contemplated “Mobile distribution” scheme for the “undefined” BPL category; mis-use of anti-corruption agencies by politicians; collapse of bureaucracy; fizzling out of Anna Hazare movement; Coalgate mega scam; Congress slamming the institution of  C&AG for  bold expose; India emerging as a “SMS” republic in the wake of  Assam infiltration; Kanda’s defiance of law and the hero’s welcome to his  surrender in Delhi at the “police station of his choice” etc…! Rapes and murders continue with impunity. The “nautanki” will go on. The common man wonders: Kya Phir Subhaa Hogi” ?


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