Jallikattu continues despite illegitimacy Watching traditional game of Jallikattu is more meaningful  than repeatedly watching the back-profile of the hypocrite Kejriwal on TV on Odd- Even formula.

The moron sought to cover his face but used his name and voice to evade Supreme court's contempt. 

A clear violation of Supreme court's verdict by misusing public money for partisan purpose and personal promotion. 

Will someone file a complaint in SC seeking Contempt of court proceedings against the lawbreaker ?


The media report of income tax raids on  a prominent Group having  a chain of hospitals  across the country, was noteworthy.  Why have other private sector hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres etc been left out?  All have a soft underbelly. Dens of black money generation, public looting, fleecing of the poor, vulnerable patients are galore. The practice of needlessly retaining patients after recovery for inflating the bill ,is widely prevalent. Such looting does not take place in government hospitals. As a   CGHS pensioner, I can cite number of cases where cash-rich private patients are given preferential treatment over CGHS counterparts.


I  was piqued by the deluge of caustic reactions from across the LOC, when one of my post was uploaded on Aman Ki Asha (AKA). The post was later removed from the site for being non-compliant with AKA policy guidelines.

How can we generate bon homie by ignoring ground realities.

The Indian defence analysts are unanimous that the site Aman Ki Asha,is controlled by vested interests in Pak by raising illusory hopes to cover their misdeeds..

It was never my intention to create acrimony between the two sub-continental cousins- India and Pakistan.

I pity that the Pakistanis are oblivious of ground realities. But, they are in a minority. The silent majority that knows the truth, is gagged.

Now, India’s NIA has confirmed Pakistan’s complicity in terrorists ‘attack at Pathankot airbase. The perpetrators were/are terrorists, NOT, highway robbers.

The proofs have been (or are being) sent to Pak’s NSA for investigation. But, who would trust the ISI ?PM Sharif, India's friend, is being manipulated by Pak army's dirty tricks deptt called the ISI.

The position is getting murkier by the hour. Delhi could be the next target.

Chorus of protests, demonstrations, effigies burnings galore.

Demand for retribution is growing louder.

It is now India’s turn to give a surprise to Pakistan army ?

But, when and how ?


December 1525

The Lost Opportunity

The juvenile rapist Bill passed by Parliament may not mitigate crimes due to several unanswered questions like:

(a) Whether to continue with the Juvenile Justice Board;

(b) where to lodge the juvenile rapists- in jails with adults or in juvenile homes;

(c) Quantum and  type of of  punishment-whether  chemical castration for juveniles and 25 to 30 years of imprisonment for adults

(d) Why were questions of giving  retrospective effect to legislation and extension of detention  of Nirbhaya’s rapist, not debated by Parliament in terms of Supreme court’s  latest verdict/observations  in the case? Release of rapist would also force Nirbhaya's parents to live in constant fear of being attacked. The rapist will also live under threat of  public lynching due to extreme rage and contempt against him. Psychotic conditions could result in suicidal tendencies. One hopes, the President of India would address these concerns before

according his assent to the bill to enact the law.


Hats off to PM Modi for his birthday diplomacy by his stop over at Lahore, enroute India. Today is Qaid-e Azam's, Vajpayee ji's and Nawaz Sharif's birthdays. Credit goes to India's NSA-- Ajit Doval, Sir. Modi's honesty in walking an extra mile, must be reciprocated with matching warmth..Modi is a fast-track statesman with no time to waste. No room for mutual mistrust ,distrust and acrimony. People on both sides of LOC, want amicable relations. The moot question is: Will Pak army permit a defrost in relations between two neighbours?

Let the opportunity not be lost by a repeat of Kargil -like situation..It is understood that even MEA was not kept in the loop. But, Sushma Swaraj was privy to the secret decision.

But, why is the Congress opposed to the carry forward of dialogue between India and Pakistan ?

To hell with the hardliners on both sides of LOC.


December 1523

The Lost Opportunity

The Parliament passing the juvenile rapist bill in a huff, is meaningless. It will not mitigate juvenile rapes and murders Many loopholes. Quantum of punishment, fate of juvenile justice board, where to lodge juvenile rapists - along with adults or separately. Could there be differential punishments like chemical castration for juveniles and 25 to 30 years of life imprisonment for the adults ? Why could the legislation not have retrospective effect ? Was it not possible in the light of Supreme court's latest observation on Nirbhaya case?

EVEN EXTENDED DETENTION OF NIRBHAYA'S RAPIST COULD BE ALLOWED BY THE PARLIAMENT DESPITE BEING FREED BY SUPREME COURT. PARLIAMENT IS SUPREME TO LEGISLATE ON MAKING RETROSPECTIVE LAWS. Justice was not given to Nirbhaya.even after three years. Release of Nirbhaya's juvenile rapist has put Nirbhaya's parents live in permanent fear. Even the rapist would face the danger of public lynching in the face of public outrage. In the absence of application of mind by the Parliament, the exercise has been a total failure. LET THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA NOT ACCORD HIS ASSENT TO THE BILL AND MAKE IT AN ACT, TILL THE ABOVE DEFICIENCIES ARE SORTED OUT TO MAKE THE LAWS MORE EFFECTIVE AND MEANINGFUL.


The indians are fed up with Parliamentary form of democracy. The advent of coalition govt. has made it worse with its glorious uncertainties and compulsions of coalition dharma. Accountability of Parliament to people is missing. Bills remain pending in Rajya Sabha for unlimited period. Opposition thronging the well of the house and shouting slogans, go unpunished. MPs get fat salaries, privileges and freebies without working. Huge expenditure is incurred on their elections with black money flowing. These modern Maharajas are more self-seeking and blood-sucking than their precursors - the 560 princes of native states. Should India experiment with the Presidential form of government ?At least, a public debate on reviewing the Constitution should start.


The suggestion to do away with IAS (WIC, Dec 21) seems irrational. In fact, according financial edge to the IAS smacks of bureaucratic racism. The IAS officers presently get a two-year edge over other services for getting empanelled to come on deputation at the Centre besides get two additional increments @ 3 percent over their basic pay at three promotion stages i.e.STS, JAG and NFSG levels. It thus becomes the primus interpares with other Services. The discrimination must be removed to bring all Services at par.


Out of six convicts of Nirbhaya case, one died in prison, four were handed death sentences. Their appeals are pending in Supreme court. The sixth, a juvenile rapist stands released. He was short of being a major (18 yrs.) by six months at the time of crime. Strange mathematics of juvenile justice delivery mechanism. The court acted as per Law? There exists so much societal contempt and hatred against the juvenile rapist that, once released, he could either attempt suicide or be shot at. Worse still, what is the guarantee that he does not repeat the same crime. Neither the Central govt nor the Court could be blamed.  It is the Congress - dominated Rajya Sabha, where the Bill is pending consideration.


December 1520

Is this democracy?

The National Herald case stinks of fraud and misappropriation - a classic case where fraudsters allegedly create dodgy wealth, transfers and then sit on it - knowing full well that the legal system will take decades to resolve. What was the motive behind collecting goons and exhort them to create breach of  peace around the court’s premises in Delhi? What kind of message,a mainstream political party intends to send to people of India?


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